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S.O.S by SlashedAndBroken

Rated: Professors • 31 Reviews
Summary: [Summary deleted by mod. Please create a proper summary of your fanfic]

And So Life Goes On... by Nenya Entwhistle

Rated:155 Reviews
Summary: (COMPLETE-- FINAL CHAPTER UP!!!) One day, everything changes. All it takes is for Harry to wake up, go through his daily routine, and bump into an unexpected person from his past... who tells him all the lies his friends and lover have been keeping from him. What then does Harry do--but try to live life as best he can?

Harry Loves Draco! by Louisa Chocolatecake

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 39 Reviews
Summary: It might interest you to know that this originally started out in the "Humor" section. It was going to wind up being a (backfired) spell that caused Harry to suddenly fall in "love" with Draco... I ended up moving it to slash because people started yelling at me *laughs*. So, I would call this slash at its lightest and most sarcastic.

Contemplating What Never Should Have Been by RavenScarlett

Rated:10 Reviews
Summary: They began their education as Housemates; and yet they hated each other. Encouraged by their pureblood families a shaky alliance was formed between the two. An unstable “romance” transcends. (SLASH) (Draco Malfoy/Blaise Zabini)

The Express to Love by SiriusNoDEAD

Rated:22 Reviews
Summary: Ron trys to help Harry on the train, and ends up starting something that forever changed their lives.... It's rated how it is because i wasn't sure how to rate it...but i knew it wasn't G, so i did PG13. Special thanks to GryfindorGodess who helped me with editing and some ideas to! If it wasn't for her, it would have ended quite abruptly, and the kiss would have been very sudden. So MANY thanks to GryfindorGodess!

No Longer Alone by Evilpersonified

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 29 Reviews
Summary: Remus Lupin hides behind his books. He fears his curse will hurt more than just him, and wishes he could be loved. A friend is sometimes more than a friend, and almost the cure to his curse...(Remus/Sirius, one-shot)

Girls by pluto

Rated:39 Reviews
Summary: A distressed Sirius is kept awake by the fear his godson will ask him about girls.

Hormones by blondebouncingferret

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 101 Reviews
Summary: Draco and Ron both have detention for the same night, what happens with teenage lust meets these two young wizards? DMRW SLASH.

Thinking of you. by randomscribblings

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 20 Reviews
Summary: Just a random story I came up with over Christmas. SB/RL. Sirius realizes his true feelings for Remus, who discovers something interesting about a fellow student. Will Remus ever notice Sirius?

As You Sleep by Teh Kiwi

Rated: Professors • 19 Reviews
Summary: A letter to Seamus, last words and final moments. Seamus/Theodore. Angsty and fluffy all at once.

Illusions by StarlitFires

Rated: Professors • 12 Reviews
Summary: Illusions make your days pass in an oblivion and obsession is never safe. {One shot}

Unravel by Teh Kiwi

Rated: Professors • 9 Reviews
Summary: It's the Christmas holidays after the war, and Theodore prepares to spend it alone. But not everyone is happy with this arrangement. Seamus/Theodore

St.Lace's, Lemonhouse by Bartzina

Rated: Professors • 15 Reviews
Summary: The gang goes to a magical mystery Christmas party in London, and somewhere along the line, Rita and Hermione have themselves a truly enchanting little encounter.

Mind Games by painterchica

Rated:29 Reviews
Summary: Companion piece to "Kiss Me". Wherein rumors are started, Sirius is manipulative, and Remus is not a coward...

Fireworks by Teh Kiwi

Rated: Professors • 8 Reviews
Summary: It's the end of the war, and they're sitting on a rooftop together... Blaise/Theodore

Plushie!Draco by Teh Kiwi

Rated:31 Reviews
Summary: H/D. Harry’s having nightmares, and he finds comfort in a strange place… It can be slash if you want, or we could go extreme friendship…think Frodo and Sam.

Hardest Word by Catclawisil

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 11 Reviews
Summary: AU, what if James didn't save Snape? Remus/Sirius, character death.

Could You ever Forgive Me? by phaedra

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 34 Reviews
Summary: One day after class, he suddenly notices himself watching Harry in the quiety of his classroom. Will he get the courage to confront his feelings to Harry? Slash. One Shot

Cigarettes & Strangers by MillieMop

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 19 Reviews
Summary: Kind of peculiar, isn't it? How a conversation with a complete stranger can make you feel so much better when the people who call themselves your friends can only make you feel worse.

The Decision by Cyndi Black

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 8 Reviews
Summary: When Draco is unhappy with the turn things take after he takes the Dark Mark, he devises a plan to rectify the situation. One-shot, written for the Time-Turner contest at TourjoursPur.com. Harry/Draco.