Reviewer: welshdevondragon
Date: 11/19/09 13:27
Chapter: Quantum Immortality

I'm in a hurry to read the rest of this but I just had to leave a review for this chapter. In a way most of it feels like a dream/ the beginning of the end. His leaving Adele was beautiful, as was Sirius' destruction of the letter, which in a way he knows he deserves. I love the use of the word "cannibalistic" to describe the flames. This chapter was beautiful, intelligent and full of emotion. Thank you!

Reviewer: ron lover
Date: 11/15/09 20:43
Chapter: A Certain Slant of Light

I can't believe that this story is over. This is my favorite story on all of Mugglenet. It's just so amazing.

I do have a question with the end. Did Regulus dissappear because he messed wit time too much?

That is probably wrong, so if you can point me in the right direction, that would be amazing.

The characterization of Regulus is just wonderful. It was so much fun to read this. I really want to tell you all of my favorite parts, but I would be taking all of the chapters and puting them in this review. That would be plagerisim, and one super long review.

I love how you ended this story, with the quantum suicide thing. That was a good idea.

This is my favoriteReg-life-story. I like how you made him really smart. I thought that he would be smart. I love the way you describe things in the story. Some of the times I had no idea what you were saying, but it still made sense. Like, I knew what was happening.

Reg's relationship with Adele is one of my favorite Reg/OC relationships. It was really good. When he left her I was almost crying. Almost. It was a sad relationship, but I know that he card for her.

The relationship with Sirius is great too. It's completly believable. It's kind of sad because he never sent the leter so Sirius would never know what Regulus did. It's a shame, really. Sirius will never know how Regulus felt towards him.

I know I've said this before, but this is just a great story. I hope you write more in the future. You don't have to, of course.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot this! I have an idea for a Regulus story for you. It's a songfic that I wanted to write, but I don't think that I could pull off Regulus, and I know that you can. If you want to know what the song is, then tell me somehow. Or you can say in the author respose and then I'll email you. You can completly ignore this, though. You don't have to write it. I just thought that I would share the idea with you!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading my whole story and for reviewing so regularly! It meant a ton to me to have a consistent reader who followed along. :) I'm not surprised that you have questions about the end, as I suspected that most people who read the story would. In one sense it's entirely open to interpretation, so I want the ending to mean whatever you think it means, because that probably has more relevance and resonance than anything I could say about it. However, the ending (for that matter the entire structure) of the story was based in the Many-Worlds theory of quantum physics. The theory is one way to resolve what physicists call "the quantum enigma," which is basically this really interesting but confusing aspect of quantum mechanics that essentially intertwines metaphysics/philosophy with regular physics. (I'm a huge physics nerd, as you can tell; I can't solve a math problem to save my life but the philosophy of physics is very interesting to me). That said, obviously the story is not about equations or abstract enigmas, it's about the possibility of redemption. So the physics is really just an analogy I use to facilitate or perhaps demostrate that quest for redemption. If that made absolutely no sense (I can already tell it didn't, ahaha), I'll be happy to explain it more in an email.

I like your comment about how sometimes you had no idea what I was saying, but it still made sense. I would love to hear you elaborate on that statement because it is very intruiging. :D Thanks again for your constant support; I think you were consistently the first person to review every chapter I posted, which is amazing!

Psshh are you kidding?! I would love to hear your idea for a songfic! I never have enough good ideas so I'm always open to suggestions. My email is: mktbug24@ (remove the space). Please email me with your idea and with any other questions/discussion points you have about the ending of the story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading my whole story and for reviewing so regularly! It meant a ton to me to have a consistent reader who followed along. :) I'm not surprised that you have questions about the end, as I suspected that most people who read the story would. In one sense it's entirely open to interpretation, so I want the ending to mean whatever you think it means, because that probably has more relevance and resonance than anything I could say about it. However, the ending (for that matter the entire structure) of the story was based in the Many-Worlds theory of quantum physics. The theory is one way to resolve what physicists call "the quantum enigma," which is basically this really interesting but confusing aspect of quantum mechanics that essentially intertwines metaphysics/philosophy with regular physics. (I'm a huge physics nerd, as you can tell; I can't solve a math problem to save my life but the philosophy of physics is very interesting to me). That said, obviously the story is not about equations or abstract enigmas, it's about the possibility of redemption. So the physics is really just an analogy I use to facilitate or perhaps demostrate that quest for redemption. If that made absolutely no sense (I can already tell it didn't, ahaha), I'll be happy to explain it more in an email.

I like your comment about how sometimes you had no idea what I was saying, but it still made sense. I would love to hear you elaborate on that statement because it is very intruiging. :D Thanks again for your constant support; I think you were consistently the first person to review every chapter I posted, which is amazing!

Psshh are you kidding?! I would love to hear your idea for a songfic! I never have enough good ideas so I'm always open to suggestions. My email is: mktbug24@ (remove the space). Please email me with your idea and with any other questions/discussion points you have about the ending of the story.

Reviewer: siriusfxckingblack
Date: 10/01/09 17:53
Chapter: Stigmata

Your way with words is beautiful.

Reviewer: veron_25
Date: 09/21/09 4:11
Chapter: Kingdom Come

I love how you write Regulus throughout this whole chapter.
I feel so bad that only now he begins to live his own life.

for me, it seems that the qualities that sirius had to offer, that made regulus look up to him, were also qualities regulus could have offered, but he was just too afraid his entire life.

but yes, wonderful job! this is truly an amazing story and i cannot wait to read the rest.

Reviewer: ron lover
Date: 09/17/09 12:28
Chapter: Kingdom Come

I really love this chapter. There isn't anything that I don't like. In this sentence here:

I wasn’t surprised that I had discovered the boast so easily.

Did you mean boast or boat? If you did mean boast, then never mind then.

I love the part with The Death Eaters and the Muggles. I love how he thought about James and what he would do and then he acted. That was really great. I really love the characterization of the other Death Eaters. I think they were really good in that siruation. Alecto was my favorite.

I love the momories that Reg has when he drinks the stuff. I really like all of them, but my favorite one was at the Quiditch game. I really like all parts with Adele (however you spell it). The one where he hits that person when he was little was also great too.

I really like this chapter and I can't wait for the next one. I really want to know what happens next.

Reviewer: slytherin_princess_9
Date: 09/04/09 14:11
Chapter: Quantum Immortality

I think it is truly amazing that you are able to create a story that fits so seamlessly with canon and yet is very much your own. I can't wait for the rest. Beautiful job.

Reviewer: hestiajones
Date: 08/31/09 13:16
Chapter: Quantum Immortality

There is something about your writing that…I actually don’t know how to put it in words and say exactly what I want to say – it’s a silly contradiction where language fails to function for itself. But, let me try - there is something about it that sucks me into the story, moves me and makes me cry. I am irrevocably involved.

I am going to divide my review into two parts, one for each chapter.

Principles of Opposition

I like the way you use action in your fic. It is never hurried, even though it doesn’t come often. And when it does, it makes up for the absences. I really liked the scene with the Aurors. I think I was holding my breath along with James there. By the way, I think this is the closest that you came to the James I have in my mind – his protectiveness for Sirius has never been shown to this extent in this story before. What I loved most about this scene was Regulus’ escape – it was brilliant (literally or not lol). This shows us, once again, Regulus is not all about theorizing – he can do magic with the best of them.

Elise – I was a little unsure about the Elise in this chapter. In the chapter that you introduced her (Chapter 3, Cain and Abel), I got the feeling that she was going to be a piece of work, not as crazy as Bellatrix (she did express distaste at the torture), but surely a notch above the rest. Suddenly, I felt that she was less than I expected, as though she was just one of the Death Eater statistics.
“She traipsed placidly along, secure in the assurance that Lord Voldemort would take us to a suitable, if not desirable, location.”
This was one of the few parts which seemed in character for me, as it shows us about her idealization of Voldemort.

Gideon and Fabian – You wrote a great Gideon. At first, I wondered about Gideon not acknowledging Regulus, or being acquainted with him at least, seeing as pure-bloods like to stay in touch, and they are related by marriage. But, then, I remembered, Sirius and Molly did not seem that close in OOTP either. In any case, I think you try to stay as close to canon as possible (in fact, you have an ingenious was of weaving your way into and around it), so I thought Gideon being held for torture in the cellar without Fabian was a little odd. I thought they fought five Death Eaters and died then and there (Moody’s words). Then again, I think using Gideon was a good idea as we need someone significant being tortured in that cellar. Merlin! This para sounded like useless rambling.

Il Sombra – That part was fantastic. I can totally imagine Voldemort skipping the part where the woman tries remorse, or scoffing at her for it. Which is a kind of pity because in DH, Harry suggests he tries remorse, and he does not understand what the boy is trying to tell him. Guess he wasn’t paying attention. But this part again solidifies your characterization of Regulus; he hadn’t just stumbled into Voldemort and his Horcruxes (sadly, Rowling left me feeling thus), but he was actually aware of it before Kreacher returned from the episode in the cave.

Dumbledore – Your characterization of this spectacular character was just that – spectacular. This line:
“For a moment, Mister Black, I believed you to be your brother. Silly of me . . . I haven’t been quite up to standard lately. Fawkes, my phoenix, could tell you all about it.”

This line is classic Dumbledore – he says that he confused Regulus with Sirius, seemingly drawing attention to their sameness, but actually highlighting the difference! Another thing that I loved about him in that chapter is – he is actually giving Regulus a chance. Sadly, though, he hasn’t really got the whole picture, has he?

Quantum Immortality

I will always remember this chapter, especially the last part. Always. When I read about Sirius burning the letter, there were tears in my eyes (which was kind of embarrassing as I was still at office, and the person sitting next to me was like, “What happened?”).

I had a funny sensation while reading this chapter. Something like a rollercoaster ride that was unsure of its speed, and all the more better because of that. It started with the urgency of a mission, then slowed down as we moved on to Adele, then things accelerated with Sirius because then I knew, the end was too near and Regulus was going to act, and commit one last act of unsung bravery.

“Morality was an inexchangeable currency – no matter how much good you did, you couldn’t erase the bad, or even negate it.”

This line (or the thought behind it), I think, is the source of Regulus’ inner turmoil. He cannot, will not, ever forgive himself. He does not see himself deserving Sirius’ forgiveness, or Adele’s love. He thinks he is a coward, but really – to refuse what Sirius was offering him on a silver platter, a chance at forgiveness – to refuse that in order to destroy Voldemort, to leave his own bravery in obscurity forever more, is not that being the exact opposite of cowardice?

Reviewer: ron lover
Date: 08/30/09 9:47
Chapter: Quantum Immortality

This is definentaly my favorite chapter so far. I'm so gald that he figuard it out. Then ending is my favorite part of the chapter. I love everything that Sirius says to Reg. I pretty much love everything that happens in this chapter. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Reviewer: A H
Date: 08/29/09 11:27
Chapter: Principles of Opposition

I began reading this a month ago. I read the first six chapters in two days, and for each chapter I'd stop, open Word, and try to find even one word that would amount to what the story deserves. Annnd I still haven't found that word, or even just a few to follow it. But if I wait another month I'll just tell myself I can read and enjoy without telling you how much I enjoy it and that wouldn't be very good of me. At least not good for my conscious.

The physics confuse the hell out of me. Not gonna' lie, I don't understand a word of it. I fail at basic math. Don't ask me to multiply anything over 12 in my head, I just can't. For someone who fails so utterly at anything so complicated to be able to follow the prose is just amazing. I don't understand it, especially not this last bit about time travel and immorality by way of quantum physics, but I still . . . follow. My confusion hasn't detracted at all from being able to enjoy the narrations. Not a word of it is able to peep through understanding but Regulus' thoughts, emotions, actions-- I get that he gets it, and somehow that's all right. Considering I get aggravated with reading if something as simple and common as point of view is unclear, that means a lot more than it sounds like.

While on the subject of clarity, and if only for the fact that after 50,000 words it might be the only thing I can say I disliked, the end of Principals of Opposition was slightly unclear. The exchanges were so fast and so . . . filled with unspoken sentiments that were likely clear to people who understand what the blazing hell they were talking about that I couldn't keep up with a word of it. Dumbledore's intentions weren't clear; the meeting wasn't clear. Regulus went to him to find out why he was helping him uncover how he hid the Order, but without much spoken to that, they just discussed the possibility of immorality. Why? I can understand why two people who are obviously bleeping ingenious would want to chatter about the possibilities, but it just felt like they had strayed; from the point and from the scene. Why would Regulus be so willing to storm into one of the most dangerous places and give up on what he came for, simply because Dumbledore confused him? And I don't see Dumbledore's motive either. And I know that this has gone from feedback to whining, and I'm sorry, but I got lost.

Stepping away from the whining, this has got to be one of the best stories I've read, online or otherwise. The character development is superb, in both Regulus and Sirius, and the others. The difference in relationship -- between Regulus and Sirius -- is so drastic from the first chapter to the latest, and yet it doesn't feel . . . contrived. Every moment that passed, every incident that parted them, they hold just as much weight now as they did then, and (other than aforementioned circumstances) I haven't questioned a single thing. The concept of siblings being enemies always feel so materialistic. I resent my sister for numerous things and am honestly just severely annoyed with her, but I still love her. There's enmity there, but it's not real. It's just what happens between siblings. To portray such a strong enmity between the brothers, to make it go past the materialism of 90% of the world's sibling rivalries, in both rl and literature, is just absolutely fascinating and brilliantly done. And I'm not even counting the obvious here (the war, their different sides).

I'm sure you've heard it at least a hundred times now, but Regulus' character is just . . . more than a character, less than a man. Realistic, yes, but I don't think there's been one seen in which I've viewed him as whole, and I don't even know if I'm talking character-wise or human-wise. There's just something missing about him, something that's not there, that can't be seen or touched or explained, and I want to know what it is. Every trial he's gone through so far is worrying at his sustenance and although you've clearly portrayed him as a strong, vigilant person, it just feels like whatever this X factor is, it's slipping. And that makes absolutely no sense, but that's how I see him, and I can't find another way to tell you how much I love his character, so there you are.

I love you for the scene at the Ministry. (True love, yo.) So many fics portray the actions of the Ministry as fair and kind, and that the Aurors gave the benefit of the doubt and didn't harm a hair on the Death Eaters heads, and just . . . nononono. I will say that it might not have been at the extreme you've shown it, but your picture of the Ministry is far more believable than the one above. For Moody to so offhandedly order to kill school-aged children was slightly shocking, and horribly believable in that "yay, it's realistic, but boo, I can't believe he's just gonna' off them" way.

Rambleramblerambleramble. Honestly, Maddy, I'm trying not to squee, but this story is so wonderful and capturing and engrossing and interesting and thirty-five more synonyms that it's hard to find something to say that doesn't pale in comparison to the story. I can't wait until the next chapter. And update your signature! It was only by sheer luck that I thought to browse the most recent stories and you couldn't even imagine how high out of my chair I jumped when I saw a new chapter for this was up. =D


Reviewer: blacksisters3
Date: 08/29/09 0:20
Chapter: Cain and Abel

I found it offensive the Threesome and you talking about God. You wrote well but immaturely.

Reviewer: blacksisters3
Date: 08/29/09 0:20
Chapter: Cain and Abel

I found it offensive the Threesome and you talking about God. You wrote well but immaturely.

Author's Response: Oh no! D: I am very very sorry if you found that scene with the Death Eaters and the girl offensive. I truly didn't mean to offend anyone and I'm so sorry if it came across that way. I was merely trying to convey the depth of immorality and sadism the Death Eaters were able to drop to, and I was also trying to convey Regulus's absolute disgust and shock at those actions. I tried to write that scene and deal with such a terrible topic in a mature way, and I also meant to make it graphic enough to disgust readers, but not so graphic as to offend them personally. Again I'm very sorry if I offended you and i probably should have put a warning at the top of the chapter.

Also, you were offended about Regulus's view of God? If you don't mind saying, how so? Thanks for the review; I like to hear everyone's opinion about my story, even if it is negative. :)

Reviewer: blacksisters3
Date: 08/28/09 23:30
Chapter: Duality of Light

You are a really fantastic writer. You should take it seriously. This stuff.... It's amazing.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I'm really flattered that you think so, and it means a lot to me to get such an encouraging review. :)

Reviewer: linnealovegood
Date: 08/28/09 23:05
Chapter: Principles of Opposition

this is one of the best regulus based stories i've ever read. i happen to find him really fascinating. definitely keep writing. you capture his personality and conflict very well.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm really flattered by your comments. :) I think Regulus is one of the most fascinating and complex characters in the books, and I'm so glad you're enjoying my story about him. Thanks again and I hope you like the rest!

Reviewer: beena
Date: 08/27/09 15:18
Chapter: Colour and Sound

You are an amazing writer. The story's tone is so eerie throughout no matter what's occurring in the actual's so cool! Keep up the good work. I LOVE this story!

Author's Response: Oh wow, thank you! You have no idea how happy your comments made me. It's interesting that you think the tone is "eerie" haha, I didn't really mean for it to come out that way, but now that I look but on the story, I can see what you're saying. I guess Regulus just has an eerie way of thinking of things overall. Thanks again for your wonderful review!

Reviewer: ron lover
Date: 08/26/09 16:32
Chapter: Principles of Opposition

I really love this chapter. I really like when he tortured the Prewett guy, but not in the way that I like people being tortured. It was just very well written. I really love where this story is going. The characters are amazing in this. I really love Regulus in it. The this between Sirius and Reg was great. I love it when they are against each other. I really can't wait to read what happens next.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Lol, I get what you're saying about the torture scene. Yes, the Regulus/Sirius dynamic was one of my favorite things to write in this story, becuase it's really interesting that the same household could have produced two drastically different brothers. Thanks again for the review, and I'll try to post the next chapter soon! :D

Reviewer: fg_weasley
Date: 08/20/09 23:11
Chapter: Stigmata

Maddy! Hello! :D

So, after a long, long, far too long space of time, I am finally back to read and review chapter five. This one, as you know, was a long one, but it was so totally worth every word, my dear.

I absolutely love the beginning, of course. The way you describe Regulus’ state of mind at the time is simply astounding. I mean, I know how it should be from a scientific, psychological standpoint, but you wrote it in prose wonderfully. I especially liked all the mentions of the triggers from that night, because it not only served to bring the memories back to Regulus, but it brought the memories back to me as the reader. Because it was just a word or an image and you didn’t elaborate, I found myself thinking about that scene again and why those certain things brought back vivid pictures to Regulus.

I was a little iffy on the scene with Sirius and McGonagall, to be honest. For the most part, it felt all right, but when McGonagall suggested the hangover cure, and then followed with the mention of a hope that was too much of Sirius coming to her class sober, I was a little skeptical. If Sirius frequented McGonagall’s class in any state but sober, wouldn’t she give him detention, or at least be more cross with him? I felt that McGonagall’s characterization there was just a little sketchy.

The scene with Voldemort was another great one. You know by now how I adore your descriptions, similies, and metaphors, and here you did not disappoint. Each word felt like the perfect choice; from the description of a brain itself to the images of Voldemort going through Regulus, as you so perfectly put it, ‘like a cheap catalogue’. It all came together really well and made the scene very vivid to me. Honestly, I couldn’t bear to stop reading, something I can scarcely remember ever happening while reading fanfiction.

Your Voldemort feels … slightly different than JKRs, but not in a bad way. I think yours just seems like a magnified version of hers, but I like it. It is perfectly in character for him to want to prove that he is the highest, the best, the most powerful, and you certainly showed that, and you showed it well. Yet at the same time … he then proceeds to ask Regulus to explain something to him, and it made me think that perhaps the show of altering Reg’s memories of Adele, of scaring Reg out of his mind, was meant for more than that. I took it as not only to jolt Regulus into a fear that won’t question orders, but also almost like a defense mechanism for Voldemort, as a way for him to feel better about the task he has set Regulus. It is his way of showing both Regulus and himself that he is indeed the most powerful, before he does something as humbling (though, I also imagine that after Voldemort was through, he no longer felt it a humbling act, thus he had succeeded in his intentions) as asking for an explanation from a eighteen-year-old, albeit brilliant, wizard.

And, of course, your Regulus. I envy your Regulus, I honestly do. I don’t think I’ve ever read a fanfiction that has yet brought a character, any character, to such life, but your Regulus really feels absolutely human. I really can’t find words enough to tell you how wonderful and absolutely alive you have written him.

Regulus Black didn’t usually get angry. He got a lot of other things. Sometimes he got depressed, and sometimes he got worried, but anger was an emotion he left to Sirius.

I really liked this bit of characterization, both for Sirius and Regulus, because it is so true. I liked that you touched on this particular contrast between them. Also, Voldemort’s description of Regulus, when he said that a part of him really craved the death and destruction, was one of my favorite points as well. I find its something people often want to forget with Regulus – they make him out to be a hero, because he ‘tried to be’ at the end. I really loved that you touched on this absolutely Slytherin quality within him, because I do think he was a true Slytherin, but because of how it ended people want to make him much more of a Gryffindor. I was really pleased to see that you had given us a trait that could very well be true, but that was so utterly unlikable, and that I am sure some people wouldn’t want to believe he could have. I, however, think its great that you added that because it further humanizes him, but it also sort of de-humanizes him, if you know what I mean. Really, in essence, it makes him real, but he has such qualities, and he acknowledges them, even if at the same time the fact that they exist within him disgusts him. You have really made Regulus into a complex human being, and that is what I love most about this fic as a whole.

Then the scene shifts and we see a new side of Regulus, but one that works just the same. He tells her that he is a different person around her, and as I read the scene I can see that it is absolutely true. The way you write them together is wonderful; it warms my heart, but not in an overly fluffy, mushy way. I really can’t help but love them together. The way you have written their relationship, where the reader sees almost nothing of the two of them and yet everything, doesn’t often work, but here you have made it work wonderfully. Even with what little we actually see of the pair, and even though there is a lot of Regulus telling the reader that he is in love with Adele, when they are together I can really see that it is true. That, my dear, is talent.

One thing, though, that was a small spot of confusion to me – his age. At one point you mention that a birthday has passed, so I assumed he was seventeen. Yet then his age is said to be eighteen at one point, and then seventeen again at another.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever read so many words and have it felt like so few, not in fanfiction, and the very least. You are a gifted woman, my dear, and I am truly horribly envious.

P.S. Reading this fic always makes me miss Psychology so much. :[ I wish to be back in that class again. But, at least I have this fic to read. :]


nikki :D

Author's Response: Hello Nikki! First of all thanks for this incredible review, as usual. As always, you hit the nail on the head with most of your insights. :D

I'm glad you liked the beginning passage; I wrote it much later than all of the other stuff in this chapter, but I really like as well and of course, psyhological triggers are a must!

Ahh, yeah, my beta didn't really like that McGonagall scene either. >.> But of course, I was too stubborn to take it out. Believe it or not, it was actually worse before my beta informed me McGonagall was OOC; I changed it, but maybe I should have made her a little harsher with him. I guess by "sober" I didn't mean drunk, I meant hungover... which is only slightly better than drunk, but I think probably more excusable in McGonagall's eyes. In any case, you're probably right that she should have given him detention at least.

Ah, Voldemort. I really wanted to make terrifying in that scene, like pathologically terrifying, like Hannibal Lecter status. And I think you're so dead on with your explanation of Voldemort's motives for terrifying Regulus. He really hates asking people for favors, and if you notice, he does even "ask" Regulus, he just commands him to do it. He hates admitting that someone might have a talent that he doesn't possess himself, and hates "humbling" himself even more, that's the perfect word.

About the scene where Voldemort tells Regulus that he loves killing and "purging the race of filth." Regulus does fall apart at Voldemort's words, and he believes with all his heart that they are true -- that he's a monster, that he's a ruthless killer, and that he can't escape because he doesn't really want to. Now, as you may or may not have noticed, Regulus tends to have a very innaccurate perception of himself, and he looks at himself more judgementally and more negatively than anyone else ever would. Now since it's told from his perspective, a lot of readers (like you), may fall into the trap of seeing Regulus as he sees himself. But I hope to convey, at least by the end of the story, that Regulus isn't at all what he thinks he is. I won't give it away any more, but don't always believe to what Regulus thinks is the cold hard truth haha. :)

Ah, Regulus and Adele. I was really looking for a new dynamic in a romantic relationship, and I think her hemophilia helped me discover a viable one. Since they get really limited story time I did try to convey that he loved her in that really quiet way that's typical of him. I think even though Adele is physically weak she's strong deep down, like Regulus, and that's why they get along so well. I'm soo used to writing love/hate relationships (closer to your Honor/Regulus dynamic) that this was really hard to make interesting and passionate, but I'm so glad you like it. As for his age, I'm fairly sure he's 18 at this point. and his birthday's in February (in my story world), so he would have turned 18 after St. Giles. I can't remember where I said he was 17 but I very well could have made a mistake like that. XD

I miss Psychology too! I can't wait to go back and start taking Psych classes again :D Well thanks so much for this incredible review! Like I told another reviewer, I feel like a little kid on Christmas every time I get a review for this story! It's really silly but I do :D

Reviewer: hestiajones
Date: 07/24/09 2:58
Chapter: The Chaos Theory

Now that you praised my last review so much, I feel as if I have a standard to live up to. :D

Like I said earlier, I am really happy that you gave Regulus not only personality, but also an intense vitality. His story, as told in the books, is almost like a puddle on the roadside; a large number of readers hardly feel the need to try its depth. A puddle is a puddle is a puddle. Yet they can’t really be blamed because the only two characters who actually give us some knowledge of the man are Sirius and Kreacher, both of whom divide the world in black and white.

I think Rowling sort of intentionally left him in the mercy of her readers. She paints her world in a vibrant array of colors. If there is a Molly Weasley and a Bellatrix Lestrange, there is a Dolores Umbridge and an Augusta Longbottom. Regulus was (another repetition), I feel the perfect foil to Draco and Barty. All of them are three rich pure-blood wizards raised with strict principles and by dominating, and consequently, imperfect parents. Their main aim in life was to prove themselves, to throw themselves into a blinding light for all to see, away from the shadows of their fathers or brothers who so imposingly stood tall before them. However, they were not really the same- Draco was cowardly, Barty was clearly courageous in spite of his revolting cunning and barbarity, while Regulus had, as you succinctly put it, “a quiet sort of bravery.” It shows us in the way she tells us the story of his redemption. His defeat of Voldemort was a hushed and personal affair. It was almost as if Rowling was giving us a clue of how Regulus must have been in real life- intelligent, determined, and independent but also, I daresay, irresistibly conscientious. He was taking his revenge not only for the pains Kreacher had suffered, but for the far more indelible scars his own servitude to Voldemort had left on him, for all the dashed dreams and illusory ideals.

And I think with Rowling, everything tends boils down to parentage (or lack of it) in the end. She made a humongous effort to show us a wide variety of fathers and mothers. She said somewhere that Arthur Weasley was the best father in the entire series. I say he was the best parent. Molly was a great mother but the standards she set for her children took their toll on some of them, like Percy and Ron. I am bringing up this point because your portrayal of the Black couple runs parallel to this theme (This is a point I left out in the previous review. Sorry!). Walburga and Orion expect too much of their sons and both crack up. One runs away from his home, his hatred for his parents irrevocable and irreversible; the other is forced to stay back to parrot their beliefs as well as compensate for the lost son. You put the spotlight on this battle of willpower time and again, successfully proving without so much as pointing it out in words, the consequences of bad parentage.

Err…the review already looks like an essay and I haven’t even got to your latest update. Sorry about that.

The sudden shift in tone and pace caught me by surprise. Now, there was an urgency of purpose very unlike how Regulus had felt when Bellatrix asked him to join the Death Eaters. Stripped of all illusions, he knows his life is hanging by a thread now. A deadline is set for a near-impossible task and Regulus…does not care as much as he should. Which is actually something I like him for. The difference between him and his brother is once again thrown into sharp relief. He is less reckless, more methodical.

I marveled at his predicament. Seriously. He must either fathom Dumbledore’s brilliant mind or Voldemort’s. And he gives the higher priority to the more deadly one. Here, I want to congratulate your beta reader; your Voldemort is just so believable and seductive. I love the fact that someone other than Dumbledore, one who makes his conclusion with immeasurable wisdom, is studying the intricate nature of Voldemort’s mind. Especially since that someone shares a more intimate relationship with the man.

I also loved the way you provided glimpses of the Order. It is interesting to see them working through a non-member’s perspective. Peter is already a double-agent, isn’t he? Stinking rat! The fact that Regulus isn’t aware of this makes me sad somehow. It would have saved his brother a lot of trouble later.

And what a cliffhanger! I can’t wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for another amazing review! Don't worry about trying to live up to your last review, yours are always wonderful. :) I'm really flattered that you describe Regulus as having an "intense vitality." Looking back at the finished story, I worry that he didn't have enough personality, and didn't make enough definitive decisions on his own, without being pushed into it. I think he's a little more assertive in the second half of the story, though. Aw, he was never a puddle to me. I remember I started writing a one-shot about each of the Black cousins, and the one I got stuck on was Regulus. I couldn't write anything about him, because he seemed to complex to me. Eventually the one-shot turned into this. XD

It's interesting that you mentioned the way in which J.K. Rowling told Regulus's story. I agree with what you said -- it was almost brushed to the side, like an act of supreme bravery that no one ever knew about. I think that was one of the main things that fascinated me about Regulus's story... the fact that he did this thing and never felt the need to tell anyone about it. It wasn't for attention or any sort of pu,pblic redemption. It was a private redemption he wanted; he was squaring with himself. I think the saddest part of the whole story is that Sirius died never knowing that his brother was a hero, and a very good person. Sirius's opinion of his brother in OotP convinces me that he never knew his brother's true convictions.

Parents were a really important theme in the Harry Potter series, largely because Rowling lost her mother right as she began the series. :( I definitely tried to continue that theme, as you mentioned. Also, I'm a psychology major, so that might be part of it too. :P Yes, I'm fairly convinced that the Black parents were fairly terrible... not Orion so much, who was merely negligent in my mind, but Walburga, who was a vicious fanatic of the worst sort. Sirius reflects that terrible upbringing with his heavy drinking, his womanizing, and his reckless disregard for rules, not to mention an addiction to adrenaline. Regulus reflects it with his blind obedience, his cowardly demeanor, and a deep mistrust of himself. Parent-child relationships are fascinating to me, and I guess it shows in this story. :D I'm glad you noticed a change in tone and immediacy, because I meant for Regulus to become increasingly more paranoid, more desperate, as the story went on. I think the reason he doesn't care as much as he should is because you're starting to see the first signs of him losing his rationality and his perspective of the world. Thanks, about the Order. They always fascinated me too and it was hard not to write more about them in this story lol! Yes, Peter is already a double agent, the fool. I don't even think Regulus knew his name sadly... :( He was a very plain and talentless boy from what I understand, definitely not 007 material like oh say Sirius. ;) And do you think Regulus would have told Sirius that Peter was a double agent? I'm not so sure... he was a double agent of sorts as well. But probably in the end he would tell his brother, you're right.

Thanks again for the incredible reviews... they make my day, really they do. I act like a little kid on Christmas whenever I get a lengthy review, so thank you! :D

Reviewer: ron lover
Date: 07/15/09 21:08
Chapter: The Chaos Theory

I really like this chapter. I like how he did the thing of Voldemort in the begining. Isn't Florean’s in Diagon Alley though? Or does to path lead to Diagon Alley somehow? Besides that, I really like this chapter. I think it's funny that Lily kept almost saying important stuff. There is a lot more stuff that I liked but I dont have time to say it. I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Omg, you're right! For some reason I was thinking that Florean's was in Diagon Alley, and it's in Hogsmeade. Thanks for pointing that out... i don't think I can change it now because it's integral to the story, but oi, how embarrassing! Well, in any case, I'm glad you liked the chapter and thanks for your review! :)

Reviewer: ron lover
Date: 06/10/09 15:54
Chapter: Colour and Sound

I can't wait to see what happens next. I absolutly love this story.

Author's Response: Thank you! :D The next chapter's already in the queue, so you won't have to wait long.

Reviewer: SimpleMinds
Date: 06/10/09 12:29
Chapter: Stigmata

Wow. Such an intense fic! Really impressed.
I think that the way Regulus and Sirius's relationship deteriorated was very well handled, and the way Regulus's regret almost consumed him was very believable too.

Btw, did you see the closing quotation in A Darkling Plain(Phillip Reeve) by any chance? 'Tis an awesome book if you didn't.

Author's Response: Thank you! I love your choice of words (Regulus's regret almost consuming him), because that's exactly what I wanted to convey. I just wanted to accurately depict the mindset of somebody who is SO SORRY for what they've done in the past. No, that's not where I got the quote! I took it straight from the poem, actually. I'll look up that book, though, as any book that has that quote at the end of it is bound to be wonderful. Thanks for the review and the recommendation! :)

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