Reviews For Hard Loss
Reviewer: WeasleyTriplet
Date: 12/20/10 18:46
Chapter: Chapter 1

This was a good story! I know from experience what it's like to lose an importatnt game, and it's great when you have someone to comfort you. I know that in the books, we saw Oliver take some tough losses, and he reacted the same way. It was good to have Katie supporting him. Did you take the "drown yourself in the showers" part from Prisoner of Azkaban? Because I think I remember something about that after the match against Hufflepuff.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and yep, the drowning himself was a lightly mocking reference from Katie to the fact that he has form for taking a loss badly.

Reviewer: Kerichi
Date: 11/07/10 6:18
Chapter: Chapter 1

I read your reviews for this story, and have to dispute a couple of terms you used in replies. The first is "meaningless fluff." In the immortal words of Inigo Montoya, I do not think it means what you think it means. :)

The story absolutely has direction and purpose. Oliver's taken a bitter loss to heart, and Katie comforting him, not just with tender kisses and the promise of taking him to bed (although those are undoubtedly cheering), but with a reality check--losing the cup wasn't a one-man accomplishment--and a much needed reminder that she's there for him and he's not facing the future alone. 

The other term you used that I have to challenge is "a light write." I don't believe you wrote this lightly. You took the emotions inspired by England's defeat and crafted a story with excellent descriptions and drama that was more real for being understated. Oliver trashing the changing room in a rage or yelling and flailing about would have been OOC. I think you stayed true to his characterization in the books and made Katie's character someone readers could identify with...someone like themselves.

What little concrit I have to give is for dialogue tags that retell what a character's speech has just told readers.

 “Tough!” she said bluntly; “No,” she corrected him; “Don’t be ridiculous!” Katie chided him; “No, they won’t,” Katie objected; “You just aren’t going to leave me in peace, are you?” Oliver demanded; “They could wait a little longer…” he suggested.

You used "corrected" several times, and each time, the dialogue shows she's correcting him without the need of you restating it. I've done (and do!) this too, which is why I notice it, and why I winced guiltily when I read that it's like elbowing someone after telling a joke and saying, "Get it? Get it?" 

I got it, and I hope you "get" that I enjoyed your story and found it meaninful and well-crafted. 


Author's Response: Thanks for such a lovely review, and reminding me that my lighter-hearted stories can actually have as much merit in their own way as the more intense ones. I think I always somewhat dismissed this story as worth less as it was fun to write rather than as draining as some others (which was pretty much what I'd meant by a light write), but I'm so glad you enjoyed it for it being simple and understated - I really aim to write things that feel real rather than over the top so I'm so pleased to know that that's how it does come across. I do see your point completely with the dialogue tags (I'd never looked at the issue quite like that before), and it's definitely something I'll be bearing in mind from now on. Thanks so much.

Reviewer: ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor
Date: 09/27/10 3:38
Chapter: Chapter 1

Ah, and yet again, I troll your author page.

I like the idea of Katie and Oliver together and happy. I totally fail at writing happy characters. She's so wonderful and supportive and just...her

Very well done, though reading 'Olly' made me giggle. He seems the sort of bloke that would punch a kitten if someone called him that. That might just be me imprinting my own characterisation on yours, so feel free to ignore me. XD


Author's Response: This was my intro to Katie/Oliver, I suppose. I had this bunny after the rugby world cup final, and needed to fit characters to it. Oliver was an obvious choice for my sulking Quidditch star, and initially Katie was just a random pick of someone that would be an easily set up, logical pairing. They just sparked off each other so wonderfully when I wrote them though that I just fell in to love with the pairing. I'm glad that you enjoyed it, despite the fact I will be the first to admit that it is entirely unashamedly meritless fluff! As for Olly, I agreed he'd hate it from anyone else, but Katie's a special case. ;) Thanks for yet another lovely review, dear.

Reviewer: sirius pink
Date: 08/17/10 19:23
Chapter: Chapter 1

it was alright. not dramatically good. But nice for a light read. =D

Author's Response: It was somewhat of a light write really too.

Reviewer: The_Dream_Team
Date: 08/11/10 1:19
Chapter: Chapter 1

I'm a huge sports fan, so I personally really enjoyed this! I sorta know what he's going through (not completely, though, I've only played at a high school level- not any world cups!) and it's hard to lose big games. I liked Oliver's characterization here, it was spot on in my opinion! I also liked how you included the inside jokes about the younger player, that was funny =] My only minor problem was that Katie call him Olly instead of Olli. But that's hardly a problem at all! Overall, I really liked this story- it was sweet and realistic! Keep writing =D

Author's Response: I'm really glad you enjoyed it and could relate to it. Thanks for reviewing.

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