Reviews For Across the Anvil
Reviewer: JoieFouquet22
Date: 04/05/12 6:31
Chapter: Chapter Seven: In Which We Quit Gretna Green

I was so moved to tears. Thank you for the adventures, Subversa! It was magical!

Reviewer: Lightening
Date: 02/09/12 23:28
Chapter: Chapter Seven: In Which We Quit Gretna Green

I've said it before, I will say it again, I love your writing style!

Reviewer: Ladynix
Date: 12/15/11 21:38
Chapter: Chapter Seven: In Which We Quit Gretna Green

Completely brilliant. I loved it.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 03/22/10 11:33
Chapter: Chapter Seven: In Which We Quit Gretna Green

What a wonderful ending. I was trying to figure out who Severus had owled and it was Hannah. My favorite part was when Across the Anvil became visible and how it became visible. Of all the people JKR killed off, I think I regret losing Severus the most. His story is so tragic. I wish he could've found a little bit of happiness. Great chapter.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 03/22/10 10:49
Chapter: Chapter Six: In Which the Irresistible Force Meets the Immovable Object

I'm feeling bad for Neville but I'm going to feel even worse if he marries Hermione when they don't love each other. Marrying Neville seemed like an easy solution at the time but it's a decision that's going to last the rest of their lives. I'm sitting here going "Do something before it's too late. Neville will get over it." Great chapter.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 03/20/10 18:55
Chapter: Chapter 5

I chuckled so many times during this chapter, especially when Severus said he wanted to show Hermione the house and she thought she didn’t want a house tour but a shag. I smiled knowingly when Severus said she’d marry him and she said she’d be marrying Neville. I have no doubts as to who Hermione is going to marry. This was so delightful. I have other stories of yours earmarked on another website to read and I’ll probably reread most of these stories over there too. Great chapter.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 03/19/10 15:33
Chapter: Chapter Four: In Which ‘Trouble’ Descends Upon Our Friends and Wreaks Havoc

I so love watching Snape. Heck, I'll marry the guy if Hermione doesn't want him:D I thought of the spider seducing the fly when he told Neville "trust me." I chuckled when he went to the dance and danced with all of the other witches--and they all had nice things to say about his dancing. This is such a wonderful story.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 03/18/10 21:32
Chapter: Chapter Three: In Which a Declaration is Made

Oh poor Neville--he doesn't stand a chance. If he loves "Abby" why is he with Hermione? I'm sure Severus will tell us. I'm with Hermione--I want to know why--more importantly, why now. I hope Severus gets the girl but why after all these years? Great chapter, as always.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 03/18/10 21:18
Chapter: Chapter Two: In Which Hermione Learns of an Unexpected Guest

I thought Neville was her fiance from your description of his "round face." :D Who is Hermione trying to fool? Indeed, who is Snape trying to fool? I loved that her lipstick matched her knickers--but no one would see. She didn't count on Severus being in her room. I can't wait to hear his explanation for coming to her right before her wedding. Great chapter. I feel like I've been absent for a few days--sometimes my job or home life gets in the way of my reading. Damn it all, anyway:P

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 03/18/10 19:30
Chapter: Chapter 1

Very interesting:D Who is Hermione really supposed to be marrying? And what is the "dark man" up to? I have no idea where this is going so I will read on. Great chapter, as always.

Reviewer: pictoluna
Date: 01/03/10 4:12
Chapter: Chapter Seven: In Which We Quit Gretna Green

luved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have a talent!!!

Reviewer: adora
Date: 04/05/09 11:58
Chapter: Chapter 1

I am a huge fan of the SS/HG ship, and I must say this is the best fanfic I have read about them by far! You have such a talent, nad you use it so well.

The way you incorporated Hannah made made laugh so hard, and I automatically understood who Abby was.

Great work! This is the first fanfic I have read on here, so I definitely am incouraged to read more, ha.


Reviewer: DarkHonda
Date: 02/10/09 16:23
Chapter: Chapter 5

shalvah means peace in hebrew.. shadaim... means breasts.. XD

Reviewer: magichick123
Date: 07/27/08 15:51
Chapter: Chapter Seven: In Which We Quit Gretna Green

i love u story's especially the ss/hg ones
write more!!!! im running out of ss/hg fanfiction to read :( and urs are the best =] well done brill story

Reviewer: artsy_aud_girl
Date: 07/01/08 1:30
Chapter: Chapter 1

Oh my GOD. That was a really really really good begining.. im not going to waste any more time. I HAVE to read the rest....

Reviewer: suzyfloozy
Date: 06/07/08 10:07
Chapter: Chapter Seven: In Which We Quit Gretna Green

I'm not normally a snape/hermione fan because of the ickiness it implies with the whole student/teacher thing but this was really well done.

Reviewer: asp1254
Date: 04/29/08 19:01
Chapter: Chapter Seven: In Which We Quit Gretna Green

thank you once again for a lovely and truly "enchanting" story!

Reviewer: moonstargazer
Date: 04/14/08 23:51
Chapter: Chapter Seven: In Which We Quit Gretna Green

And thank you for a wonderful story!! I absolutely loved it as I do all of your stories!
I look forward to more entertaining tales from the lovely Subversa!

Reviewer: moonstargazer
Date: 04/14/08 23:29
Chapter: Chapter Six: In Which the Irresistible Force Meets the Immovable Object

Excellent chapter! Both parties involved seem to be in conflict. It is a shame, for Neville, who could quite possibly, be the odd man out.
Severus and Hermione need to sort out their priorities before moving on in their lives. Like the reference to Kenny Rogers' song 'The Gambler', by Snape.
I'm not a poker player, but I recognized the song lyric immediatly. ;0)

Reviewer: tilli
Date: 04/14/08 17:13
Chapter: Chapter Seven: In Which We Quit Gretna Green

i never thought i would say this about this HG/SS ship...but sweet is the word!!!.

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