Reviews For Snape Didn't Die
Reviewer: ajruss7
Date: 08/23/11 20:28
Chapter: Chapter 7 An Effective Guide to Professo

Love it so far. Can't wait for the next chapter to see what happens

Reviewer: Davey Walnuts
Date: 07/30/11 8:50
Chapter: Chapter 6 It Begins

I felt like this whole story started off so well. Great ideas, great characters a few inaccuracy's but great none the less. But then it spiralled into a St Trinians and lost it's way. Especially with Snape and the way he acts. It didn't feel believable of his general character.

Reviewer: AussiePotter
Date: 06/18/11 23:53
Chapter: Chapter 7 An Effective Guide to Professo

I clicked on this story just for something to do cause I dont usually go for stories about snape, but i LOVE this! Its hilarious! I hope you update soon (even thought you just did) Im so keen to know how he is going to deal with these girls!!
AussiePotter :)

Reviewer: ProfPosky
Date: 01/09/11 21:52
Chapter: Chapter 6 It Begins

Very interesting. Having actually taught students in the US, I have to say I feel for him. Shame they didn't send him to Erasmus. It would have been much easier...

Author's Response: The Salem students remind you of the girls at Salem? Did you teach at St. Trinian's American campus? I don't know if Eurpoe would have been quite safe enough, because it would be a lot easier to be recognized, not to mention I'm not sure he would speak any other languages well enough to go anywhere else in Europe. But I'm glad you like the story anyway.

Reviewer: Virgil
Date: 01/01/11 9:31
Chapter: Chapter 6 It Begins

This fic is such a pleasure to read :) you write Snape so well!! He's so in-character (usually when I try to write Snape, everything starts to run into mushy Sev/Lily fluff) and your sense of humor is wonderful. It's just so great to read good Snape fanfic, because it's hard to find - Snape is a really difficult character. Your portrayal of his attitude is just so incredibly spot-on. I can't wait to read more! ~Virgil

Author's Response: Well, it was meant to be a birthday present for Chante', but I'm glad so many other people are liking it too!

Reviewer: no_potter_haters
Date: 12/14/10 13:19
Chapter: Chapter 1 The Best Laid Plans

Oh my gosh and bostin too i just love this story

Author's Response: I am not aware this 'Bostin' you speak of. Is it a good party town?

Reviewer: no_potter_haters
Date: 12/13/10 14:10
Chapter: Chapter 3 Breaking Glass in an Apothecary

I just love it that picked NYC for the story thanks! :-)

Author's Response: I'm glad you like New York, even if they aren't there for very long.

Reviewer: C_A_Campbell
Date: 12/12/10 15:56
Chapter: Chapter 6 It Begins

(review Part 2)

I heart this line so much. It's like she's saying. "All right I've come to the darkside. Now pass the cookies."

I love Shoshanna and her reaction to what happened. She drives Professor Snape so crazy, which I have to admit is sort of good for him. You are the queen of strange relationships and I love them so much!

But instead of doing anything to fix this, the girl just looked up at him, disgusted. “I’m Miss Barnett!” she said before pointing to the black girl who was her partner. “She’s Miss Iwamoto!”

"Witch, I ain't Cho Chang!"

Sorry, I had a flashback to A Very Potter Musical when I read this. It is, of course, hilarious.

This first prank is amazingly hilarious. Severus did ask for it by telling him what he did.

Anyways, of course, I just wanted to say how much I loved this chapter and hopefully it'll give you a little bit of inspiration.

Author's Response: Yes, Shoshana is a very...special person. And yes, Miss Iwamoto's bit was inspired by A Very Potter Musical. I'm glad you're loving them.

Reviewer: C_A_Campbell
Date: 12/12/10 15:54
Chapter: Chapter 6 It Begins

No, no, this simply cannot have only ONE review!

the pieces of hay fell like spaghetti-like snow.

I wanted to point out that I absolutely LOVE this description. Just being the horse person I am and knowing how pretty straw is when it falls. *sigh* I get nostalgic just thinking about it.

“What’s up with you, Sweet Pea?”

I absolutely love Kit's nickname for Salome. Has nothing to do with this is one of the nicknames I sometimes get called. You know...nothing like that. lol

In fact, I love everything about Kit and Salome dysfunction friendship. I'm so used to the the bosom buddy friendship that you general find in Harry Potter and its fanfiction (including mine :/ ) that use in a unique breath of fresh air. It's so dynamic and interesting, and I love it.

In a sporadic action, the taller girl smacked her riding crop against the one of the stable beams, causing her horse to buck at the sharp noise.

Just a tiny little critique. Bucking isn't what horses do when they're scared. It's more of an aggressive act, not really seen unless playing or attacking other horses or trying to get a rider off. If a horse was spooked by a sudden noise, it would have a "flight" response which means shying away from the noise, trying to bolt (obviously not possible if the girl has a tight enough hold on the reins), and etc.

Okay, I'm done. Feel free to roll your eyes now.

Salome began to fidget as she felt herself being pulled deeper and deeper into a situation that seemed like it could only end painfully. But it did seem like it would be an…engaging, and even amusing pastime in a school with no boys and where a person would live a near Puritanical existence if they followed every school rule. First, Kit had caught the urge, now it was beginning to spread to Salome, and the two fourth-years already seemed heavily infected by the notion.

It has to be contagious….


Author's Response: Well, the bit about the horse really shows I am a city girl. I'll have to go to you from now on with all horse-related questions.

Reviewer: Kaiserin
Date: 12/07/10 19:08
Chapter: Chapter 6 It Begins

I find myself quite loving this story. Snape acustic thoughts are quite enjoyable. The QSQ was CERTAINLY well placed!!
I can't help but feel a bit bad about how his luck is unfolding so far. Poor bloke. The elf stealing incident is never going to go away, is it?
On second thoughts, I would guess it is a bit of a way for him to pay for kharma... he was quite nasty at Hogwarts. I can't help but remember that AWFUL remark he made at Herms when she was hit by that densaugeo hex... So, man up Sev, it's your bad actions biting you in the back!
Loving Shoshana and her way of pestering him, btw. Her insistance for him to choose a different carreer where brilliant!! Keep 'em comin'

Author's Response: Yes, my Catholic school is showing with this story, Snape needing to clense his soul through suffering and all.

Reviewer: Tim the Enchanter
Date: 10/02/10 16:04
Chapter: Chapter 1 The Best Laid Plans

Snape is hilariously in-character here. It seems just like him to scare off students who are unaware of his reputation. I am intrigued to see what repercussions Mr Richard Cameron faces.

On to earlier chapters, I love Snape's cover story for his scar. Snape fighting in the Vietnam War is a very funny image. The mental image that immediately cropped up after reading that line was Alan Rickman in Robert Duvall's role as Lt. Colonel Kilgore in Apocalypse Now, saying "I love the smell of napalm in the morning."

“NO!” the older boy answered a little bit louder than was probably necessary. “You’re just going to feed them to the pigeons so you can watch them explode again!”

I spy Nate and his older brother. Nice little cameo you have there.

I like your description of Salem Witches Institute. As you know, I enjoy reading fanfics set in locations apart from Britain, and I am interested in seeing how the school evolves over the course of the story.

But back to the present, I wonder what will happen to Severus now... personally, I'm hoping he doesn't change his teaching style one bit.

~ Tim the Enchanter

Author's Response: Well, Chante' has been nagging me, and I promise that I am working my hardest on the next chapter. Snape is fighting me every step of the way, though.

Reviewer: Maple_and_PheonixFeather
Date: 09/16/10 20:57
Chapter: Chapter 5 Severus’ Fi(Wo)rst Day

I love it :D I love it when author's "resuce" Snape, and I thought that this was great :) I look forward to reading the rest :)

Author's Response: Ah, Chante has been begging me to finish this story, and I promise that I am working on it!

Reviewer: AngelSong97
Date: 05/11/10 10:33
Chapter: Chapter 5 Severus’ Fi(Wo)rst Day

You must continue writing this. It's absolutely brilliant! I

Author's Response: I promise, I is working on it!

Reviewer: starspark112
Date: 01/29/10 9:49
Chapter: Chapter 5 Severus’ Fi(Wo)rst Day

awsome ! please update of i will trow myself off a cliff. ok i w0n't go that far but the point is it's a great story!

Author's Response: I am working away on the next chapter, but I have many stories and many other projects I am working on.

Reviewer: cadiebug
Date: 10/02/09 22:23
Chapter: Chapter 1 The Best Laid Plans

You've got Snape's character down pretty well. Liking the looks of this so far. =)

Author's Response: Well, I hope you will like the rest of the story as well.

Reviewer: spilledpotion
Date: 07/16/09 20:48
Chapter: Chapter 4 That Freaky Girls’ School

Great story so far. Very intriguing and well-written! I'm excited to see where it goes.

Author's Response: I'm glad you're reading!

Reviewer: spilledpotion
Date: 07/16/09 20:48
Chapter: Chapter 4 That Freaky Girls’ School

Great story so far. Very intriguing and well-written! I'm excited to see where it goes.

Author's Response: I'm glad you're reading!

Reviewer: starfighterpilot
Date: 06/10/09 15:54
Chapter: Chapter 1 The Best Laid Plans

Hey, I like the way this fic is going. Very funny! Just one point, Britain isn't a country, it's three: England, Scotland and Wales. Just sayin'. :)x

Author's Response: I'm glad you like the story. And I say Britian because students from all three country go there. I'm pretty Hogwarts is the only school for all three of them.

Reviewer: Saif
Date: 04/18/09 5:42
Chapter: Chapter 3 Breaking Glass in an Apothecary

This is hilarious! Poor Snape!!!

Author's Response: Yes, well, I happen to be a big believer in karma (and also a bit of that good old-fashioned Catholic school pentence). I always felt that Snape got let off easy in the book. I know he had a terrible life, but that didn't change the fact that he was generally a horrible human being who got off on torturing his students. The hooker agent, the screaming children, all part of the process. Hey, my story too!

Reviewer: sweetpotatoes
Date: 04/11/09 3:35
Chapter: Chapter 2 Seedy City Streets

very funny iluv this

Author's Response: I'm glad you think this story was funny. It was written as a piece to primarily entertain Chante on her birthday, but it is nice to see that other people are liking it as well.

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