Milestone Moment

Today is a momentous occasion here on MuggleNet Fan Fiction. We've hit the 10,000 fictions mark.

From all of the staff here on the site, we'd just like to thank every single author who has submitted their work to make our archive such an amazing source of fiction for fans of Harry Potter.

We've been around for eight years now and in that time we've developed a fantastic community of writers that warm our hearts and sparks our collective imagination on a daily basis.

We hope to see many more fabulous fictions coming our way in future years, but for now, there's 10,000 stories to read on this archive and I think that calls for a celebration!

We are giving away a 'Harry Potter' wand from the WB Studio Tour in London to one lucky member of our archives. All you have to do is submit a one-shot fiction to our 'Milestone Celebrations' category in competition submissions.

Your one-shot must describe a celebration within the Potter world. They can be celebrating anything you'd like, but your fiction must include a party and be over 1200 words.

The deadline for this competition will be two weeks from today, the 18th March at 5pm GMT/Midday EST.

Please note that the deadline has been extended until Sunday 24th March at Midday EST

We'll then be asking our readers to vote for their favourite fiction and the story that receives the most votes will win the coveted prize!

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments of this post!

Thank you for all your hard work over the last eight years! Good luck with the competition, and make sure you check out as many as possible of the 10000 stories now available here to you on MNFF

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