Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 09/30/14 17:35
Chapter: Prologue - How they met.

I liked this. I wish you'd written more. I'll always wonder which woman was supposed to have Sirius' baby:D

Reviewer: ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor
Date: 04/03/10 18:28
Chapter: Prologue - How they met.

Haha, Carole, you cheeky thing!

I can't believe I didn't find this the last time I trolled your author page. You should write a new chapter every time a new movie comes out. I'm sure some mod will let you. This story is hilarious.

I love how you used every stereotype in the book to make the Marauders so wonderfully ridiculous. I especially adore Sirius the Sex!God. He is just such a doll. :D

Not sure if Rosalie is bitchy enough, but then again, there were 'supposed' to be further chapters. I was waiting for her to kick one of the Marauders in the junk, lol.

All in all, this was brilliantly funny, and I'm glad you pointed it out. I wish I'd read it sooner.


Jess :D

Author's Response: Ah, well you see this was supposed to be their love-child's styory. Rosalburga Aphrodte Black (RAB) who had a magical sp[arkly fingernail ... or something. She goes to Hogwarts, seduces Teddy Lupin and is strangely beautiful as only an America Exchange Mary-Sue can be. I was actually worried that the vamps weren't sparkly enought *frets*

Reviewer: 94Hippogriffs
Date: 03/25/10 0:09
Chapter: Prologue - How they met.


Author's Response: thank you. Sorry, only just seen this.

Reviewer: theawesomeness
Date: 05/02/09 16:42
Chapter: Prologue - How they met.


Author's Response: I'm not sure they were sparkly enough to be in character ....

Reviewer: Lady Lloyd
Date: 04/29/09 14:32
Chapter: Prologue - How they met.

wow awesome... looking forward to reading more =]

Author's Response: It's reviews like this that make me think i should be continuing this - perhaps on some plnet Twitternet far far away. I am please you enjoyed it, it was just supposed to be a laugh but it seems to have legs!

Reviewer: Rikku
Date: 04/29/09 10:56
Chapter: Prologue - How they met.

This was actually funny! I had completely ignored the twitternet fics but thought I'd check at least one of them out before they all disappeared into a black hole..!
Anyway, I think you totally caught the Mary-Sue-ness of the vamps. It was hilarious to see Alice described as annoying with the 'I knew you were going to say that. I just knew it' - thing. Good job! :D

Author's Response: Thank you. As you guessed it was a definite joke. I don't think I could write a serious crossover, let alone a Twilight fic. Sadly, this little fic had far more reviews than a lot of other stuff LOL. Ta for reviewing. Carole xxx

Reviewer: Kantaka
Date: 04/28/09 11:30
Chapter: Prologue - How they met.

That was quite fun to read.

Even thought I must admit I never read anything of Mrs. Meyer...

I liked seeing the Marauders misbehaving like in the old days once again.

Sirius' ending statement was very amusing!!

Author's Response: Thank you. It was fun to write as I can't often get away with total cliches in normal fics. Sirius is such a player. Carole xxx

Reviewer: All_things_fiction
Date: 04/20/09 17:02
Chapter: Prologue - How they met.

Its funny, its good, I like it!!!

Author's Response: ta lots

Reviewer: All_things_fiction
Date: 04/20/09 15:55
Chapter: Prologue - How they met.

Its funny, its good, I like it!!!

Author's Response: yay - me too

Reviewer: rosemerta
Date: 04/13/09 22:36
Chapter: Prologue - How they met.

great premise! im very interested now.i'd love to see how cocky player sirius handles himself with the awesomely hot and ferocious cullen men.

Author's Response: Oh, ummm... thank you for the review but I'm not sure the story's really going anywhere as it was written as a joke. Plus I doubt Twitternet will survive beyond April. I did enjoy writing it because I adore Sirius so much. Carole xxx

p.s. Siius could totally take those Cullen men. :-p

Reviewer: Nitwit Blubber Oddment Tweak x
Date: 04/06/09 18:51
Chapter: Prologue - How they met.

*wipes tear*
I love this...
“Padfoot, old chum,” said James. “I hate to break it to you, but we’re dead, mate."
Brilliant (:
And mmmm; Sirius Black...
*goes into day-dream*
After all, once you go Black you never go back ;D

Author's Response: *giggles*

I do love Sirius - he's such a player. I doubt a little obstacle like death would stop him. I'm now wondering whether I should be writing the rest...

Reviewer: ProfPosky
Date: 04/06/09 11:41
Chapter: Prologue - How they met.

Very interesting. But I think I like Sirius, despite bad hair in that last movie, much more than Rosalie...

Author's Response: Mmm, well don't we all. I can't be the only one hoping he'll jump through the veil to find me... Thank you for the review, you never know, next year I might be able to write the whole thing. Carolexxx

Reviewer: ProfPosky
Date: 04/06/09 11:41
Chapter: Prologue - How they met.

Very interesting. But I think I like Sirius, despite bad hair in that last movie, much more than Rosalie...

Author's Response: Thea, I'm responding to this a long time later. Actually it's a duplicate review but I thought I'd drop you a line anyway. How are you?

Reviewer: x0molly
Date: 04/03/09 15:03
Chapter: Prologue - How they met.

Despite the fact I:
a) Don't like Twilight all that much
b) Don't like Twilight fanfiction AT ALL
c) Don't like crossover fics
d) Hate reading things that aren't completed...

I enjoyed this a bit more than I'm willing to admit to myself. Because Sirius is adorable.
And who doesn't like the afterlife?

Funny. :)

Author's Response: Ha ha! I'm glad you enjoyed it despite the fact that you don't like anything in it except Sirius (aww, c'mon, James and Remus are okay, aren't they.)

This was, as I'm sure you guessed, written very tongue-in-cheek. I don't think I could write a serious crossover fiction if I tried, or even a Twilight one. I don't think it will ever get completed, unless some mad fanfiction crossover god deems it so... Ta, lots. Carole xxx

Reviewer: Phia Phoenix
Date: 04/02/09 5:56
Chapter: Prologue - How they met.

*deadpan face*

Carole, me love, this was awesome. I can totes see Miss Roseburger (or whatever her name is) growing up to seduce Teddy, then go back in time to become the original RAB, afterwards crossing into the Twiverse and - naturally - starting a cross-species war because she's so bee-oo-tiful and smart and special and Mary-Sueish and ANNOYING (much like her aunt Bella) and then finally causing epic gasp by bringing said aunt back into the HPverse and Bella Swan becomes BELLATRIX LESTRANGE IN DISGUISE!

*is considering stealing this plot bunny for herself*


XD Well done, Carole. *hugs*

Author's Response: OMGG! Squeeelz, I luv u. You think I'm just like Stephie .. EEEEK!

Rosalburga (mixtue of Rosalie and Walburga - see it's all canon!)could try to break up Teddy and Victoire by being an evil genius. Then she discovers the Resurrection Stone and brings Voldemort back to life so he can get together with... GASP! I didn't think of Bellatrix Lestrange as Bella Swann. Voldy/Bella 4eva2geva

Oh this has been fun, Thank you.

Carole xxx

Reviewer: Cascia
Date: 04/01/09 22:40
Chapter: Prologue - How they met.

Ok I guess that in all fun this story would be REALLY funny to see continued. So if the mods were to let you continue it it would be a good story.

Author's Response: Thank-you. I'm not sure there's enough mileage left in the joke though. Although, Rosalburga Aphrodite Black... RAB... now that's a good tale. :D

Reviewer: Afifa
Date: 04/01/09 22:16
Chapter: Prologue - How they met.

CAROLE! :D I think one of the mods read the comment I left on the FB note... ;p Sirius-ly. You have this fic up on MNFF. Awesome. :D

I love it. But then you already know that. And I can't even make the heart sign other wise the rest of the review won't appear. >.> I'm rambling now, aren't I? :$ I look forward to reading the *next chapters*. ;) On TWG. XD


- Afifa

Author's Response: Afifa MY FAN! Hmmm, TWG, possibly. I like Rosalburga now, she's so darn perfect. I can't believe I've had more reviews for this than my new one-shot. (precisely none!). hee hee. thank you

Reviewer: ahattab33
Date: 04/01/09 21:12
Chapter: Prologue - How they met.

Oh my goodness this was awesome. It was extremely amusing and I would actually look forward to reading more

Author's Response: Hmmm, actually their child could be interesting, in a weird way. NO! I can't go own that route... (or can I?)

Reviewer: roaringruthie125
Date: 04/01/09 17:45
Chapter: Prologue - How they met.

Oh jeez this is hysterical... good job :) funniest thing I've read in a while :)

Author's Response: *snortyness..* Ahh, I don't think it's here anymore.

Reviewer: armagod679
Date: 04/01/09 17:26
Chapter: Prologue - How they met.

This would probably be funnier if I actually read Twilight.

Author's Response: Ummm, probably... I think you need to understand the sheer Mary-Sueness of the Vamps and also Alice. Now... should I be continuing this, if so... where?

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