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Sharpen Your Quill

The Carol Challenge!

Christmas is only a couple of weeks away and we are bringing the festive cheer to MNFF!

This month we are taking some classic (and modern) Christmas songs and giving them a Harry Potter twist. Below is a list of titles and you can choose one (or more) to base your poem on. We have a mix of popular Christmas carols, traditional hymns and more alternative songs. So look through them, pick one that tickles your fancy and go for it! You can go with the original music or just write a completely new poem to fit the title. The choice is yours. I have provided the original carol/song title in brackets. I'm sure there is something to suit everyone, and why not go wild and google some of the titles you're unfamiliar with?

Please do not use more than 4 consecutive words from the original song.

  • Good King Ragnuk [Good King Wenceslas]
  • A Winter’s Charm [A Winter’s Tale by David Essex]
  • Yule Ball Alphabet [Christmas Alphabet by The McGuire Sisters]
  • Dragonhide Boots [Boots by The Killers]
  • I Heard The Nymphs On Christmas Day [I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day]
  • Carol of the Elves [Carol of the Bells]
  • Weasley Wonderland [Winter Wonderland]
  • Red Ribbon Kneazles [Red Ribbon Foxes by A Fine Frenzy]
  • The Seeker’s Carol [The Sussex Carol]
  • Chestnuts Roasting on a Hogwarts Fire [The Christmas Song]
  • The Holly and the Nargles [The Holly and the Ivy]
  • Goodbye, Hogwarts (Covered in Snow) [Goodbye, England (Covered in Snow) by Laura Marling]
  • Ted’s Carol [I’ll Be Home for Christmas]
  • The Hogsmeade Wassail [The Gloucestershire Wassail]
  • The Cherry-Wand Carol [The Cherry-Tree Carol]
  • Hogwarts for the Holidays [(There's No Place Like) Home for the Holidays]
  • Wizarding Winter Hymnal [White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes]

This challenge is open until December 25th, 11:59pm GMT. For more information click here.

Please post a link to your entry in the comments below or the challenge thread in the Great Hall on the Beta Boards. Use the form below:


Chosen Title and link:

Author’s note:

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The Ghost Writers Challenge

[This challenge is now closed.]

Summer has been and gone for most of us and it’s time to get into the Halloween spirit. For this challenge you must take on the persona of a ghost and write either a drabble or a fic in first-person from their perspective. It can be a canon ghost e.g. Nearly Headless Nick or an original character! It could even be a canon character who has become a ghost since we last saw them in the books.

Winners will be awarded a banner and will be featured on this home page and on the official Mugglenet Fanfiction Tumblr.

+All drabbles must be posted in the challenge thread on the forums and all fics must be in the queue by October 31st, 11:59pm GMT.

+All drabbles must fall between 300 and 800 words. Submit them in the challenge thread on the Beta Forums using the form below. You must be a member of the forums to do this.

+All fics must be one-shots and fall between 1000 and 10,000 words. They must be submitted to the queue and linked to in the comments section (or the challenge thread on the beta forums) using the form below.

+Depending on the number of entries, winners will be split into two categories: drabbles and one-shots.

+All questions should go in the Great Hall Questions Thread #4 on the beta forums or in the comments section below.

Let the ghoulishness begin!


Story Title: (+ link)

Rating & Warnings:


Word count: (drabbles only)

Author's Notes:

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2015 Quicksilver Quill Awards - Results!

As you know, the Quicksilver Quill Awards are about awarding the best writing MuggleNet Fan Fiction authors have had to offer for the year. Nominations are received across several categories. This year, we have eight winners in total.

We would like to thank the judges, who make this all possible. This could not have been done without them, and having winners chosen by our members and for our members really reflects how our community works and what sets it apart from other sites out there.

As the number of nominations was small this year, we do have fewer winning stories than in the past. However, to preserve the integrity of the QSQs, we still judged to the standards we have held for over a decade.

Like in previous years, winners of the awards will also receive a personalised banner, created by one of MNFF's finest bannermakers and chosen through a special competition. This year's winning banner was created by our very own showrunner, Lily/Padfoot11333, and you can view a sneak peak by clicking here. Now, on to the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

QSQ Winners 2015

Best General Story

Tiny Animals by Oregonian

This is a wonderful Missing Moment...absolutely beautifully written. It gave us chills and made us think hard about the British social services system. It is thought provoking, stays with us, and is so sad...totally different from the other winner. They are both stellar examples of what their categories should be. We can't even make a meaningful comparison because both stories are so good.


The Not-So-Fast and Furious by minnabird

We thought this story was hilarious. The two winners are so different it's like comparing apples and oranges. Neither is of higher quality than the other, and The Not-So-Fast and the Furious was excellent. Although we didn't need to read previous stories in this timeline, we definitely want to now. The characterization is great, it felt good to read, it was funny and it made us throw back our heads and howl...uh....we mean laugh.


Astriferous by Padfoot11333

This story has everything dark/angst requires: romantic angst, parental angst, existential angst, overwhelming doubt, and rough struggles. At the same time, it radiates stardust and there is a strength in Merope that is not often mentioned: the hopes for her son. There is also very vivid language that captures the raw textures of Merope's world, leaving us as readers in no doubt of what is happening to her.


One-shot - Now and Forever by Northumbrian

This unique story was full of creative ideas and contained some seriously cool magical elements. The thought of a statue deciding where it wants to be and then to travel to that place is very funny, although the main thread of the story is rather sad: how important is to those involved that only the fallen be memorialized at Hogwarts. We’ve never read another story like it, but it fits right into the Wizarding World; it feels like it could’ve sprung from Rowling’s own imagination.

Chaptered - Friends and Foes by Northumbrian

This story is great fun: the characterisation is golden, the writing is crisp, enjoyable and engaging. It has plot in spades, a good balance between plot and exploration of family as a theme, and OCs with drew us in. A major asset of the writing is how grounded it is in both Britain and Rowling's world. It's well-paced, well written and, most importantly, enjoyable to read.


Chaptered - Allegiance by ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor

This dark story moves seamlessly between past and present in a way that is not a device but a definite strength. The plot is promising, the writing is powerful, and no characterisation can compare to what has been done with Draco here: the story has delved into aspects of his character that are complex and beg for sympathy without straying from the character we know in the books.


Early, Early Spring: Professor Sinistra Reflects
by Oregonian

I absolutely love the imagery in this piece. The clear picture it painted hooked me and the kaleidoscope of shifting springtime images and the easy rhythm carried me through. The language flowed well from one thought to the next, and the rhyme scheme seemed effortless. It stuck in my head because it gave me a surprisingly good idea of Sinistra's character, and a convincing one. Far from being confined to her Astronomy Tower, she is a woman deeply in tune with the beauty and order of the world around her. Everything, in its way, serves not only to be beautiful but to characterize Sinistra and show how she sees the world. It’s a subtle and lovely character piece.

Non-Canon Romance
James and Me by Northumbrian

This story amply demonstrates Neil’s solid craftsmanship with his accustomed complexity of plot unfolding in his straightforward, unaffected style. The smoothly flowing narrative treats us to a friendship developing slowly and cautiously into a romance, built on the ruins of previous relationships of both characters, in a setting of forgiveness and redemption. The story springs from a rich background of Neil’s extensively-chronicled head canon, with a broad cast of well-developed canon and non-canon characters and carefully detailed scenes. The theme of budding romance is interwoven with the tension of straddling the line between the Muggle and magical worlds, and a hint of startling revelations about the legends of Robin Hood and his merry men.

Posted by the opaleye on 09/16/15 1:01 (0 Comments)

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