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Posted by Rosie on 11/07/12 11:12 (13 Comments)

And then you took my hand and pulled me close, and it was not a daydream because it was too busy being real and intoxicating.

Letters from the Tent by WeasleyMom
- 1000timesingoldenink on 11/08/12 22:20
Somewhere in her heart, a piece, a small, not-quite-enough-but-we’re-getting-there piece, falls into place.

It means something.

It means everything.

Pieces of Her by the opaleye

Freezing in the middle of pulling on her slippers, Romilda blinked in surprise. He said he loved her. No one save for her parents had ever said that to her face. She didn’t even know if he truly meant it or if it had been a product of his near-unconsciousness, but she did know one thing for certain.

He was there with her, and they had plenty of time to figure that out.

Steel Hearts by ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor

He didn’t move or comment at first. Then, just as she was starting to wish for the ground to devour her whole, he raised her face and pressed his lips where it ached the most. “You don’t have to hide from me,” he said. “I accepted it before you did, Eloise. And I’ve wanted you in spite of it. It doesn’t change anything for me.”

A Splendid Fate by hestiajones
- Equinox Chick on 11/12/12 2:26
In a gesture more affectionate than any they had shared before, Ron touched her cheek with the back of his fingers. “Because,” he said.

She was mesmerized. By his face, his eyes, the words that were coming, by everything about him.

“Because you’re part of this, Hermione.”

Another Horcrux Down by Weasley Mom



“I can feel your heart beating.”

“Well, considering where you’re hand is....”

“It’s beating very fast.”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you?”

“For telling me. I never would have figured it out otherwise.”

Something to Keep You Warm by Slian Martreb

Uhm, that's what I've got for now, having trawled my favorites. Many of my favorite romance fics didn't really have specific quotes that worked for this. D:

- minnabird on 11/12/12 4:10
I put my trust in a rat rather than the person who set my blood on fire with a glance or a mere sigh.

Through the Ghost by ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor
- xxbabewithbrainsxx on 11/13/12 13:51
"He started to answer her when his eyes caught on Lily, stalking towards them. He paused. Her entire face was a bright, brilliant red that clashed with her flaming red hair and her eyes were glittering with an expression he couldn't read or understand. He opened his mouth to say something, to ask snidely why she felt the need to yell at him more when she could be snogging Duncan Marks.

But before he could even form a full thought, she was there in front of him, one of her hands pressed to his chest, the other curled around the hair at the nape of his neck. She dragged his face down. "What ”?"

She kissed him."

From I'll pick you up by MagEd. It's and old story, and MagEd hasn't written a new story to the archives since 2010 but this captures the general feeling of so many James/Lily fics, or at least I think so. I can't think of other qoutes right now.
- Ribe featherquill on 11/14/12 14:21
I had forgotten this quote from Raindrops by Gmariam. The story is my favorite story with James/Lily and I think but I had forgotten this qoute which is at the absolute end (one paragraph more before the end) and sums it all up. Note they are a couple now.

[i]"I think I could fall in love with you, Evans," he said before he could take it back. She stared at him in wide-eyed surprise before a shy smile broke out across her face.

"Really? You don't mean that."

"I do," he replied, slightly embarrassed. "But I won't get ahead of myself."

"Well, wait until it rains," she said. "We'll be back at each other's throats in no time."

"Do you really think so?" he asked, pulling her close again and trailing his hand through her hair. He grinned as he thought about what was in the box.

"I know so," she murmured. "Just don’t turn me into a cat ever again."

"Just don't…" He trailed off with a rueful shrug. "You've got me there. I won't, I promise."

"I never really hated you," she continued. "I'm sorry I said that."

"I know," he said. "I'm sorry I jinxed leeks from your ears." He laughed to himself. "That would drive anyone mad, I'm sure."

"I never would have thought I'd be sitting here with you after all that's happened, you know," she said.[/i]
- Ribe featherquill on 11/14/12 14:36
The Sweetest Sin by annie

Hands down my favorite Dramione fic 'til the end of time :D it's a totally different HP fanfic, set in a time where Voldemort wins the War and Muggleborns and Half-bloods become slaves to Purebloods. Read this! You won't regret it. Here's my favorite quote from it and it still makes me cry.

"Hermione," Draco whispered, forcing her down onto the ground, "Hermione, I'm sorry for everything I'm done. I'm sorry I was born as my father's son, I'm sorry I followed in his footsteps, I'm sorry I ruined so many lives. I'm sorry I betrayed myself."

"No," whispered Hermione urgently, "no, why are you sorry? We've all made mistakes."
- zhengjiamei on 11/15/12 4:28
"And he had told himself over and over again that he did not need friends, that he did not need trust, that he did not need her. But Helen's presence filled a space that he had never known was empty, and now he saw this huge, gaping hole where something was supposed to be."
Take My Heart Away by Hatusu. Still one of my all time favourites.
- loligo8me on 12/30/12 2:32
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