Reviewer: GinnyPotter1824
Date: 04/18/13 17:05
Chapter: A Confession

I loved this story. I say story and not chapter b/c I always wait til the end of the story to comment/review. This story had me laughing from chapter 1 til almost the end. The end isn't funny but bittersweet. this story had me laughing so hard that I actually peed my pants a couple of time. Lol. I give this story 5 stars. And to think I've actually always hated the character of Draco.Lol.

Reviewer: DennisRekrap
Date: 07/19/12 7:06
Chapter: A Confession

I never thought reading one of these stories would make me cry, and exert emotions varying from happiness to sadness to anger to frustration and then despair. I did kind of love the fact that i never knew where the story was going to turn, every chapter changing the direction so abruptly kept me reading and slightly hoping that this wouldnt end up as bad and tragically sad as i thought it would. Every time Draco or Harry turned away or discarded their feelings for each other i wanted to just stop reading in order to spare myself from what would inevitably would follow. But then curiosity would make me go to the next chapter to find that the path they were on had changed course once again. In a way i am kind of glad that you ended it here because finding them in a place of otherwise misguided peace, makes me think maybe its better off left alone here where Harry and Draco can be forever left in what they have come to know as complacentcy.

Being as it is though, i found his story to be so well written and worth taking up again. And I know many others have posed the same request, and i know it is fruitless to ask anyways but i hope that you could consider finishing it. But I am also offering to help you finish it, because i know how hard it is to pick back up on work that you felt you had exerted all that you could into.But i am willing to help i might have ideas that could help finish the story.

I just hope you that you consider my offer and my request:)

wonderful story by the way!:)

Reviewer: SheeranGrint
Date: 05/15/12 15:30
Chapter: A Confession

Continue! One of my all time favourites:3

Reviewer: Hot-Emo-Athiest
Date: 12/02/10 21:27
Chapter: A Confession

Continue soon, I can't wait to read more. :D

Reviewer: illegalmidget
Date: 11/04/09 22:34
Chapter: A Confession

Please update! Probably not going to happen, but dang this story is good.

Reviewer: the_bouncing_ferret
Date: 07/30/09 11:50
Chapter: Prologue

Okay--so I just got into this story (just got into mugglenet fanfiction, really) and I read on your yahoo group that you weren't planning on finishing... and I'm really really really sorry to hear that, because I really like this fic and it is almost over (I think). You've done a really good job with it, so well in fact that I often get confused between it and the real thing whenever I talk about Harry Potter or even read it! You also make a D/H romance seem plausible--one problem I have with so many D/H stories is that they don't make sense, whether its a good story or not, they just never really fool me into believing a D/H romance could happen. You do that very well.

I know what its like to fall out of love, or just lose your enthusiasm for a certain thing, and my love for HP at least, comes in wave... so nobody wants to force you to do something you don't want to do. But if you really won't write the rest of the story, I know we all would at least like you to post the rest of your planning, or outline, or whatever, so we can know how the story ends. Thanks.

Reviewer: demonika
Date: 06/13/09 0:37
Chapter: A Confession

well yeah... good chapter, really...
just update SooN!!!

Reviewer: shes_your_heroin
Date: 06/11/09 1:41
Chapter: Prologue

well shit son yeah nice to see you "haven't abandoned" this... almost a year now? kind of hurts to be one of the people who actually read and enjoyed this back in the day. i'm sorry you're busy but don't start if you're not gonna finish

Reviewer: ZomgShaylex
Date: 05/03/09 19:05
Chapter: A Confession

Okay, I've been meaning to review at the end of every chapter with this fanfiction, but I always end up forgetting to in my urgency to keep reading. I LOVE how this story is turning out! I'm not very experienced when it comes to Draco/Harry, but this seems like one of the best ones out there! They are both amazingly in character and the raw emotion of the whole situation comes across perfectly. I especially like the song lyrics/excerpts you use at the beginning of each chapter; they are a nice touch. I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter and the beautiful sunrise!

Reviewer: dracodescendant
Date: 04/14/09 13:41
Chapter: A Confession

Your writing is absolutely brilliant. I've been waiting patiently for over half a year, for an update. I hope it arrives soon enough...

Reviewer: sadako
Date: 03/30/09 18:05
Chapter: A Confession

Your story popped into my head last week somehow, so I decided to read it again. Reading it all at once makes it an even better story. I really really like it, but I'm probably a but biased because this is the only Harry/Draco story I've read that got this far. I know the chances of you abandoning the story are really slim, so I'll still look out for the next chapter. When you post it I'll probably be so excited to read it that I'll have forgotten how long it took you to get it up. I'm really looking forward to reading then next chapter. :)

Reviewer: Sing Hallelujah
Date: 03/12/09 16:43
Chapter: A Confession

aww. i miss this storyy

Reviewer: Sing Hallelujah
Date: 03/04/09 14:53
Chapter: A Confession

wow. how long till the next chapter- i cant wait :)

Reviewer: IchigoPudding
Date: 02/26/09 5:01
Chapter: A Confession

Aww so cute, they just finished 8. Sleep under the stars too!

PS Continue soon! If you want to of course.

Reviewer: IchigoPudding
Date: 02/26/09 4:49
Chapter: A Moment

Aww cute!


Reviewer: IchigoPudding
Date: 02/26/09 4:16
Chapter: An Agreement

^_^ - Yay Draco has plans ;)
I haven't reviewed for a few (hundred) chapters...


Reviewer: bec_potter_bec
Date: 02/25/09 23:49
Chapter: Prologue

i love love it. bring on chap 24!

Reviewer: IchigoPudding
Date: 02/25/09 1:57
Chapter: A Favour

LOL ^_^ D-E-N-I-A-L!


Reviewer: IchigoPudding
Date: 02/25/09 1:22
Chapter: A Helping Hand



Reviewer: IchigoPudding
Date: 02/25/09 0:35
Chapter: An Angel

Awww Poor Draco!


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