Reviews For New Year, New Hope
Reviewer: I_LUV_MOONY
Date: 09/17/07 20:19
Chapter: New Year, New Hope

Wow. I like the way you took the challenge; others would have made it a romance scene (Remus and Tonks, for example). However, this was an excellent approach to it.

It definitely qualifies as an alternate ending, but you also provide enough information that it could be a stand-alone. It was so sad, but it gives you the feeling of hope, too.

I love the thought of Harry and Ginny having all those kids running around. :D And then the other Weasley families not being able to break the curse, no matter how hard they try. I'm sure the men don't mind, though. :D

Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: :) I'm so glad you liked it. I'm glad you saw the bittersweet element to the story, there's sadness, despair, but also hope. Thus the name. And yes, this was written long before I finished Healing Harry, so it is a stand-alone.

Reviewer: AlexisTaylor
Date: 02/21/07 19:35
Chapter: New Year, New Hope

I first want to say that I think your story flows really well and allows the reader to simply feel the story without concentrating on, or being pulled out by certain elements. I absolutely might die if I do not mention the following bitty corrections:

What happens when the two meet- is at the top and needs to have punctuation at the end.

Wizarding world is an odd sort of term. It shows up in the books as both Wizarding World and Wizarding world. Whichever you choose just needs to be consistent.

Seven years had passed since Voldemort’s downfall; but so had seven years since her smile was last seen. How anyone could pluck up the courage to celebrate this day was beyond him. This particular part really struck me as something that might have come straight from the books. Perhaps it’s the use of the word ‘pluck’, but I think you’ve really captured the canon tone here.

Since Voldemort’s downfall Hogsmeade had become a metropolis of Wizarding businesses and homes. There should be a comma after ‘downfall’ and ‘wizarding’ shouldn’t be capitalized. Horcruxes should also be capitalized.

What kind of reward was this to loose the one you loved at the moment of fruition? ‘Lose’ should replace ‘loose’.

Ok, now on to the real reviewish part of the review. I noticed how emotionally driven you’ve made this story. Using subtle indicators, you’ve painted a scene of despair, and I really did believe Ron was that miserable 7 years later. There were some clichés, like the pouring rain, long misery for a lost loved one, fiery eyes and names derived from all the people they knew, but that aside, I think you’ve created a very nice, emotionally-charged fic. I think you’d do really well with descriptive fics or character analysis fics.

Anyway, I think you did a great job.

Author's Response: Lex, my love, you are fantastic. I am aware of the loose/lose issue, I just haven't had the time (or motivation) to go back and fix it. Thanks for pointing out my punctuation and capitalization issues as well. I am also aware of the cliches, specifically the pouring rain and the children all named after family members. But the story is about Ron, and I really wanted one of the children to be Hermione... it just seemed to fit better to have them all named after family members. Cliched, yes, but it worked for what I was going for. And of course, I used the rain as so many other author's do. A symbol of despair, and a driving force. But something Harry is willing to battle/disreguard for the sake of his friend. Again, I'm aware of it's cliched-ness, but it worked for what effect I wanted. I just couldn't see snow coming off with the same effect. Thank you so much for the review!

Reviewer: whittyleah
Date: 12/09/06 22:16
Chapter: New Year, New Hope

Brilliant! It brought tears to my eyes! Very well done!

One thing: “Don’t give me that, ‘I know,’ crap Ron.” There should be a comma after crap and before Ron, because Harry is talking to Ron.

I am in love with this story! Great job!


Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it. And thanks for pointing out my missing comma!

Reviewer: babekitty_92
Date: 12/07/06 22:23
Chapter: New Year, New Hope

I'm in tears now!! That was BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!! I'm in awe well done

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

Reviewer: Foxy Wolf
Date: 11/27/06 12:09
Chapter: New Year, New Hope

Amanda, Amanda, Amanda *sigh*

What a beautiful story. It grasped my heart and pulled me through every emotion imaginable. I felt the surge as the curse hit Hermione. I felt the tears stinging my eyes as Ron yelled and I felt the relief of the cleansing rain falling on Harry and Ron.

Now for the ‘critiquing’:

the foursome had put placed enough energy behind it

I think there’s a word too many there :-)

Lily Ginerva Potter

Is she named after Ginny? If she is it should be Ginevra.

But that’s nothing against the powerful writing you displayed throughout the story. All in all a lovely and wonderful read :-)


Author's Response: I'm so honored you liked it and picked it for the banner challenge! *HUGS* You are amazing! and thanks for pointing out my typos that I need to fix.

Reviewer: Gmariam
Date: 11/04/06 21:26
Chapter: New Year, New Hope

This was very sad - poor Ron! I can't believe how sudden and tragic Hermione's death was, you did a good job of showing Ron's grief. I love the family you created for Harry and Ginny. I also loved this bit:
she would hex us to oblivion if she knew we weren’t trying to pick up the pieces and carry on. Hell, I’m surprised she hasn’t come back to do just that. You’re not honoring her memory by dying inside
The last line especially is brilliant. :)
Great job! ~Gina :)

Author's Response: Squeee! Thank you Gina! This is my favorite story, I'm so glad you liked it. *HUGS*

Reviewer: Jenn_Weasley
Date: 10/13/06 8:19
Chapter: New Year, New Hope

That was very sweet! I've been very neglectful of my fanfic reading. I'm glad you updated Healing Harry - the ensuing email reminded me to get back here and keep up with my favorite authors. Great job!!

Author's Response: :) Thank you Jenn! I always appreciate your kind words! I hope you have something up your sleeves likewise :)

Reviewer: crazy_purple_hp_freak
Date: 05/18/06 9:19
Chapter: New Year, New Hope

Wow this is a really moving fic! *sniff* Well Done!

Author's Response: Well! You've been a regular reviewing machine today! Thank you so much for not only reading several of my fics, but reviewing them too! Bless!

Reviewer: BE Evans
Date: 04/10/06 10:03
Chapter: New Year, New Hope

Finally I can leave a review! It was amazing, I absolutely loved it! I almost cried. It was sad, but yet a great story. Well, there's the bell so I'll stop repeating how great it is. It has no flaws visible to me. I'm so glad it was used for the scavenger hunt!

Author's Response: Thank you Brooke! I nearly cried writing it! I'm a sucker for a sad story (especially movies). I'm surprised I don't read more agnsty stories! Anyway, thank you for the lovely review. I'm glad you're participating in the scavenger hunt!

Reviewer: coppercurls
Date: 04/09/06 12:39
Chapter: New Year, New Hope

Amanda, this is excellent. I love what you have done playing with the emotions of the characters. One question, towards the beginning you mention the celebration in Hogsmead. Did Harry and Ginny move there? Because at times it sounded like they were supposed to be close to the Burrow, and to the best of my knowledge, the two are rather far apart. I like the way you encorperate family and friends into the names of the children. At the end, I would have liked to hear some of the crying-talk between Harry and Ron, although I know that can be very difficult to write. Overall, good job. Bravo.

Author's Response: Thank you Kristen! Yes, Harry and Ginny live in Hogsmeade. In this case the entire family is meeting at their house. I will look through the text later and see if I can clarify that point. As for cry-talk, I included the important parts. But I will revisit that as well to see if it needs a little more. Again. Thank you for the wonderful review!

Reviewer: songbook99
Date: 04/04/06 23:30
Chapter: New Year, New Hope

Hey, Amanda. What a wonderful piece of fiction. I absolutely love your story because of the wealth of emotion you are able to portray in two of my most favorite male characters. Their emotions were totally palpable throughout the whole story, especially the long-suffering Ron. His reaction to the loss of Hermione is very realistic, and I found it very ironic that this encounter with Harry and eventual acceptance of Hermione's death occurred seven years after that event as seven is, as Dumbledore pointed out, the most magical number.

Another thing I really loved about your story was the practically perfect contrast of the lives of the men Harry and Ron become. Harry has finally gotten the family he has always longed for in not only his marriage to Ginny and their kids but also his becoming a true member of the Weasley family. Ron, on the other hand, has isolated himself in his grief and is no longer able to be a part of the rich family life he always enjoyed, even when he complains about having so many siblings. The most amazing thing about the contrast, though, is exactly what you point out: the fact that it could've been the exact opposite had Lucius Malfoy's curse hit its intended target. So, while you are drawing a stark contrast between their lives, you also highlight the fact that it could have been flipped around on them, which is definitely something that both the characters and the readers should really think about.

Now, as much as I loved your story, I think you may want to go back through a do a tiny bit of editing. The only thing that really caused me to pause a little bit while reading this wonderful story was that every time you meant lose, you wrote loose. At first, I thought maybe I was reading the sentences wrong, but every time I went back thorugh them I realized that loose did not really fit in with the sentence.

All in all, though, this whole story was simply marvelous. The emotion evident throughout the piece is very touching and felt it from the beginning to the end. Of course, the ending was my favorite because it really highlights how cathartic it can be to share pain with someone else. When Ron is finally able to share the pain of Hermione's loss with Harry, he is also able to heal and realize that life will go on for him. That is a very wonderful moment. You have done a great job, Amanda. I truly love this story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much Karin! This was a wonderfully in-depth review! I appreciate it! I like that you picked up on the role reversal. That was really the point I was trying to make. And thank you for pointing out my Loose/lose issue. That is a common mistake I make unfortunately, so sometimes they sneak by me. Anyway, again, thank you for the wonderful Review!

Reviewer: winky123
Date: 04/02/06 20:26
Chapter: New Year, New Hope

I think you did a marvellous job with the plot bunny you had. I was very impressed by your depth of description and your characterization was excellent too. I loved the way you described the overall public feeling towards the end of the war, with marriages and babies popping up everywhere, and then contrasting it to this character alone and heartbroken in the street. I didn't realise it was Ron until I realised the curse missed Harry and Ginny. I think it was a good idea not to reveal that it was Ron until later in the chapter because by doing that you drew more attention to the atmosphere and mood of the story. As I want to make this review constructive I am going to do a tiny bit of nitpicking (because I couldn't find anything dramatically wrong with your fic. lol) Anyway, in about the seventh paragraph, where you are describing how Voldemort was defeated, you have used the words 'put' and 'placed' together. I think perhaps you were deciding which word to use and forgot to take one out. Then at the very end of the chapter I think it should be As 'they' mounted the steps. The y is missing from they. :) One last thing..which is just out of curiosity... but you have got Lily Ginerva Potter and I was wondering if you meant to give Lily Ginny's name as a middle name because if that was the case then it should be 'Ginevra'. That is all the nitpicks I could find. You must have great Beta's. :) Anyway to finish off my review... I want to let you know how amused I was that Ginny and Harry definitely haven't wasted any time (FIVE children! wow) and also my devastation when I read that Hermione had been killed. I got all teary eyed when Ron and Harry were arguing out in the rain. Absolutely fabulous work. *10*

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the wonderful review! It is much appreciated! As for the corrections, I don't think they are nit-picky at all. I will fix them when MNFF is finished having it's facelift and that capability is available once more. I'm glad that you liked that I kept Ron's identity secret at first. So often people kill of Ginny and leave Harry in the rain. Or kill off Ron ans you see Hermione in the rain. Not that I want Hermione to die! I just thought this would be a different twist. And yeah, I see Harry and Ginny as the type to have a big family right away! :)

Reviewer: the nutty imp
Date: 01/06/06 6:29
Chapter: New Year, New Hope

And so one of your beta finally stumbles in, LATE.
It's not my fault! Your story took a while to locate.

sigh...okay you did give me the link, but silly me pressed the 'delete all' button in my PM box to clear it. And the rest was the Holidays ^_^.

Onwards to my review ^_^ I like the imagery you setted in the beginning of the chapter. The Happy celebrations inside and the lone figure wandering outside.

Oops seems that I missed something:
out of the arms of her weeping love’s arms.

I think it ought to be: out of her weeping love’s arms.

I like how you showed that Harry's living a full and happy life. Those little details about his children and that towel he had on his should when he first appeared, shows a contented family man.

As I said before, this is an extremely well written piece. The emotions just comes out, you conveyed them with just thr roght amount detail and the transitions is smooth. I have a very good feeling for this entry of yours. Good Luck!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! That's okay, I've been neglecting my reading duties as well over the holidays. The towel was a detail that really stuck with me. I could have gone on and on about all that I see him with. But a simply forgotten burp rag really speaks volumes in itself. Anyway! Thank you for the lovely long review! And much much much thanks for betaing for me!!!

Reviewer: kreachers_padfoot
Date: 01/05/06 15:02
Chapter: New Year, New Hope

two million and twelve! lol welcome. you deserve it!

Author's Response: :)

Reviewer: kreachers_padfoot
Date: 01/05/06 14:12
Chapter: New Year, New Hope

holy.....bad words....crying.....sobbing....speechless! twomillionandtwelveoutoften!

Author's Response: LOL! Wow two million! Thanks!!!

Reviewer: Hermione499
Date: 12/27/05 22:19
Chapter: New Year, New Hope

God, this is such a sad fic, oh, it had me crying for an half an hour. The pain Ron been through and all the others must have been very difficult for losing someone so, so, close, 10/10. I will put this fic on my Favourites List, well deserved, for such beautiful writing, au revoir~*~

Author's Response: *gushing* Thanks!!! There is a sappy/dark side of me in there somewhere. Once and awhile it comes out to play. I'm glad that you liked it enough to go on your favorites list! Thank you so much! Two reviews from you in one day! I'm in Heaven!

Reviewer: Cheshlin
Date: 12/17/05 22:39
Chapter: New Year, New Hope

That was a very touching story! I actually had it figured out pretty early that it was Ron. I was crying as I read it, but that just means it is very good. Thanks for the good cry! :)

Author's Response: Ah can't fool 'em all can I? Oh well. I'm glad that you thought it was touching. That pleases me immensely! Thank you for the review!

Reviewer: Wise Owl
Date: 12/15/05 18:49
Chapter: New Year, New Hope

NOOOOOOOOO NOT HERMIONE!!!!! Well if it had to be her than I prefer your version of events! Awww this was so sad, I was teary eyed for half of it! Poor have her torn away from him just when he confessed his love! How heart wrenching! 10/10 Well done!

Author's Response: Did you realize it was going to be Ron in the beginning?

Reviewer: Wise Owl
Date: 12/15/05 18:47
Chapter: New Year, New Hope

NOOOOOOOOO NOT HERMIONE!!!!! Well if it had to be her than I prefer your version of events! Awww this was so sad, I was teary eyed for half of it! Poor have her torn away from him just when he confessed his love! How heart wrenching! 10/10 Well done!

Author's Response: I know, I HATE it when people kill off one of them, but my sick brain just couldn't loose this idea. And then the Winter Snows contest was announced and I thought, hey! I can write it for this! Amazing how those plot bunnies work. I cried when I wrote this and many times while editing and revising! Thank you for the wonderful compliment! I'm glad you liked it!

Reviewer: AnnaDeBoullans
Date: 12/12/05 18:18
Chapter: New Year, New Hope

Absolutely wonderful. I was so touched. 10/10!!! ~Anna de Boullans~

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I love that people are finding it touching and not sappy!

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