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Happy Birthday MNFF!

by Elysa @ 11/14/06 14:01  
Today, the 14th of November, officially marks MuggleNet Fan Fiction's second birthday! It is difficult for us to believe that we’ve been modding fan fictions for two full years-- you guys have truly made time fly. On behalf of all of MuggleNet’s staff, I want to extend a huge thank-you to everyone reading this. Whether you're an author, a Beta reader, or a reviewer, your contribution to MNFF has made this site one of the best Harry Potter fan fiction archives on the net. We have some of the finest work ever written by Harry Potter fans, and this is all in credit to each of you. Thank you for sticking by us through thick and thin, and for making our jobs here a memorable, rewarding experience.

To show our gratitude, we are currently putting together some celebratory features, so keep an eye out over the next week or so. Thanks again, everyone, and happy birthday MNFF!
ckwright51 written on 11/14/06 14:07

Happy Birthday MNFF. The best Fan Fic on the Web!!

Air Elemental written on 11/14/06 14:08

WAHOO! Happy Birthday!! *pulls out cake and streamers* Two years of amazing fanfiction! Here's to another two! *raises glass*

AurorGirl101 written on 11/14/06 14:09

YAY! Happy Birthday!! *takes cake and streamers from Air Elemental* Yay!

kittie19513 written on 11/14/06 14:49

Bon Anniversaire!!!!!Happy Birthday MNFF!!!!!!!!! *take cake and streamers from Air Elemental and AurorGirl101*

GinnyPotter808 written on 11/14/06 14:54

Happy Birthday MNFF!! DO I have to sing the birthday song for you? Wait... on second thought, you don't want to hear it.

Skulblaka written on 11/14/06 14:58

Happy Birthday!!! Congratulations on two years of amazing fanfiction. I truly love your site because it is appropriate, well written, and just plain good!

Just Tink written on 11/14/06 14:59

Congratulations on making it this far! When you've been this successful for two years you know you've got something awesome going.

nysuperstarz written on 11/14/06 15:10

Yay! MNFFis two years old! MNFF is an awesome site thats been growing and is now a toddler, how the months go by... *sigh* We love you MNFF!!!

crazy_purple_hp_freak written on 11/14/06 15:10

Happy birthday MNFF! Thanks to all you guys for making this site rock so much :p *sends happy vibes and cake* :)

kaammini_the_kreacher written on 11/14/06 15:16

Happy Birthday!

written on 11/14/06 15:18

Happy Birthday MNFF! Thank you for providing a welcoming place for all us fledgling writers.

Just Beyond the Veil written on 11/14/06 15:18

Congratulations, MNFF! Happy birthday to the most awesome fanfic site out there. A big thank you goes out to all the people who made this possible! ~JBV

written on 11/14/06 15:54

It's only been two years? Dang, I thought I was like 11 when I made this account. Haha.


werepupsitter written on 11/14/06 16:07

wow!! two YEARS?!?!? and i've only had like this account for like two DAYS!! well i think this calls for high-fives all around. *turns to give high-five to the nearest person*

annie written on 11/14/06 16:09

Really? That's odd...I opened my account on November 6, 2004, and that's over two years ago already. Oh well. Happy birthday, MNFF! To think I've already been on here for two years...*wistful sigh* How the time flies.

lilyevans91 written on 11/14/06 16:14

woot! that's awesome, i love mnff! i've been on here about a year and a half now, so i'm not quite as old as this dear old fanfiction site! thank you, mugglenet fanfiction, for all your great stories! and happy birthday!

Silver Whisper written on 11/14/06 16:31

Happy Birthday Mugglenet Fan Fiction!!


Silver_Quill written on 11/14/06 16:37

Happy Birthday MNFF! It's thanks to the whole staff that we have our stories validated, and that we get to read some of the best fanfiction on the net! Woohoo! -hands out party blowers and starts singing happy birthday-

GreyLady written on 11/14/06 16:43

*throws confetti* MNFF is amazing; I don't know any better fanfiction site on the web. Any site at all, for that matter! Cheers, MNFF. May you continue to grow and keep us protected from Mary-Sues. =)

Bronze Wolf written on 11/14/06 16:48

Wicked Awesome! I love MNFF!!!!! you guys are great! Happy Birthday! I'm looking foward to many more wonderful years of fanfiction!