Reviewer: Insufferable know-it-all
Date: 12/09/10 11:19
Chapter: How the Prince Stole Christmas

Wow, I'm really impressed with the rhyme, and the story is quite funny too :)

Author's Response: I had great fun with this one, but it was challenging in a totally different way. Not to mention that the lame online rhyming dictionaries only compare spelling, not rhymes that are created by pronunciation. Had to do it the hard way from the get-go. Your recognition makes it all worthwhile!

Reviewer: Siriussirius
Date: 12/07/10 7:25
Chapter: How the Prince Stole Christmas

Ohh I really like this a lot! :D Quirky and clever!

And of course, "Teaching Lily’s green eyes in James’ smug, specky face."

This line is just genius:D

Author's Response: So pleased you enjoyed it! Couldnít have Snape encountering Ron and Hermione and not Harry. Can't take complete credit, though; the Weasley twinsí snide remark to Harry just prior to the Battle of the Seven Harrys was my inspiration for the closing line.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 12/06/10 19:20
Chapter: How the Prince Stole Christmas

That was wonderful. I was looking for something quick to read tonight and I saw this and realized I still had stories by you to read. You must have spent a lot of time on this. As always, I'm envious of your talent. I think I liked how you ended it the best--with the perfect description of Harry. Albus was up to his manipulative shenanigans, with his tartan-clad lieutenant at his side. Great story. I'd like to take this opportunity to invite you to check out my first story that I first posted in September. It's titled Bella Rosa and is not as detailed as your work but it's been fun writing. I'm learning a lot.

Author's Response: So glad to hear from you again! Believe it or not, Iíve been following ďBella RosaĒ all along and know from your comments that writing has sucked up all your time lately. Have been meaning to leave an encouraging comment and then time gets away from me as well. (I often catch up on reading from a site that does not allow me to log on to post comments.)

Quite by coincidence, I too was working on a Bellacentric story -- although I played her eccentricities for laughs instead. It was only three chapters, so it wonít take you that long to read once you find the time. So glad you finally came up for air.

Reviewer: DaisyMaeEvans
Date: 12/06/10 18:02
Chapter: How the Prince Stole Christmas

Oh, this is hilarious! Great job!

Author's Response: Iím thrilled that you liked it. Fifty rewrites later, I finally think I do, too.

Reviewer: ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor
Date: 12/06/10 17:41
Chapter: How the Prince Stole Christmas

I just... I have no words. I simply cannot grasp how you were able to harness the wonder and simplicity of Seuss and still make it so undeniably Potter. I am just completely gobsmacked by how well you did with this. I don't favorite one-shots often, but this one is going on the list. Very well done, Divine Miss L. :D


Author's Response: Thanks so much for the gushing compliments. Iím gobsmacked in return. Seuss and Potter arenít really that far apart when you consider that theyíre both fantasies. I just didnít coin any original words like Seuss did; I had JKR to do that for me.

Reviewer: AidaLuthien
Date: 12/06/10 17:20
Chapter: How the Prince Stole Christmas

I love it. I absolutely love it.

Using Snape as the Grinch was a really great idea, it suits him quite well.

Snape's characterization is spot on, though you gave him a bit of a happy ending, agreeing to have brandy with McGonagall and Dumbledore.

The last lines made me sad, though in a good way.

Author's Response: Iím so happy you liked my characterization of Snape; heís so much fun to write. Perhaps itís that we have to be tactful in every day life and he simply ISNíT Ė itís liberating. Wanted to make sure that I gave it just the right Slytherin-style compromise at the end. A total reformation would have robbed Snape of his edge and then he wouldnít be any fun to play with any more.

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