Reviewer: luinrina
Date: 06/20/08 15:06
Chapter: Chapter IV: Mystic Dreams and Foreign Affairs

First of all: Yay, a new chapter! Second: Wow! Megan, you've again blown me away.

Like in Recolitus Optimus as well as in its sequel Adoris Integare you've really mastered the "prophecy"-like talk of the little girl. I think I understood most of it and could assign names to the characters you mentioned, and now I'm of course waiting on tenterhooks to see where you're going with this story. I wonder where you take the ideas from to write such poems/riddles/prophecies, it seems to be your strongest talent (next to wonderfully write, of course ;p). Everything rhymes and makes sense (or will be making one at the end of your story). It sometimes feels like you're a seer yourself and every-day-used to talk like that.

What I found charming was the hotel, both visible and accessable for both Muggles and wizards, and that the Muggle staff seems to know about the wizarding world. And although Peter is not my most favourite character, you've written him very well. He's portraid like a normal business man, and one wonders why he changed and did what he's done.

Pacing with Prongs was really realistic; I could feel his inner turmoil myself, the hectic, the not-knowing whether or not his best mate is well. I'm looking forward to what will happen when Dumbledore and the Order arrive back at the manor.

I'm kind of put out, though, that there was nothing said about what's happening to Sirius, but I think you'll make up for it in chapter five? Megan, congratulations on another beautiful, most enjoyable and easy readable chapter. You've earned yourself a triple "Hurray!".


Author's Response: Well, firstly, I'll thank you for simply reviewing, and secondly, I'll thank you even more for the *length* of the review. I like those longer ones, of course.

I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the prophecy. I wanted the "names" to not be *too* vague, yet I didn't want it to be hit-over-the-head obvious, either. Figuring out the rhymes, I'll admit, is the hardest part for me, but you are right in that, by the story's end, everything will make sense (if I do my job correctly, that is).

Ah, Peter. I actually can't stand him, and hate him more than any other character in any other book/movie/show/etc. that I've ever come across. However, I try my best to be 100% fair to his character. At this point, he's still a good guy, yet since the majority of this fic will be canon compliant, you already know the main way the Marauders' story will end.

Glad to hear you thought the James scene was realistic as well. I was hoping that it would be that way, have the right emotion, etc. And yes, in the fifth chapter, the Order returns to the manor.

Sirius ... yeah, he wasn't in here, and originally, I'd planned for him to come back in Chapter V. However, unless I change the next chapter completely, he won't be ... But I DO promise that he'll feature HEAVILY in the sixth chapter. His scene that was going to be in Ch.V was moved to Ch.VI, and that was just the start of it. So, while I apologise for the lack of Sirius in this one and the next, he'll be back in Ch.VI.

Thanks again very much for the review; I can't say that enough. I really, really appreciate them.


Reviewer: luinrina
Date: 05/19/08 2:17
Chapter: Chapter III: Taken

Argh! Why is the chapter over already? I want to read more! Please do not wait too long for another update, that’s so gripping. You can’t let us hang there without knowing how it will continue. Wonderful chapter. Enjoyed it very much. Pity for Sirius that his plan to overpower Bella didn’t work…

Author's Response: Ah, luinrina, I could always be an evil author and let weeks pass before I give you the fourth chapter ... but I won't. I'm working on editing chapter four now, and as soon as I finish writing the fifth one, I'll be posting Chapter IV.

You're right; it is a pity Sirius's plan didn't work, but as much as I love the guy, I have to allow Bella some fun, too. It increases the angst factor!

But anyway, thank you very much for reviewing!


Reviewer: luinrina
Date: 04/22/08 1:55
Chapter: Chapter II: Signs and Returns

Oh, this starts off really great. I’m growing excited how the third chapter is going to be, so please don’t let me (and the other readers, too, of course) wait too long. Up to the end of chapter two: fantastic work done.

Author's Response: Well, thank you very much, luinrina. I'm glad you're enjoying the story thus far, and don't worry. Chapter III is already written, beta-ed, and ready for submission to the queue. I'd already have it up, too, but unfortunately, I have two stories sitting in the queue right now, and as that's the limit at one time, I'll have to wait until one of them is validated/rejected before I can give you the third chapter of TitA.

But thanks for the review, once again!


Reviewer: AEM
Date: 02/26/08 7:17
Chapter: Chapter I: Familial Encounters

That was really good, the characters are looking interesting, and it different to see a regulas that isn't sure with what he's doing. really good can't wait to read more, i like the cliffhanger!

Author's Response: Thank you very much, AEM. The latest chapter is going in queue soon, and I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying the story. Yep, I like making the characters have more depth to them -- and the Blacks are a great deal of fun to play with, as far as I'm concerned. So much to explore!rn


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