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Reviewer: xxbabewithbrainsxx
Date: 11/27/11 14:06
Chapter: Chapter 1

Squee, Jess! Here I was, feeling very down and craving a good bit of fanfic, and I remembered you mentioned somewhere that you invented Megan/Charlie, so I thought I'd trawl through your author page and find the story :)

And once again, you have converted me! Megan Jones is a character I've never really considered, because I honestly can't remember when she was mentioned in the books. But you wrote her so well, and her characterisation was such an interesting interpretation of what she could have been like.

Also, I liked how you wrote the tension between them, especially considering the fact that they just met, lol. Anyway, lovely story, useless review from me, hehe. Well done :)


Author's Response:

And here I thought my notifications were working again >.>

Glad you liked it. To me, the 30-somethings who are independent are a woefully underrepresented demographic in fanfic. And, of course, I couldn't let this go unremedied.  Megan is that person people always talk about behind her back, speculating why she's alone and simply not accepting that she chooses to be. In a way, she's probably the closest I've come to self-insertion in fanfic, because I'm that way myself. I understand that drive to not compromise my wants and values for the sake of companionship. 

Charlie and Megan's story will be continued soon (though hopefully before Lea's next birthday, hehe), in which we find out whether Megan really does go to Romania and why Charlie doesn't want to go home. 

And this was so not a useless review. It made me smile and nod to myself that this was one of my favourite things I'd written this year. :D


Reviewer: The_Real_Hermione
Date: 04/12/11 1:36
Chapter: Chapter 1

Jess, your ability to take rare characters in canon and write them so beautifully continues to astound me. After all, we know nothing about Megan except that she was in Harry's year and Hufflepuff, and really not that much about Charlie either... except what he does, but we see little of him as a person.

I really liked the beginning, when Megan felt annoyed about how other people pitied her for a life that she actually quite liked... I think it the fact that it bothers her shows that there is an underlying part of her that agrees with them. But that could just be me.

As a few other people have said in reviews, I'm really intrigued by this and very keen for you to explore this relationship/these characters more. I wonder why Charlie doesn't want to go home, and why he's become like this... Plus I'm curious. Does Megan go to Romania? I hope so.


Author's Response:

I like rare characters for the very reason that they have little or no prior history. It's like creating an OC, but using a canon name so people will actually read the story. Yes, I am that pathetic, hehe. Plus, every character has a story, and it feels like the duty of fan fiction writers to make them into something more than a name and a paragraph on the HP Wiki. Not everyone is the ideal protagonist, and I think Megan is one of those.

Does Megan go to Romania? Well, of course she does, lol. Why she goes, she doesn't even know, but really, there was no reason not to for her. No one was going to miss her if she left. And Charlie presented a unique challenge for her.

Anyway, thank you for reading yet again. It makes me feel like I have a fan club, hehe. :D


Reviewer: muggle girl marauder
Date: 04/11/11 19:24
Chapter: Chapter 1

Oh, I forgot, the "big girl drawers" are the best line ever. :) I don't want to spam it up too much, but since I can't edit this will have to do. :D,

Author's Response:

XD Gina asked me if I actually talk like that or if I'm really good at spinning snarky lines. I think it's a bit of both, to be honest. I do typically have a smartass comment about everything and hence decided that Megan could share this quality. :D

I'll have to write a sequel now, hehe.

Reviewer: muggle girl marauder
Date: 04/11/11 19:18
Chapter: Chapter 1

Thank you!!! This is so much fun to read, and I second Gina's request for a sequel. I never thought much about Charlie before, but when you write him, wow. I adore this fic. b29;

Author's Response:

I'm glad you liked it. I knew I wanted to write Megan for this, but I couldn't think of who to put in the position of her one night stand partner. I thought of Charlie because he woudl be someone that she would sort of know but he wouldn't know her or see her again. She hadn't been counting on having a breakdown (well, neither was I, lol).

Imust brew a sequel. Hmm...



Reviewer: Gmariam
Date: 04/11/11 18:09
Chapter: Chapter 1

PS. Some people might wonder about Charlie here. I did a bit. I mean, who knows if he's really quite that fast and loose and drunk. It doesn't seem very Weasley, but then, what do we really know about him? We do know he's a bit of a wild card in the family, being a dragon tamer and all. So it totally worked for me, because I can stretch my mind that far. *snorts at sarcastic irony* If you write more, you can flesh him out so we get more of his one-night-stand personality and background. Plus that big hint you dropped with him not wanting to go home. Sure, he might not want to shag at the Burrow, but I sense more to it. Heh heh.
And that is all. Charlie is a smut god. I hope he visits my bunny garden someday (that is not as dirty as it sounds...)
~Twin :-D

Author's Response:

Since this was in Megan's POV and she wasn't necessarily conversing with him all that much, the reason why Charlie was in town was that one of his brothers was having a baby (haven't decided which). By the time he comes in the picture, he's been freed of his obligations and was feeling that twinge of annoyance that his family were all ridiculously happy. He loves his career and his dragons, but sometimes, it doesn't feel like everything. So, he decided to get wasted and sleep with a girl he would never see again. And then something about Megan made him think twice about his bang and bounce policy.

Hehe, backstory ftw.


Reviewer: Gmariam
Date: 04/11/11 18:03
Chapter: Chapter 1

Damn. I love it. I just love Megan. Merlin, her snarkiness! The dialogue! I am envious. There are too many lines to quote as my favorite, but I did really love these:
"Keep dreaming about my drawers, wonder boy, and maybe one of these days, you’ll get to see a pair that aren’t your mum’s." LOL
"f he didn’t have rug burn on his naughty bits the next day, she would be surprised. " ROFL!
I mean, her personality just jumps through the screen. I loved her for her ballsy-ness at the beginning, and yet by the end it was nice to see a bit of a crack in the exterior.
I mean, I WANT her to run off the Romania and be with Charlie! She must! They are obviously meant for each other. They can keep their edge but be a bit more happy and have great s...mut.
Delicious fic, twin. It had me grinning the entire time.
And Happy Birthday, Lea!!
~Gina :)

Author's Response:

Hehe, this was such a random pairing, but they're the most fun. And they have the best smutty scenes. :)

I wanted her to be a bit crass but relatable all at once, because she thinks all the things we as women think but never say. She doesn't have that v-chip in her head, lol.

Reviewer: U-No-Poo
Date: 04/11/11 2:03
Chapter: Chapter 1

Love it, Jess! I've never really thought about Charlie much; he seems to be the forgotton Weasley at times. However, you've definitely done him justice!

Author's Response:

Hehe, Charlie does seem to be left behind a lot. I sort of specialise in characters who get left behind; it's my belief that all canon characters should have a story, no matter how minor they might be. Megan is a preeeeeeeeeetty minor character.

And if you're curious, Charlie was in town because one of his brothers was having a baby (well, the wife at any rate), and he was on his way out of town when he bumped into Megan.

Thanks for reviewing, and I'm happy you enjoyed it. :)


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