Reviewer: embell
Date: 12/27/11 5:46
Chapter: I Really Love That Rock'n'Roll

Hi, so I just made an account so I could tell you how amazing this is! the whole thing flows beautifully and totally captures the transition of friendships from teenage-hood to adult. it seems carefree, but like you said, it always has been dangerous... SO awesome. I hear people saying they love the Peter portrayal (which it is) but it was your Sirius who really got me. I am babbling so much, but this is great! half of me wants more, and the other half knows its perfect this way, like a poem. Thanks for your writing!! ~happy reader

Author's Response:

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the kind words! I really appreciate it.

Reviewer: HP_fangirl97
Date: 04/19/11 21:36
Chapter: I Really Love That Rock'n'Roll

Ok, i absoultly(misspeller of the world) love this one-shot, and Rocky Horror Picture Show. I have the album, and the glee version. glee doesn't do it any justice, though. anyways, great job.

Author's Response: Thanks! I love Rocky Horror too :) I did enjoy the Glee version though, except I couldn't get around the fact that a high school is the most inappropriate place to perform it! Thanks for the review, I appreciate it.

Reviewer: welshdevondragon
Date: 04/03/11 6:22
Chapter: I Really Love That Rock'n'Roll

Hello! As your SPEW sibling I thought I'd pay your Author's Page a visit, and I'm so glad I did. Reading the summary and seeing the word length- this was not what I expected. It's brilliant how you can, in a very concise way, summarise the whole shift in the Marauders and their relationships from leaving school to actually becoming involved in the war.

And you're right about the drunkenness. There's a giddiness/ drunken panic to the story where they just can't quite understand what's going on because everything is happening so fast and it's scaring them. The way the story shifts completely, from them seeming so carefree and happy to the part when you say "And he wasn’t sad when Sirius confessed in a drunken stupor that he was lonely and worried and nothing felt real. He definitely wasn’t jealous when Remus spent all of his time with the proper young woman except for the Saturday nights when they got together. Peter was having the time of his life. " to then "James finally nailed Lily and Sirius wasn’t so lonely anymore and Remus and the nice girl had a good thing going." and finally "The Potters hid, Peter spied, Sirius actually wasn’t very happy, Remus and the nice girl broke up. " For such a short piece you drag the reader around a lot but this so captures being young and confused and lost, all exacerbated by the war as there's the sense they have to get everything done before they burn out. That's probably a slightly incoherent review now, but if I don't leave one now I'll forget, and this story is definitely review-worthy. Alex x

Author's Response: Thanks so much triplet! It wasn't incoherent at all :) I'm really glad that you felt the drunkenness and understood what I was trying to convey. Thank you so much for taking the time to review, and I'm happy you liked it!

Reviewer: The_Real_Hermione
Date: 02/04/11 15:32
Chapter: I Really Love That Rock'n'Roll

I can't believe you managed to sum up the tragedy of the Marauders in less than 1000 words!! This was such an amazing piece of writing and characterisation... I can only say wow. At the very beginning, I found the writing style a little difficult, but then I got into it and it was so perfect for this fic.

Your characterisation of Peter was particularly stand-out, I think, especially as people tend to leave him out a bit in their fics.

Anyway... this was really amazing and I don't really have anything else to say... so I'll stop rambling...

Author's Response: Thanks very much for reviewing! I've been getting a lot of complements on Peter in particular, which is strange because I don't even like him myself...*random thoughts* Anyway, thank you so much again for taking the time to review.

Reviewer: Equinox Chick
Date: 02/04/11 10:17
Chapter: I Really Love That Rock'n'Roll

I think you know my thoughts already.

Totally mindbogglingly brilliantly mad. I so loved reading this in SBBC and am pleased it's now up on the archives. I had this awful feeling that no one would get it and it would be rejected for ... oh I dunno something nonsensical, but yippeeeeeee, it's here. Okay my review is starting to sound like the fics stream on conscious, and I really have nothing much to say that could be construed as remotely constructive. (sorry, I'll never make SPEW)

I still want to know who Remus' 'proper girl' is... you promised to tell.

Everytime I read this I change my mind about who I liked best ... portrayal wise I mean. I think you did a fantastic job with all of them, and Peter weaving all the way through the fic was just masterful. I still like Remus best (I think) because we see two sides of him and people tend to class him as just 'the sensible one'.

Not much more to say except the end brings home the whole Marauder tragedy. James and Lily - died too soon. Sirius never really regained any happiness. Remus was more alone than he had ever been and Peter ... he lost everything and lived in fear for the rest of his life. Ah, whatever happened to Saturday Nights? *sob*

Amazing ~Carole~

Author's Response: I love you Carole! Thanks so much for the kind words. I was worried that it wouldn't be validated too. One of my goals when writing this was to definitely show different sides of the Mauraders. Since we don't know much about them, a lot of the time we have to use stereotypes. Um, I'm afraid that you're going to be disappointed with the "proper girl" bit. It's absolutely no one in particular. Actually, in my mind I think that I was even imagining a random Muggle girl (because this fic is very Muggle influenced). Sorry to disappoint! I only led you guys on about it because I wanted to see what you came up with. Sorry if it's a bit of a let down! *sheepish face*

Reviewer: Padfoot Patronus
Date: 02/04/11 2:06
Chapter: I Really Love That Rock'n'Roll

Read this at the SBBC forums. It was brilliant. Loved it. Each of the characters hold their own fort and incredibly as a result of your clarity and writing skill, the dynamics are even more wonderful.

The sort of piece to stay in your mind. Good work.


Author's Response: Thanks so much! I really appreciate that you took the time to read it in the SBBC and to review it here. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. Thanks again!

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