Reviewer: ProfPosky
Date: 01/22/13 16:45
Chapter: Chapter 1

Oh, I loved this!

I am not a huge Next-Gen fan, so I hav enot particular preconceived notions about how these people should behave, but your interpretation of them seems entirely plausible. That Ron and Hermione could have a gorgeous Auror daughter works for me, and that Scorpius could be this sensitive does as well - Draco is very sensitive, but Scorpius seems to have learned a way to use his power for good. (I wouldn't say Draco used his sensitive side for bad - more like he never USED it at all.)

Points I especially liked - Narcissa as the Ice Queen, Sirius' bike (that must have been some repair shop) Daphne's scandal, when Scorpius says she and Rose would be an unholy alliance, and the sad true fact that yes, 40 years on some fools just can't give it up and keep on making trouble, and how hard it is to get past that, and the way you carry it through the story from her initial comments in the rain, through the story crisis, and on to the end. Very interesting choice of book not just for her, but considering that the Civil War is still, in the minds of some people, not entirely over, as the second war with Voldemor is not entirely over in the minds of some people in the story.

And what woman does not want to be loved the way Scorpius loves Rose???

Excellent. I really enjoyed it. Oh, and I think Draco should add a carful selection of non-fiction. Some people cannot be found in a novel... ;-)

Reviewer: iLuna17
Date: 06/08/12 22:27
Chapter: Chapter 1

Hello, h_vic. :)

I’ve read a lot of Rose/Scorpius, but this piece was just … unique. I had never really seen Rose and Scorpius portrayed that way, or their romance. Kudos on that; sometimes for me their relationship blends together in some other fics.

As I said before, I really loved your characterizatoin; I had never seen Rose and Scorpius that way. Usually, it's Rose who's the more quiet, bookish one, and Scorpius is the one more out there, rebellious. With this version, however, it's almost exactly the opposite. Rose is an impulsive, not-quite-studious Auror, with Sirius's old motorbike to boot, which must have driven her mother insane. Scorpius, however, is quite the opposite; the quiet bookshop owner who loves to read and is just so … sweet. (I could see why his bookshop was struggling; he kept on giving Rose free books!) I loved him, though, because of his sweet and quiet demeanor. Overall, I found their characters a little strange, as I said before, but it actually worked really well.

Another thing that I enjoyed was simply the books, and all the literature references. You did a wonderful job with intertwining the romance with the books; at first, it was just books and business between the two, then it became friendship, and slowly something more. It was a great progression. :) I also loved the 'search for the perfect book', which was probably one of the best connections between the two of them, the idea that kept Rose coming back at first. It was also exciting for Scorpius, because as he got what he said was ‘closer each time’ to the perfect book, it also meant he got to know her better. It also progressed with the speed of their relationship, I noticed.

However, I did find the 'Death Eaters still in Action' a *little* bit unlikely. Voldemort had been dead a while, and I think the slightly more … opinionated Death Eaters would already have acted, and been arrested, while the others might just try and forget their days in the masks ever happened. Also, I don't think they'd be * quite * so outspoken about Rose and Scorpius's relationship that they would destroy her motorbike. I sensed it might be a lead-in to their fight, but maybe using a different igniter might be a tad bit better. What did their families think? That could be something interesting to explore as well …

Overall, though, it was a wonderful piece to read, a great mix of romance and good literature, two things I love. I also liked how you left Rose and Scorpius still searching for 'the perfect book'. It let me believe that the romance was still going, that it wasn't ‘the end’, per say, but more of a new beginning. I thought that was pretty brilliant. :) If you decide to write more Scrose, please tell me! Keep it up!


Reviewer: U-No-Poo
Date: 01/19/12 5:06
Chapter: Chapter 1

Beautiful story! I've never been so pleased with a Next-Gen fic, and that includes my own. I can see why this won a QSQ! :)

Reviewer: PhoenixGryffindor
Date: 01/02/12 4:52
Chapter: Chapter 1

This was very, very good! :)

Reviewer: Lilah
Date: 11/29/11 2:03
Chapter: Chapter 1

That was so beautiful!!! I kind of want to read the smutty version though. Lol!

Reviewer: Shreeja
Date: 11/09/11 19:24
Chapter: Chapter 1

I like it. It seems like Rose picked up the Charlie Weasley or Fred (sob) George gene. Scorpius was portrayed well enough, dealing with the burden of being born in the Malfoy family post war. I loved the longish speech that Scorpius gives, it's true for everybody actually. I liked how you put that across. Nice writing.

Reviewer: HP0247
Date: 08/22/11 13:18
Chapter: Chapter 1

Very nice short story, nicely written too. I adore this pairing.

Reviewer: DogLover4Life
Date: 10/30/10 16:47
Chapter: Chapter 1

I loved it. Especially the last line. Only someone that appreciates books would understand the implications behind the last line.

Your characterization was wonderfully done. Both Rose and Scorpius managed to be intriguing while being very opposing to each other. It was fun to read.

This makes me wish someone would find my favorite book for me.

Reviewer: Evora
Date: 10/02/10 21:01
Chapter: Chapter 1

Hannah, I’m so glad you wrote a story about my favourite pairing! It wasn’t only original, but the characters also stayed consistent all throughout the story, and wonderfully so.

I was really surprised to read that you’ve put Scorpius in that kind of occupation. It seemed a too simple goal for someone born from a family that had a high standard of living, and just too different for a Malfoy, but I don’t see it as a problem—in fact, it all added up to my curiosity as a reader. Then there was the mention of his Aunt Daphne. Really, that mere mention of her made me want to know more. Barnaby, an employee of the shop, was also pointed out to be a boyhood friend from schooldays. I wondered how that happened, and how they both interacted each other during Scorpius’ years in Hogwarts. I’m pretty sure he’s a bit different from what you write him as now, so the growth of a character always interests me.

In a general view, I’m just dying to say that your writing is fabulous. Your descriptions make your sentences stand out, and show how much detail you’ve created in your mind. The one about Rose’s first appearance was simply fantastic. I can’t really say how much I absolutely adore that scene. Her entrance to the shop gave her an air of arrogant confidence—it immediately gave her a flaw and. . . you know, I’m can barely keep a lid on my fangirl-ness right now. Your characterization on Rose was very wanting and new that I was unsatisfied that you wrote just a one-shot about them. Their personality worked so well with each other!


He pushed his wet hair back out of his eyes, and this seemed to alert her to the fact that he was standing in the rain. She shuffled sideways a little to let him share her meagre shelter.

Meagre – meager.

I love how Scorpius was so attracted to her even if he didn’t entirely see her as beautiful. She was enigmatic, and I could totally understand that. The scene where he sees her faltering bravado – a very nice scene for them both. It was very much like Ron for her to be so upset like that and end up smoking or drinking, but she was her own person nevertheless, and I could see that plain and clear.

He didn't want to think about Death Eaters; it was all just a little too close to home. He had spent his life trying to prove what he wasn't.

I’d like to go ‘no way, I so super duper love that’ but Jen would kick my butt, and I rather treasure my current SPEW standing (which is just a new member). Those were two outstanding sentences! It hit the core, the bull’s eye, the target, whatever you would like to call it. It was an excellent sneak peek to his past, present and future. I half expected something of the likes of that, but it was just excellently put.

Rose’s bike – I would think that either James or Ted would have a go with it, but I never saw it as Rose’s possession. If you keep surprising me like this, Hannah, I would literally buzz you on AIM to write a chaptered Next-Gen fic. It was an unexpected, delightful surprise to mere little me. I’m a big fan of the Marauders and to see one of their possessions—almost like a piece of their legacy—to be handed down after two generations, I can’t even explain my over-exaggerating excitement.

To be honest, I thought it was a bit OOC for Rose not to like books. Yes, it’s stereotypical since her mum is Hermione Granger but really, you kept me bouncing on the edge. I thought it would lessen their chemistry, but then more surprises came and instead, that difference sparked something I’ve obviously underestimated (side note: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – is that real? It seems like something I would read).

Onto Scorpius’ character – what in Merlin’s beard? Are you a passionate bookshop owner as well? He was so very into his job and especially during his quest for the book for Rose, and as what you’ve written, he was ‘in his element here’. You’ve really got your medal on when you write about Scorpius, and maybe, he’s the one character for you. Ever thought of that? I was starting to think he was gay, then his male characteristics went out and he started noticing Rose’s body (I was kidding about the gay part – just trying to state my point. . . my point about your awesome writing skills).

His night at Rose’s flat – again, they stayed consistent even in an intimate situation as that. How Rose was aggressive in their kiss showed just that. Besides the rated scene (which I’m probably not allowed to read, but then again, who’s to say I’m not mature enough? No, don’t tell that to my mom), I found the morning after completely surprising (ooh, there’s that word again!). I did wonder what’s going to happen next and how would Rose act, but her Weasley gene, the hotheadedness, came out and it was the perfect way too keep the reader going with as much interest as there was at the beginning.

Scorpius stared at her, the hatred in her wild eyes burning holes in him, and felt the fierce cold of sadness, betrayal, anger and frustration at the things he couldn't ever change wash over him.

That is one of the best one-liners I’ve ever read.

But you already know that, I’m sure. Gone With The Wind – forgive me for saying that I haven’t read that yet. I’ve been meaning to for a long time, but it’s not happening. I’ll borrow from the library and come straight for you to let you know that I’ve read Rose’s favourite book. :D

Overall, this was an entertaining and exciting read. I can’t believe that you don’t have a chaptered fic up yet since it looks like you’re quite good with writing suspense and unique romances. Next-Gen characters are close to OC’s but you’ve ingrained in them some of their family’s tendencies and I find that I’m close to crying and begging for you to write more Next-Gen stories. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this particular one-shot of yours because your writing is (again) excellent, fabulous, fantastic and well-defined. I can see your style beneath the stories, and I feel like I’ve unearthed a gold mine. It’s high praise, and I know that maybe you won’t believe me, and that it would be quite hard to digest but you should never forget how good of an author you are already. Great, great job, Hannah! Cheers!

Reviewer: CoolCatElly
Date: 09/28/10 9:30
Chapter: Chapter 1

Hello Hello :-)

So I read the LJ version of this, but wanted to review on here.

I have to say, it was a very interesting portrayal of Rose and Scorpius. I liked Rose a lot, she seemed very cool - to be honest she reminded me a great deal of Ginny. I liked the fact that both the story and writing was very mature - most of the fanfic I read is about teenagers, and it was nice to see a proper representation of Rose and Scorpius as adults, while still making them seem fun and youthful.

The little touches of canon (like the bike, Daphne etc) were nice to read as it kept the story in that magical world while still being very realistic. I just wish it was a bit longer to be honest! When I read the end I couldn't believe that it was over.

Very well written, and a lovely read.


Reviewer: ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor
Date: 09/15/10 15:10
Chapter: Chapter 1

Oh, je t'adore, Madam Hannah. You simply have the gift of wrapping someone up in a story and making me wish it was a novel so it wouldn't have to end. I so very much love your portrayal of Rose and Scorpius both. They're not what I expect, and considering how much Next-Gen I read, that's so fantastic. I don't feel like I already know them out of the gate because they're just like everyone else's characters. They were brand new to me and I got to learn about them and learn to love them all over again.

Now I really want to read the smut version of it. :D

Lovely to see you as usual,


Author's Response: You made me grin so much with this review, Jess! I did really want to do something different with them here, and I'm so glad it came across as original and that you still loved the characters despite them not being what you expected. If you haven't found the smut version yet, it's on my writing LJ, but really the only change is the presence of a single gratuitously unnecessary and reasonably explicit scene.

Reviewer: Gmariam
Date: 09/10/10 20:43
Chapter: Chapter 1

Great story! I love the take on the characters - it's so original, and so well done. I also liked the mix of magic and muggle book talk. And the original reads nicely too. ;)
I really enjoyed your writing! ~Gina :)

Author's Response: Thanks for such a lovely review (and I'm glad you liked the original too!). I was kind of wary with this fic because I knew it was a different take on the pair and I wasn't such how people would respond to that, so I'm really glad that you enjoyed it.

Reviewer: dominiqueweasley
Date: 09/10/10 16:01
Chapter: Chapter 1

Aw this is so sweet! And very original, too. I like the ambiguous and yet reassuring ending, as well. Great take on a pair that is way too often a cliche!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the ambiguous ending because I was worried it might be a little too frustrating. I'm glad you found it original; I had fun putting a fresh spin on these two.

Reviewer: nevilleherosnape
Date: 09/10/10 12:06
Chapter: Chapter 1

That was great!!

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

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