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Reviewer: CoolCatElly
Date: 08/10/10 17:01
Chapter: Chapter 2

Yay, Chapter 2
I love how you manage to start this chapter with such a simple act as folding socks, which is just a perfect moment of characterisation. I can’t help but think of Harry, who, at the start of each year, just kind of throws everything into a pile at the bottom : -)

I have to say I also had a bit of a laugh when I read about him re-packing the trunk 5 times, I keep thinking about the similarities between him and Hermione. It just goes to show, doesn’t it? They both have strong OCD tendencies, and yet they turn out so differently. I also found the fact that he thinks plants are boring very in character and funny! Of course he wouldn’t consider Herbology a “serious, academic” subject, in the same way in which he finds the idea of a “ball being thrown at him” quite unpleasant.

And of course, poor Percy also feels overshadowed. I never really thought of him as being slightly intimidated by strong personalities like Fred and George, but I can really see that in effect here. It makes me wonder if that impatient, rude facade he puts on when addressing them in the books later in his life is really just him trying to prove that he’s better than them after feeling inferior when he was little. Wow, I love all the character insight here Emma!

This line was perfection: I guess if I can’t be them, then I’ll be the total opposite of them - that way, no-one can compare me to them.
Love love love.
The ending was sweet too.

Love you dear

Author's Response: Hi Elene! Thanks for dropping by so quickly again :)

I actually don't know how to respond to this review. You just get it, you know? Wow :)

Mmm, Percy does struggle with her brothers. He probably admires Bill the most, as Bill is what Percy feels he should be like; clever, did fantastic in school, but is still cool and likeable and is easy to get on with. Percy, while similar in the academic aspects, doesn't have the same, natural sociable qualities. Rather than accepting these differences, he tortures himself, always comparing himself to his brothers, always wishing he could be more. I'm so glad that above all, you like Percy's characterisation, and think it's believable.

I will write more chapters! You've inspired me now. Thank you again, Elly. Your reviews mean a lot to me. Love you :)


Reviewer: CoolCatElly
Date: 08/10/10 16:47
Chapter: Chapter 1

Hi there
First off, I think the concept you chose here – of Percy as a 10 year old – is very interesting. I think you captured his voice perfectly, and took a great deal of care to include details which would make him uniquely “Percy”. You also managed to make him sound like a little kid while still keeping that mature too-old-and-responsible-for-his-years vibe that he must have had, almost like Hermione at that age. I enjoyed seeing him as the one who was anxious about being neat, on time and organised, as opposed to his parents in the chaotic Weasley household. Your stories always blend flawlessly into canon, and this one is no exception :-)

Something you wrote here which came as a bit of a revelation to me was that you gave Percy motives for being the way he is when we see him in later books. I never thought that it might have all started with him, as a little boy, wanting to follow in his brother and dad’s footsteps. It’s something he shares with Ron, surprisingly, and not something I’ve thought about much up to this point.

The end of this chapter adds a whole new layer and dimension to his character, and just does to show that the road to hell starts with good intentions after all. I enjoyed seeing him as just a boy who wants to be great for all the right reasons, but somewhere along the way, his priorities changed and he started caring more about the power and prestige his accomplishments brought to himself than what it brought to the Weasley name.

Well done love

Author's Response: Hey Elly :)

I'm so glad you thought Percy's voice was handled well. That was something I really wanted to get right, as I did want iy to have that 'child' element, but still sounding Percy-ish.

Yes, I do think Percy and Ron are alike in that manner. Essentially, their characters are different, but they do share than innate desire - in my opinion, anyway. I think, while Percy does indeed know he is clever, he's also deeply insecure, which leads him to come across as stuffy, pretentious and snooty.

Thank you so much for all of your lovely compliments! I think the best one was just the fact that you truly got what I was going for when writing this story. Your words have really spurred me on to finish this now.


Reviewer: Sagen
Date: 08/08/09 12:17
Chapter: Chapter 1

Hey Emma.
I erally love this story so far.
I think it's cool how it's about Percy and how he turned from a eager little kid to a serious man. I never read anything like it I love it.
Percy is one of my favourite characters (along with Charlie). :)

Author's Response: Hey Gen, Thanks a lot! I just figured that Percy doesn't get a lot of credit for who he really is (or, maybe, who I suspect he really is). He's not the most lovable character out there, but he's interesting. And as you said, he's not the most popular character to write about - and I love writing about those kind of characters :]

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