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Name: k4c (Signed) · Date: 09/20/09 11:00 · For: The Way It Should Have Been
i swear i knew it was Ron...okay you got me i was convined it was Harry and then got slightly confused and had to read the first part again :)
loving the story so far :D

Author's Response: I think I managed to trick most people ;) I'm glad you like the story so far! Thanks for the review.

Name: way_too_HP_obsessed4011 (Signed) · Date: 09/04/09 17:03 · For: The Epilogue
oh.my.god. amazing.amazing! i was so stressed out there for almost the entire book and i could hardly stand it.. but i just HAD to keep reading! this was seriously amazing, you have some major skill ;) i cant wait to read more of your stories!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I didn't keep people in suspense for a while, I know, but I'm glad you kept reading and enjoyed it!

Name: A_Pink_lady (Signed) · Date: 08/04/09 5:55 · For: The Epilogue
Okay, this is my long, rambling review, and even though it is rather long, I don’t feel like I’ve included everything I wanted to say, so I might pop back in the future and leave another review. Although, i won’t be surprised if you’re sick of me by now lol.So here it is:

This story is seriously, just so epic. That is a word I feel, really describes this fic. I suddenly thought this because I read another review of this story- and they mentioned an earlier part of the story- and it all came flooding back to me, and it made me remember just how detailed- how amazing this story is. All the twists, the climaxes, the plots and all the ideas all intertwined in this story, which made this such jaw-droppingly, incredible and irresistible fic. I’ve spent so long gushing over this story- even moving to another room so I could have complete and utter focus on this fic once.... I’ve cried, laughed, gasped scaringly loudly, got my head in a complete spin trying to work out what the hell was going on, and jumped around the room (literally) I’ve recommended it to my friends (who don’t really read ff and thus haven’t got round to it yet, no matter what I say, and I’m sure they will love it when they do) although one read Uncle Fred calls him Dick, and I think that may be her favourite fan-fiction. How else can I describe this story? It’s got a bit of everything in it- and I would also like to say that, I could have cried when the whole Time-travel idea came into play- as I already adored this story, but that just put the icing on the cake- as time travel is my uttermost favourite type of storyline in fan-fiction and novels alike! Your writing style itself is easy to read- yet not simple, with the perfect amount of detail and wit which has made me (and I’m sure many others) unable to stop reading. Now that I’ve finished my general gush- I’m going to describe my favourite bits and tell you why I love this story so much.
As I’m re-reading this, I first of all want to point out one particular scene I adore...Ginny’s memory of when she told Harry she was pregnant... Harry’s happiness and just the infectious nature of the scene- the utter love and happiness. I just loved it, and it contrasts so well with the overall tone of the story, and it makes it much more powerful. Your characterisations are brilliant in this- I particularly love Dudley and Petunias, as it derives from canon and their reasoning- why they are doing the things they do are so... close to their characteristics, its amazing. I have to admit, I love your characterisation of Ron- hes just so Ron, but of course, with an added through years. The way that, even in all of the despair, hes able to joke about his hunger etc.... I LOVED the whole “faked death” idea, it was so clever, and the way Ron was talking about Hermione’s work and thats where he got the idea, really showed that in spite of what people think, Ron does in fact listen! lol
Even as I’m reading it for the second time, it always feels fresh- i still feel the same emotions from the writing as I did the first time. Even though I know Harry isn’t dead, when Hermione talks about never seeing her again, I still almost tear up. When everyone started getting captured/”killed” my heart was still racing... i still laughed at the little jokes. I still smiled at all the places. When they were all reunited in the first place- i was unsure of the future, but I trusted that you would pull something out of the hat which would blow my socks off, and you did. The whole time-travel plot.... AMAZING. Loved them all in the past, I wanted to MURDER Snape all over again... i just went through the whole rollercoaster all over again. Theres so many lines, so many parts I’d want to write here that I adored, but it would end up being a waay too long a list. But I’ll add a couple here.
Obviously, the whole Time-Travel twist was excellently executed, the tension brilliant and all the disappearances made me on the edge of my seat and a sense of hopelessness overwhelm me. I loved the use of Petunia in this- and the further twist with her doing magic. Loved Lilys interruptions as they tried to go home- although those addressed to Harry about was she a good mother broke my heart. Everything tied in beautifully in the end. It would be so bizarre reading something you know was written before you were born- with your name in it and addressed to you as you are now... that made not much sense. I also loved the little inserts of memories from happier times- particularly the “deflecting pee with a plate” thing, and how that linked into the storyline- with Hermione and Ron. It all linked so brilliantly together, its genius and shows really how much you planned it out, how much hard work you put into it- and it paid off.
One thing that seemed quite ironic this time reading, was one of your authors notes about Ellie’s name not being Canon. I thought it was amusing that “technically” you were still in canon up till the names, because Al and Rose in canon were the same age and James was older... (all this time, i forgot she had a miscarriage... ) and found it funny that the very little Al would obviously not be called that very name... because i highly doubt “severus” would have been a very appropriate middle name in this case. I’m weird like that.
I would also just like to say thank you as well for always replying to reviews, and how nice you always are. It really means a lot that you show that you care.
Anything I could say to improve? To do differently in the future? I cannot say there is anything... i would really love to give some constructive criticism of some kind, but I honestly cannot think of any at all. Overall, this story broke my heart, mended it, made me laugh, made me cry...made me almost explode with tension and excitement... and overall, it was an amazing ride. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us all and I am so sad it is over.

Author's Response: This is probably the longest review I have ever reviewed and I cannot thank you enough! I put so much time and effort into this story and to know that it was appreciated makes me so happy :) Time travel is one of my favorite things in fanfiction, too, and I was so excited to include it in this story. I'm glad you liked how it all played out! I agree that it would be weird to read a journal your mother had written to the adult you before you were even born. My sister also pointed out when she read it how peculiar it would be to see your parents as teenagers. I can't even imagine that!

I'm glad you liked the charactierzations. That's always important to me in fanficiton and I'm some times afraid I don't get characters, right -- Ron in particular. It's good to know you thought I wrote Ron well! And as for the memories: this story seemed so dark to me while I was writing it that it seemed only fair to include a brighter, happier time within it. They were among my favorite things to write :)

There are actually a lot of things about this fic that ended up being canon to a degree, such as Snape's love for Lily (although J.K. Rowling and I obviously took the effects of that in two very different directions) but to me this is a completely different universe than DH -- my sister complains that its too hard for her to distinguish the two and it gets confusing! It's definitely a little weird.

Thanks again for such a wonderful review. Taking the time to let me know how much you enjoyed the story and how it was able to evoke the full spectrum of emotions in you means so much to me, so thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

Name: freeElf (Signed) · Date: 07/30/09 3:26 · For: The Hope To Cling To
Ok, I'm totally addicted!! Boo to you and your awful cliffhangers lol I haven't been able to stop reading!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you're addicted! And I'm sorry for the cliffhangers -- they're what I'M addicted to ;) Thanks for the review!

Name: A_Pink_lady (Signed) · Date: 07/08/09 5:57 · For: The Epilogue
Just got round to reading this chapter, and ive just gotta say quickly, that I loved it. its given my nice warm fuzzies (although Ginnys dark period of course, made me sad) and that Im planning to have a whle re-read of this story soon so I can leave you a proper, full-length review soon. ive been out of this fandom for quite a while- and until recently, only dipping back for your wonderful stories, but i think im back. just thought i'd let you know quickly that this is one of my fav FF's ever, and that a much longer review should be coming soon. Beware- because i can ramble. :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked this chapter -- and I can't wait for the long, rambling review! :p I know what it's like to sort of "leave" a fandom; I've done it before, too. But I'm happy you've come back to Harry Potter and that you still enjoy my stories! Thanks for the review.

Name: Budding Lily (Signed) · Date: 07/05/09 22:02 · For: The Epilogue
I really love this story I liked how each couple or person had there own plot it made for a great story. Amazing job.

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I'm glad you appreciated all the intertwining plotlines. :)

Name: oliverps (Signed) · Date: 06/29/09 10:55 · For: The Man and The Baby
oops forgot to add my favourite bits...

I loved the scene when they escape from the jail and also when harry met lily in the past. the way you wrote the latter scene was incredible.

And your attention to detail is commendable too, especially all your creative ideas e.g. the potion into the past thing, the watch portkey and i dunno why but i found that "avada kadavra" playing-with-the-words bit awesome! haha...

gosh i feel so sad this has come to an end...i just hope you still consider writing such epic stories :)

Author's Response: Ooh, I always love to find out what parts people most enjoyed -- thank you! Writing the scene when Harry and Ron escaped from jail was so much fun and I'm glad you liked it, too. When I wrote the scene with Harry and Lily in the past, I was getting so into that I started crying when I was writing about Lily crying! ;) Attention to detail is always something I strive for in my stories, so it's good to know you think I do it well and that you appreciate it! I honestly didn't think anyone would catch the playing-with-words bit when I first wrote out, but then a number of people did -- I guess others are as big on the details as I am! Thanks for another review :)

Name: oliverps (Signed) · Date: 06/29/09 10:49 · For: The Epilogue
Finally! After endless exams and a looong break, I managed to finish this fic. Honestly, I felt just as sad as when I had finished reading DH cause there's no more of this brilliant story to look forward to now. damn. but still, i have absolutely, absolutely LOVED every bit of this fic. this epilogue really did justice to the story. I had actually thought that you would end it like some major event is taking place e.g. Charlie's wedding, and we get to see how each and every character is getting along. But i quite liked your way. i especially loved hermione's role in this final chapter. However, (this may sound biased coz i'm a HUGE ron/hermione shipper), i would definitely liked to have seen hermione getting pregnant again and ron properly taking care of her. I was really upset that ron wasn't able to show his overprotective side regarding his pregnant wife. Nevertheless, Harry and Ginny's love did suffice for me :D I am certainly gonna read all ur other fics and please please beseech you - dont quit writing! cheers :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it so much -- and believe me, finally finishing this story is a little sad for me, too! It actually took me a little while to decide what I wanted to do for the epilogue and I eventually settled on that little scene with Harry and Ginny because I wanted to make it clear that they moved past the miscarriage (and, of course, they're my favorites!) Ron was originally in the epilogue, too, but I didn't think it fit naturally so poor Ron got cut out. It's good to know you like what I decided on, though I agree that getting to see Ron overprotective of a pregnant Hermione would have been fun :) Thanks for such a wonderful review and for staying with the story for so long -- it's greatly appreciated! And don't worry, I have way too many ideas floating around in my head at this point to stop writing.

Name: SimpleMinds (Signed) · Date: 06/22/09 16:15 · For: The Epilogue
Amazing. An absolutely amazing end. Utterly fantastic. I don't [i]think[/i] i've ever reviewed this before, but it has always been probably my favourite ever future fic, and i have been following it for quite a while.

You have never failed to impress me with this story, the wonderful little devices which you created,the reverse portkey and the time travelling potion being two, have made the universe of this story your own, while the plot elements were woven together in a way which seemed effortlessly believable.

The way in which you 'redeemed' Petunia was incredible too, the changes which came over her were brilliantly handled, and her meeting with Vernon at the end was wonderfully poignant.

Favourite bits then, the jail escape scene was rather excellent, the whole Harry and Ron imprisoned bit actually. While i think the very start was wonderful. Intriguing and mysterious, i was hooked from reading the summary.

On a final note, Paul McCartney, legend..

Well done, you have had me captivated for several years. Time for a re-read i think. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I love it when reviewers take the time to leave specific details as to what they like about a story. It is much appreciated! Often I don't review a story until the end either, and I'm glad you finally did leave a review. It's good to know that people enjoyed reading the story over the YEARS as much as I did writing it! ;) I always thought that Petunia would play a bigger role in the final Harry Potter book, and I when I orginally started this story it was due to inspiration from J.K. Rowling saying that a Muggle in the seventh book would use magic. Obviously she decided to cut that plot line, but I think it probably would have been Petunia. What other candidate was there? I also like to think that some time Petunia would come to her senses about Lily and Harry, and its good to know that you think I handled her redemption well! Thanks again.

Name: hgprincess92 (Signed) · Date: 06/19/09 20:50 · For: The Epilogue
WOW... th end.... thats kind of depressing to be honest.... im extremely sad that thats it.... it was to be honest my favorite story on any fanfiction site... i love the ending.... it was beautiful... great job... im still sad that its over.... little tear.

Author's Response: It is a little bittersweet, I know. This was the first story I ever had posted on this site; it's like my baby! It's high praise for you to call it a favorite, though, and I greatly appreciate that; it's good to know you liked the ending. :) Thanks very much for the review.

Name: Faethe (Signed) · Date: 06/19/09 14:44 · For: The Epilogue
I loved this story! I really was not expecting the time travel thing at the end. That particular plot twist surprised me. Time travel is always a hard thing to write without people punching holes in it, but I think you pulled it off pretty well. I enjoy your style of writing and I think this is my favorite story on Mugglenet. Thank you for finishing the story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! The word "favorite" always makes my day ;) Time travel is very difficult to write, yes, and its good to know you think I managed to do it pretty well. And the fact that it was an unexpected twist for you is always good news -- I'm a big fan of unexpected twists! Thanks again.

Name: SmartyPants (Signed) · Date: 06/16/09 11:59 · For: The Epilogue
Now, now, Miss(?) MagEd... You really do need to stop with the making me cry stuff. This chapter made me cry. The goodbye to the past chapter made me cry. The chapter when Ginny got an hour with Harry made me cry. You really do write too well to be allowed... you must be stopped.

Please continue though. :)

Author's Response: Haha, so much crying! Bbut evoking emotions is always something I strive for, so I'm glad I could make you cry! :) Thanks so much for the review. And yes, it's 'Miss' MagEd!

Name: maya potter (Signed) · Date: 06/14/09 5:09 · For: The Epilogue
OMG its amazing , i am speechless
the end of the story iss so amazing and honestly i didnt expect Ginny to lose her child , but IT IS AMAZING.
the part that i realy liked was when Hary and Ron escaped from the prison, it just gave a new hope and it was rether funny.i dont know wat else to say exept keep on the good woek

Author's Response: Thank you very much! As much as I didn't want Ginny to lose her baby, it seemed unrealistic for her not to lose it. I'm glad you enjoyed the ending despite that! And as for the scene where Harry and Ron escape -- that was so much fun to write, it's good to know you enjoyed it, too! :)

Name: SmartyPants (Signed) · Date: 06/13/09 16:43 · For: The Way It Should Have Been
I thought it was Harry at the beginning :D Good chapter though!

Author's Response: I kind of left it a little open at first so that people wouldn't automatically know who it was ;) I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the review.

Name: dreamer478 (Signed) · Date: 06/12/09 13:20 · For: The Epilogue
I loved this story! It was incredibly easy to read and the twists and turns were often really unexpected. My favorite part tho was definitely the scene in the past with harry and lily, it was really sweet and well done! I loved that you had lily keep a journal also for harry it was really nice. Thanks for a great story it's always been one of my favorites on this site!

Author's Response: Thanks so much -- having the story as one of your favorites on this site is high praise! I'm glad you thought it easy to read and enjoyed the twists and turns -- I certainly enjoyed writing them! ;) That scene in the past with Harry and Lily nearly had me crying and I was the one making it up; it's good to know readers enjoyed it, too!

Name: SingingBird (Signed) · Date: 06/12/09 11:02 · For: The Epilogue
Lovely ending! I like how you didn't have the epilogue right after the end of the main part of the story, but a few years afterwards. As to what my favorite part was, I honestly can't pick one - there were too many! This entire story was really good and I really enjoyed being able to read it. Thanks for writing and sharing it! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! It's always nice to hear (or read!) that a story I put so much time and effort into was appreciated :) I actually planned out the series of events that happened after they returned to the present but I decided it would be better to skip a few years forward -- I'm glad you liked that, too!

Name: masterwoods (Signed) · Date: 06/10/09 22:59 · For: The Epilogue
Great story.

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

Name: Wicked Wench (Signed) · Date: 06/10/09 22:04 · For: The Epilogue
I loved the end...very worthy!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you think so.

Name: Passion For Prongs (Signed) · Date: 06/10/09 21:02 · For: The Epilogue
Everything. Everything was my favorite, although that end quote “If I’m sunshine, who are the daises? Something you want to tell me, Potter?” was brilliant, so like Ginny.

I can definately picture Harry pleading on Snape's behalf, even if it was only to keep him alive. Honestly, Harry always reminded me a little of Dumbledore. He pities people who are evil, understands people. If he were gay, I'd say he was just like Dumbledore :)

It was a fabulous story, really brilliant. It'd hopeful in the end--something I didn't see coming--and I think that's something important to put in. That there's always hope. I loved it, and it's the best you've ever written.

I hope you at least write more one-shots!!!

~Passion For Prongs

*sigh* I'll miss it.

Author's Response: Everything, huh? That's pretty high praise -- thanks so much! :) You've always been a constant reviewer, and I appreciate that so much. I always thought Harry was sort of supposed to become the next Dumbledore -- although considering how madly in love with Ginny is, you're right, he can't be EXACTLY like Dumbledore ;) I will definitely continue to write one-shots, and I'm thinking I will write one more mutli-chaptered story. I've started two -- a Lily/James one and a really, really AU Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione What If? one, and I'll write a few chapters of both before deciding which one I really want to devote myself to and start posting on mugglenet. Thanks again for the review!

Name: ron lover (Signed) · Date: 06/10/09 20:25 · For: The Epilogue
I absolutly LOVE this whole story. It has the perfact ending. I really like how they went back in time. I like how Draco was actually Snape for part of the time. That was really cool. I also like when they were in the mudblood camp how Hermione wrote on Ron's foot. My sisters and I do that too.

You did an amazing job on this. You couldn't have done it any better.

Author's Response: Thank you! I've been working on it for YEARS now, and its good to know that you think it had a worthy ending. Having Snape pretend to be Draco was an idea of which I'm rather proud, and as for Hermione writing on Ron's foot -- I used to do that with my older sister, too! ;) Thanks again; I'm glad you enjoyed the story so much.

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