Reviewer: solemnlyswear_x
Date: 03/25/07 22:46
Chapter: One-Shot

This is such a great story, and the ending is so nice! =)

Your characterization was wonderful. You made Severus seem like such a normal little kid, and gave Eileen her own personality. My favorite part though, was the interaction between Eileen and the young Snape. Their banter seems perfect for mother/son relationship. And the places where you switched back and forth didnt ruin the flow at all, which sometimes happens with flashbacks and the like, but this was just a nice change of perspective.

I thought the undertones to Tobiass cruelty in the beginning (We only have an hour until Father gets home, and you know how he is) were a nice touch to lead into the scene where you introduce him you stayed close to what little canon fact we have about Snapes childhood.

The fairy-tale part of the story was also very well-written. Rosalind and Philip were interesting to read about, and the minor characters like Wheedly and Leticia added something extra to the fic. You put a great wizarding spin on the Muggle tale we all love.

And I think a reviewer mentioned this below me, but the parts in between the fairy tale were definitely reminiscent of The Princess Bride. This line especially: Im not concerned. Im justAre you going to finish the story or not? But thats a good thing, of course. Its my favorite movie! =)

The whole premise was so cute, and I loved reading it! Wonderful story! =D

Reviewer: A House Elf
Date: 02/02/07 23:31
Chapter: One-Shot

100% Madame Marauder? Are you sure there isn't a lot of "The Princess Bride" in there? Well, all the references had me laughing. I was just wondering where the "Is this is a kissing book?" line was. I guess that's the "Is this going to get romantic?" part. Nice story. I love old tales!

Reviewer: kehribar
Date: 01/03/07 18:46
Chapter: One-Shot


Let me first say that this is one of the most "beautiful" stories I have ever read. This is not meant to be a simple compliment: the feeling your story gave me was "beauty". I'm not sure if that's because it's about a fairytale. But it is for sure that I wouldn't find the Muggle version of this tale this beautiful!

I love the interaction between Severus and Eileen, and you've characterised Tobias very nicely: He and Eileen seems to be a couple and to create an environment from which the Snape we know can grow up. (I hope this sentence makes sense.) Wonderful characterization.

The only thing that very slightly disturbed me is that Severus is not acting like he's seven. He may be an intelligent and clever kid, but I think he sounds at least nine or ten. His eagerness for the story is lovely, though.

A vry little point but, maybe you should clarify what kind of school he's going. A Muggle school, I presume? It can be understood from the flow, but I think adding that at the beginning, when he first comes from school, would clear up. Just a suggestion.

Wonderful work! I'll be sure to take at look at your other stories ;) Good luck with your further writing.


Reviewer: Gmariam
Date: 11/07/06 18:48
Chapter: One-Shot

That was lovely! I remember reading about this story on the forums and am so glad you were able to submit it for the challenge! I think the story of Sleeping Beauty works wonderfully in the Wizarding World, particularly the Draught of Living Death. And instead of fighting a dragon, the Prince finds the potion to revive her - great idea! I really like the way you interwove Severus and Eileen's dialogue throughout; I wonder if formatting for italics might be something to think about to make it clearer? Especially if you write the story of Brendan and Eirwen! :) What fairy tale is that? Are you planning to write that story as a Wizarding fairy tale as well?
Wonderful job, it's very original and was fun to read! Good luck in the challenge! ~Gina :)
PS. Don't forget to capitalize "Muggle." :)

Author's Response: Thank you for your review! I'll format in itallics ASAP. And, I'll try to remember the capital "M" in muggle. ;) I hope to write all the wizarding fairy tales, but I've got to think about which one I'll do next. Once again, thanks for the lovely review! -MadMar

Author's Response: Thank you for your review! I'll format in itallics ASAP. And, I'll try to remember the capital "M" in muggle. ;) I hope to write all the wizarding fairy tales, but I've got to think about which one I'll do next. Once again, thanks for the lovely review! -MadMar

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