Reviewer: heatherl09
Date: 12/15/11 5:52
Chapter: Voldemort Makes a Sale

This is the funniest fanfic I have ever read!! Looking forward to more!

Author's Response: High praise indeed! You've made me blush! :) (Although if this is the funniest fanfic you've ever read, you should definitely check out Schmerg the Impaler. She's much funnier than I am!) Unfortunately, I will almost certainly not be updating the story, since I'm no longer very active on here. Thank you so much for the kind words!

Reviewer: ExpelliarmusMe
Date: 03/26/11 21:55
Chapter: Voldemort Comes Back To Life

"What that damned smoke monster was?!" Lost reference?

Author's Response: Yep. I'm a Lostaholic.

Reviewer: Miss B
Date: 03/02/11 16:03
Chapter: Voldemort Makes a Sale

I love this story, and I completely forgot about it until recently. Please update frequently!

Author's Response: Unfortunately, I'm no longer very active on this site, so I probably won't complete this story (never say never, but still). Sorry about that! Life is just too busy right now! Thanks for the kind words, though.

Reviewer: bananaz13
Date: 01/28/11 15:50
Chapter: Voldemort Makes a Sale

so your john lennon-inferi remark made me giggle like an insane person. i think i love you.

Author's Response: Jeez, I thought I was the only one who giggled like an insane person at silly stuff like that! :)

Reviewer: nevilleherosnape
Date: 12/15/10 10:40
Chapter: Voldemort Makes a Sale

Great! Love it!

Author's Response: Thank you!

Reviewer: AnnaJessie
Date: 11/28/10 2:24
Chapter: Voldemort Makes a Sale


I laughed so hard in this! This has got to one of the funniest fanfics I've ever read!

Great Job! Update soon.

Author's Response: It's reviews like this that just make my day!

Reviewer: Roseanne Potter
Date: 11/16/10 20:24
Chapter: Voldemort Makes a Sale

finally.... i was beginning to think that the story is abandoned!
amazing story dude, plz keep writing! :)

Author's Response: I'm really going to try to keep updating this story. I'm so glad people are still reading and enjoying.

Reviewer: cmw83099
Date: 11/14/10 10:27
Chapter: Voldemort Makes a Sale

You are a awosme wrightr, you should publish books.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you. Publishing "real books" is my eventual goal, and I actually have a story that will shortly appear in a print anthology. I won't forget my fan fiction, though!

Reviewer: Phoenixsong7611
Date: 11/13/10 15:45
Chapter: Voldemort Comes Back To Life

This is one of my favorite stories! can't wait for the next chapter! You should work in Voldy being lactose intolerant. I just think it would be funny.

Author's Response: It's so wonderful to get reviews like this! I'll try to get the fourth chapter going, and you never know, maybe I'll be able to work in some lactose intolerance. ;)

Reviewer: MagicMandy
Date: 11/01/10 12:24
Chapter: Voldemort Makes a Sale

Nice to see how Voldemort hasn't lost his charisma.

Author's Response: He's such a people person!

Reviewer: MagicMandy
Date: 11/01/10 12:24
Chapter: Voldemort Makes a Sale

Nice to see how Voldemort hasn't lost his charisma.

Author's Response: Whoops. Looks like a double-post.

Reviewer: mugglefan1
Date: 10/17/10 18:25
Chapter: Voldemort Comes Back To Life

This is possibly one of the funniest things I have read in my life. It just cracked me up. I loooovve that the store is called "Electronics". I don't know why, but once I read that, you had me hooked. lol. Thanks for making my day!!!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks for all the kind words. I decided to call the store "Electronics" because I wanted the name to be really banal and boring. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: Phoenixsong7611
Date: 10/16/10 5:36
Chapter: Voldemort Makes a Sale

I absolutly loved this! It gave me a laugh that i really needed! Cant wait for more of Voldemort's groove!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: So glad you liked it. I think I'll be able to get the other chapters posted more quickly, so stay tuned!

Reviewer: Roseanne Potter
Date: 10/05/10 8:19
Chapter: Voldemort Gets a Job

when is the third chapter coming out????????????? i hope the story is not abandoned coz its truly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: The third chapter is posted!

Reviewer: neonpachyderm
Date: 09/26/10 22:39
Chapter: Voldemort Gets a Job more spit-take like that and you owe me a new monitor. Bravo!

Author's Response: Thanks! A new monitor is in the mail (not really). Thanks a lot! :)

Reviewer: ashely190
Date: 08/27/10 17:26
Chapter: Voldemort Gets a Job

hillarious! ur story just gave me an idea for myn! thx again!

Author's Response: I'm very glad that you like it!

Reviewer: Roseanne Potter
Date: 07/03/10 1:10
Chapter: Voldemort Gets a Job

Am@ZiNg sTorY :) One of the funniest stories i've read. Loved the shaving accident part ;)
“Well, Mr. Smith, I cannot help but notice that you have no nose and that your—um, complexion is rather pale,” said Dave. “Was there an—accident of some kind?”

“Yes!” I said quickly. “A—shaving accident.”

“You cut off your nose when you were shaving?” asked Dave. He didn’t sound like he was buying my story.

“Damndest thing,” I said with a chuckle, trying to be personable. “Old Butterfingers, my minions call me.”
I hope you will upload the next chapter soon. Can't wait to see Dumbledore-Voldemort interaction, and also Voldemort working in an Electronic shop...
Please keep writing....

Author's Response: So glad you liked it, Roseanne. Even though I have been as slow as a snail lately, there really IS a partially-written Chapter Three. Unfortunately, it's been stolen and is currently locked in a high-security vault in Minsk. My team and I will be breaking in shortly. There's a fancy-dress fundraiser and I'll be carrying a high-powered laser disguised as a-- Actually, I've just been really, really lazy lately, although I like the other excuse better. :)

Reviewer: nevilleherosnape
Date: 02/22/10 12:31
Chapter: Voldemort Gets a Job

Holy Crap! Sorry, that was the first thing that came to mind! :) It's hilarious! I have a somewhat weird sense of homor too and this is funny! I like it! Looking forward to more!

Author's Response: I'm glad there's someone else out there who enjoys non sequiters like I do! I'm currently on vacation, which has thrown something of a monkey wrench in my writing schedule, but I am trying to get Chapter Three completed. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: DragonDi
Date: 02/01/10 9:46
Chapter: Voldemort Gets a Job

Very clever! And very funny!

But.. Albus Dumbledore? Can't wait to see what happens next. Well done!

Author's Response: Thans for reading! There really will be an explanation-- and I promise that it will be as logical as the rest of the story! :)

Reviewer: the opaleye
Date: 02/01/10 4:44
Chapter: Voldemort Gets a Job

Wh-wh-what?!?! Old Dumby' is the Manager at a shop named 'Electronics'? I did not see that one coming.

This chapter was LOL especially after a long day at work.

Lucius had been secretly burdened with atrocious foot odor. Bella had the whole ’history of insanity’ thing.

Love it :) Don't leave me hanging here too long, now!!!

Julia XD

Author's Response: There is an actual explanation for the Dumbledore thing, I swear! I'm so glad you found it funny. I am SERIOUSLY going to be faster for the next chapter. :)

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