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Name: Buisness_Idea (Signed) · Date: 03/22/17 0:52 · For: The Trials of Severus Snape
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Name: Snorkack (Signed) · Date: 09/04/12 21:04 · For: The Trials of Severus Snape
Very funny story! But armagod679 is right, he couldn't have known, or he'd have told Dumbldore - and D. definitely didn't know, he says so at the end of PoA!

Name: Flexvelftedly (Signed) · Date: 10/26/11 13:40 · For: The Trials of Severus Snape
Good day!

I've recently discovered excellent


Name: WeasleyTriplet (Signed) · Date: 12/16/10 11:46 · For: The Trials of Severus Snape
This was fantastic! Brilliant insight on Snape, and I LOVED the "Professor..." "Snape," bit. It was great!

Author's Response:

Thank you very much for your review. Forgive the delayed reply but I've not been onsight for a long while. I', glad you enjoyed the grumpy Professor's run-in with our favourite twins!


M :)

Name: thesmart1 (Signed) · Date: 06/16/10 22:30 · For: The Trials of Severus Snape
Ahahaha, this is brilliant! you do Snape excellently, by the way. Very funny, I enjoyed it a lot. I liked how you expressed Snape's thoughts on all the different people in his life. The "Professor...' "Snape.." thing was also epic =D

Author's Response:

Hello thesmart1,

so sorry it's taken so long to reply, but I've been having technical problems with my computer, then trying to access the site (nightmare).

I'm thrilled you liked Snape's internal monologue so much! I'd never written him before, though I'd read a lot of fanfics with him featured. But I'd never read a humorous one from his pov, and the thought of crawling inside his mind and getting his opinions on his peers (and students) was too irrisistible! Of course, adding the Diseasley twins was a must. I imagine they really got up his (enormous) nose in class, what with their pranking and smart mouths!

Thanks very much for R & R-ing,

Kara's Aunty :)


Name: missdanalu (Signed) · Date: 04/16/10 15:20 · For: The Trials of Severus Snape
I enjoyed this, thank you!

Author's Response:

Hello missdanalu,

well, I'm glad to hear it! Trying to get inside Snape's sarcastic, convoluted mind was quite a lot of fun, so I'm really glad you enjoyed the result!

Thanks for R & R-ing,

Kara's Aunty :)

Name: Crazycow89 (Signed) · Date: 12/30/09 2:20 · For: The Trials of Severus Snape
That is such a great story. It really made me laugh.

Author's Response:

Hello Crazycow89,

wow, thanks! Didn't think I'd get any more reviews for this (because it's a few months old), so yours was a pleasant surprise. I'm thrilled to know it's still entertaining readers. Hope you had a really good chortle at poor Snape's expense (don't worry, I'm sure he's used to it).

Thanks for R & R-ing, you really made my day,

Kara's Aunty :)

Name: Saif (Signed) · Date: 11/19/09 7:47 · For: The Trials of Severus Snape
I had not one giggle, but several! You're brilliant at writing humour, you know that?!

Author's Response:

Hello Salf,

it warms the cockles of my heart to know that you liked this too! This was my first attempt at Severus and I was a bit anxious about getting his characterisation & biting sarcasm just right. I think I managed not too bad - but at the expense of a rather silly canon slip :(

Oh, well. That's what I get for being cocky!

Nevertheless, I'm honoured that you think I have such a talent for writing humour - it's lovely to hear that :)

Thanks for R & R-ing. I hope to afford you more giggles in the future!

 M :) 

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 10/21/09 15:53 · For: The Trials of Severus Snape
That was pretty funny and I do like Christmas stories. I can see Snape behaving this way. I think you got the Weasley twins down right too with them finishing each other's sentences. It was funny when Molly called him "Severus Dear:) Very entertaining.

Author's Response:

Hello Fynnsmom,

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Snape as Scrooge struck me as funny at the time I wrote this because he has such a 'Bah, humbug!' frame of mind (all year round) and I had to wonder what might elicit as smile from him at Christmas...

It seems that as long as he's handing out detentions, he's as happy as he can ever be!

Poor Fred and George.

Thanks for the feedback. It's good to know this wee fic is still making people smile!


Kara's Aunty :)

Name: Magical Maeve (Signed) · Date: 09/16/09 14:03 · For: The Trials of Severus Snape
You have managed a wonderfully accurate Snape here... and I am a hard woman to please where Severus Snape is concerned! I love his meanderings as he contemplates the complete nastiness of children. Anyone that can write from the inside of Snape's head with such scathing accuracy deserves to be congratulated - so, congratulations, my dear. Lovely one shot - Snape, in character, in the Humour catageory. It's a rare treat.

Author's Response:

Hello Magical Maeve,

gosh, I'm honoured! Not only because it's a lovely review, but it's a review from Staff member! I feel like asking for your autograph, or something :)

I had a lot of fun trying to crawl inside Snape's head and imagining what he thought of the little blighters that ruined his working life. He's so deliciously dry, so wonderfully sarcastic, so completely anti-social that I enjoyed myself a bit too much writing him and made a bit of a canon error half-way through the fic because of it! Didn't even realise I'd done it until it was pointed out to me and I was seriously tempted to yank the fic and redo it (that's how much I loathe canon errors).

However, it stayed as it is, and, thankfully, not too many others have noticed the faux pas!

Thanks VERY much for reading and reviewing (a Staff member - I'm so honoured!). I'm delighted my version of Snape pressed all the right buttons with you!


M :) 

Name: Trucker (Signed) · Date: 09/07/09 0:00 · For: The Trials of Severus Snape
I'm also uncertain as to Snape's knowledge of the Marauder's Animagus forms, but I do think you scored a bull's-eye on his character!

Author's Response:

Hello Trucker,

yeah, I slipped up there, didn't I? *shakes head in irritation at herself*.

Never mind.

At least his characterisation seems to be closer to pat than I'd hoped for (phew). Glad you enjoyed.


Thanks for R & R-ing,


Kara's Aunty ;)

Name: ProfPosky (Signed) · Date: 09/03/09 18:26 · For: The Trials of Severus Snape
Well, I'd say you've made him snarky enough, all right. A regular Scrooge, in fact. I love the way he managed to give the boys a punishment in front of Molly. I really don't think he'd get away with using that potion on Granger, or that he would try - I may be naive, but I think that would be beneath him.

Besides, she'd only resort to throwing her hand higher in the air and scribbling her answers on notepaper...surely he must know that...

Author's Response:

Hello ProfPosky,

glad you enjoyed Snape's sarky wit! And also the twins' punishment - that seems to be going down quite well with readers, so I'll need to thank my muse for that!

I see your point about him not using the potion on Hermione - but I don't necessarily agree with it. After all, he spent years picking on Harry, not to mention his consistent, outrageous and completely inexplicable bullying of Neville. If he can act with such unfounded hostility against a child, I really don't think using a (relatively harmless) potion on a student who irritates him is beneath him.

However, take heart - I don't believe he would have concocted the potion just to use it on poor Hermione. Testing its effectiveness on her would merely have been an added bonus... *chuckle*

Thanks very much for R & R-ing, m'dear,


Kara's Aunty ;)

Name: rambkowalczyk (Signed) · Date: 09/03/09 17:15 · For: The Trials of Severus Snape
What better Christmas could Snape hope for? Amusing read.

Author's Response:

Hello rambkowalczyk,

Indeed. A very Measly Weasley Christmas for our favourite Prof. Glad you had a chuckle!


Kara's Aunty :)

Name: armagod679 (Signed) · Date: 09/01/09 16:17 · For: The Trials of Severus Snape
Trust me, your Snape is perfect. I love how you got every angle of his personality into the story. My only issue is that Snape didn't know that James and Sirius were Animagi at Christmas of PoA. Although the references were funny, I do not believe they fit in canon. Other than that, it was perfect.

Author's Response:

Hello armagod679,

Oops. Technical slip on my part that I really should have caught. That'll irritate me forever now. Oh, well. Can't change it now without stuffing up a good part of the story (unless I pretend he learned about it somehow from Dumbledore in the course of their quirky friendship).

Still, I'm delighted that apart from that wee error, you enjoyed it as a whole. Portraying Snape was tricky, but still quite a lot of fun - especially when I wrote the scene with the Weasley's.

Thanks for R & R-ing, m'dear,

Kara's Aunty ;)

Name: Minerva67 (Signed) · Date: 09/01/09 12:56 · For: The Trials of Severus Snape
Delightful--------Yoou did get Snape right, just enough softening of her personal when he thinks of Alice Longbottom and Molly with his usual caustic wit. An antidote to the usual saccharine Christmas tales.

Author's Response:

Hello Minerva67

Thanks for that! I usually do Neville fics (something you probably wouldn't be able to tell with the way I made Snape diss him), so Snape was something different for me. He is a sarky git, isn't he? But there's just enough of a chink in his heavy-duty emotional armour to empathise (and on occasion, sympathise) with people.

Albeit very few people...


I'm really glad you enjoyed Severus Scrooge's trip down memory lane (and Diagon Alley). Thanks for R & R-ing,


Kara's Aunty :)

Name: L A Moody (Signed) · Date: 09/01/09 9:54 · For: The Trials of Severus Snape
At the risk of showing myself to be equally twisted, let me congratulate you on capturing Severus’ unique brand of dark humor to a “T”. This was seriously funny! What always amazes me about the man is that his students would so get a kick out of his scathing commentary (as long as it wasn’t directed at them), if only he could ever let his guard down. The only thing that could improve this delightful diatribe is having it read aloud in Alan Rickman’s inimitable baritone drawl.

Author's Response:

Hello L A Moody,

*blush* What lovely comments! And I almost fainted in happiness at the thought of Alan Rickman reading it aloud. But then I woke up and realised it was only a sweet dream. Reality sucks...

That being said, I'm glad we share the same brand of 'unique' humour. It was a lot of fun trying to view the world through Snape's eyes and I do agree with you that most of his students would have a right good giggle if he opened up a bit.

Thanks very much for R & R-ing and leaving such nice comments. Feedback on my fics always makes my day!


Kara's Aunty :)

Name: hestiajones (Signed) · Date: 09/01/09 9:34 · For: The Trials of Severus Snape
Yes yes...forget giggling, i was laughing out loud. Although Snape was a little over the top, I still enjoyed his snark and vindictiveness. Good job!

Author's Response:

Hello hestiajones,

It's great to know you had such a laugh! Snape may have been a wee bit OTT, but it's my first Snape fic and I've just always imagined him to loathe the sight of kids. Not that I think he'd harm any (apart from Harry, Neville and possibly the twins)...

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for R & R-ing,


Kara's Aunty :) 

Name: MaraudingMarauders (Signed) · Date: 09/01/09 9:12 · For: The Trials of Severus Snape
hahaha, I really loved this one shot!!! It was very enjoyable to read. I especially loved seeing how Snape got back at the Weasley twins. That was simply priceless!! :-)

Author's Response:

Hello MaraudingMarauders,

I'm so thrilled you enjoyed it! Trust Snape to be even more devious than the twins, eh? Of course, he's older than them and has had slightly more experience at being crafty.

But I'm sure the boys will be more than a match for him very soon...if I do a sequel!

Thanks for R & R-ing,


Kara's Aunty :)

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