Reviewer: serrurier
Date: 10/28/15 7:09
Chapter: A Happy Hogwarts Hanukah

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Reviewer: 1000timesingoldenink
Date: 03/25/13 14:01
Chapter: A Happy Hogwarts Hanukah

What awesome mishegas! :D Love Dumbledore's speech, Draco's dreidel...and someone should tell the people who were so shocked by Hermione's feat that it really isn't all that hard.

I found this story with such funny timing, too. It's the first Passover seder tonight and I just spent the last three hours making charoset.

Reviewer: Zendora A Fairfield
Date: 05/20/12 18:26
Chapter: A Happy Hogwarts Hanukah

I suggest a sequel....A Happy Hogwarts Kwanza. Oh, wait, that's an American Holiday...but if Voldy can slip in olive oil, anything can happen, right?

Reviewer: april_fools_fun
Date: 10/10/08 16:53
Chapter: A Happy Hogwarts Hanukah

hahahahahaha!!!!! oil is the awsomeness!!!!

Reviewer: KooKoo
Date: 05/21/08 21:08
Chapter: A Happy Hogwarts Hanukah

it is may.And im not jewish.but thet was funny!


Reviewer: r_j_lupingirl
Date: 12/15/07 18:15
Chapter: A Happy Hogwarts Hanukah

I so appreciated this, since I'm Jewish. Very funny! ROTFLMAO!!! ;)

Reviewer: jellydogt
Date: 08/04/07 19:01
Chapter: A Happy Hogwarts Hanukah

super funny. love the nagini bit at the end. & i'm reading this in august, but im not jewish. lol.

Reviewer: _bookwormgirl_
Date: 04/01/07 13:55
Chapter: A Happy Hogwarts Hanukah

hahaha that was good!

Reviewer: The Weasley Triplet
Date: 03/24/07 9:53
Chapter: A Happy Hogwarts Hanukah

I'm Jewish, and I celebrate Christmas :) NINE days of presents. I think it's a great idea that Hogwarts should celebrate Hanukah.

unfortunately, my mom doesn't make the jelly donuts much, too much oil.

I laughed so much at this, particularly the Darth Vader quote. "I AM YOUR FATHER!" "NO IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!" "'re right, it is."

Keep writing, this is great.

Reviewer: hermionestwin11
Date: 02/23/07 20:22
Chapter: A Happy Hogwarts Hanukah


Reviewer: waterbearer
Date: 02/20/07 1:12
Chapter: A Happy Hogwarts Hanukah


Reviewer: waterbearer
Date: 02/20/07 1:12
Chapter: A Happy Hogwarts Hanukah


Reviewer: Lily of the US
Date: 02/10/07 20:02
Chapter: A Happy Hogwarts Hanukah

What's a gimel? Good fic, very funny! ~megan~

Author's Response: A letter of the Hebrew alphabet. In a game of dreidel, getting a gimel wins you the entire pot of coins, nuts, or whatever you're playing with.

Reviewer: phoenix_fille
Date: 01/22/07 12:12
Chapter: A Happy Hogwarts Hanukah

Great idea, even though I'm not Jewish.

Reviewer: The Marauderettes
Date: 01/15/07 15:07
Chapter: A Happy Hogwarts Hanukah

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Loved it! I read it over Hanukah, and I was laughing really hard!

Keep up the awesome writing!

-Hermione (aka Hannah)-

Reviewer: Ginny Lupin
Date: 12/31/06 22:27
Chapter: A Happy Hogwarts Hanukah

This story is great! i showed it to my family (we're all jewish) and they loved it! thanks, i needed a jewish story, HP is all chrismas.

Reviewer: rochelle
Date: 12/30/06 20:20
Chapter: A Happy Hogwarts Hanukah

that was the RANDOMEST STORY EVER! kudos to you for creativity.

Reviewer: Smoke On_Water
Date: 12/30/06 19:38
Chapter: A Happy Hogwarts Hanukah

This was so funny! I had my parents read this, and they couldn't stop laughing! I can't even stop laughing!!!=)

Reviewer: LaneTechFreshie
Date: 12/29/06 20:03
Chapter: A Happy Hogwarts Hanukah

*gasp* Potato pancakes! OH! I love them! We have them at least twice a year... and we're German. We're assuming we had German Jews in the family. Hehe. There were a few mistakes... run over this and check them out :
-"Hanukah lastseight. " Ya need a space...
-"Ill take you word for it, "you"--> "your"
-*snorts in laughter and then coughs crazily* ACk... I'm better. Anyway, I was snorting at the cliche of "NO!, I am your father!" Pretty bad... :-)
- Well, I'm reading this at the end of Decemeber, but Happy Hanukah, or Merry Christmas. Either way, I'm behind!. :-)

Reviewer: Ms_Wolfsbane
Date: 12/29/06 19:48
Chapter: A Happy Hogwarts Hanukah

Great story! Hooray for us Jews! There are none in any of the Harry Potter books.

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