Reviewer: Liz Lovegood
Date: 07/13/11 19:47
Chapter: One Shot

Wow Thats great, so unexpected till the last minute! I totally thought he liked rose, like in every other story, love this unexpected twist! Plus love the idea of toads!

Author's Response: Yay! Glad I got you - I did want readers to think it was Rose at first. I'm glad you enjoyed the twist. Thanks so much for reading and leaving such a nice review. ~Gina :)

Reviewer: Essence of Potter
Date: 06/05/11 12:37
Chapter: One Shot

Wow. That was pretty unexpected, amazing tho! I love the way Scorpius came across. Every time someone writes about Scorpius he's always a fairly over confident prat but you wrote him in such an original way. It was refreshing. I also liked how you showed the relationship between Scorpius and the Weasly/Potters, they weren't really friends but they weren't not, I liked it. I'd actually love to read more of this ship if you wrote it! So consider it! :)

Author's Response: You know, I honestly haven't considered it, sorry! I have written a longer story about Albus and his significant other, though, and well as a Scorpius/Hugo that I haven't actually posted now that I think about it. Hm. I'm so glad you enjoyed this. I'm thrilled that Scorpius wasn't a copycat of every other version out there! I like reading him many different ways, but in the end I want him to be consciously different than Draco, and in particular I appreciate it when he's not instant enemies with the Potters/Weasleys. I think that shows strength of inner character. But I ramble, lol. Thanks so much for reading this, I appreciate the lovely review! ~Gina :)

Reviewer: Equinox Chick
Date: 06/02/11 5:39
Chapter: One Shot

You know I love this. I squeed long enough in email. Just fabulous. Sorry pathetic review, but just so you know that I wasn't lying - this is great. ~Carole~

Author's Response: Thanks, Carole. I appreciate your help and am glad you liked it! Thanks for that conversation where it came up, I still can't believe how quickly and easily this came out. It was fun. I wonder what happens next...perhaps he runs into Hugo somewhere in Europe in a few years... ;) Thanks again! ~Gina :)

Reviewer: The_Real_Hermione
Date: 06/02/11 4:21
Chapter: One Shot

Firstly, I loved the T.O.A.D.s - it makes sense that wizards have some form of tertiary education and that abbreviation was in keeping with OWLs and NEWTs.

This story was very well-written, Gina. I liked how you didn't explicitly say who it was that Scorpius liked at the beginning - although knowing that it was for Jess helped me figure it out.

I loved your characterisation of Scorpius. He was used to it, to watching from a distance, always wanting what he couldn't have. That was wonderful, plus it linked really well to the title.

His father had issues with the Weasleys and the Potters; Scorpius even had a few himself. Instead of letting it really bother him or turn him into a snarky, jealous git, he simply kept his thoughts to himself and stayed quiet, always observing from the side, alone. I also loved that idea that he's quiet and keeps his thoughts to himself - I find that sometimes Scorpius is written as a carbon copy if his father at that age, and I believe that Draco would change after the war and that Scorpius would be different. So (if this makes any sense) I really loved your charcterisation of him. And there was also enough Malfoy in him, too.

I also liked that you didn't have an unrealistically soppy ending, but rather left it with some hope for the future.

Roxanne was an interesting character, too, because of how much she still wants Scorpius and yet also wants what's best for him. That last line was just beautiful. It was interesting how she used her 'personality' to hide her true feelings and to me, when she said "You'll be fine, though. You'll find someone, some beautiful Italian witch—or wizard, if you like—to snog on the beach. It'll be amazing. I'm envious." that she was speaking for herself as well, trying to convince herself that everything would be okay.

Anyway, lovely story Gina.


Also Happy Birthday Jess!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Katrina! I really appreciate the compliments on characterization, since sometimes the character's character (haha) seems obvious to me but who knows if it comes out in the story. I'm so glad it did. I'm really glad you liked it. I was writing another story and toyed with the idea of Roxanne and Scorpius hooking up, so I might have to come back to them. And as for the TOADs, that was Hannah's suggestion when I was looking for something both more British and less Muggle, hee hee. Thanks again! ~Gina :)

Reviewer: ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor
Date: 06/02/11 3:26
Chapter: One Shot


Holy crap, how do I have such an amazing e-Twin? I don't even... this story was like you sucked it out of my imagination and planted it (rather beautifully) on the page just for me. 

I think what I adore the most, besides your mastery of easy dialogue, is the subtle characterisation you do. Like when Albus thanks the bartender and calls her by name, or Roxy's demeanour showing that she still digs Scorpius, even early in the fic when we don't know that she still pines for him for sure. These are the reasons why I fall in love with your fics. 

I really do they end up having... something in the end. My boys deserve a bit of smut. :D

Heart you, Twinnnnnnnnnnnn!


Author's Response: "...this story was like you sucked it out of my imagination..." YES! That was sort of the point, to take your couple and reverse it and throw in a rarepair to boot. Hee hee. I had fun with this. It came really easily - well, not the title, but the rest of it. I'm so, so glad you like it. YAY! Happy birthday once more and thanks for the lovely review!! ~Gina :)

Reviewer: Callisto Anaxandra
Date: 06/01/11 19:56
Chapter: One Shot

P. S. I also was super amused by the T.O.A.D.S. in ancient runes at Pompeii. I am a Classics major, so the idea of Albus and Scorpius studying ancient languages is funny.

Author's Response: You know, I picked Pompeii because I thought maybe the ruins are actually hiding a magical settlement. And it seemed a good place to study things like Ancient Runes or Arithmancy, near the heart of the old Roman Empire. As for TOADs, a friend helped me with that when I needed something less Muggle and more British. It was fun to work out the details! Thanks again! ~Gina :)

Reviewer: Callisto Anaxandra
Date: 06/01/11 19:52
Chapter: One Shot

Oy! Another switcheroo where I carelessly thought I knew what was happening just to be surprised midway through the story. Although I dislike the pairing, I really liked the story--specially since I just graduated from college yesterday! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I'm glad you liked the story even if the pairing wasn't quite right. Who knows, maybe Scorpius ends up with Roxanne after all. ;) I'm glad that you were surprised, since I deliberately wanted to stay sort of ambiguous for a while. Congrats on your graduation. As my college president always said: "Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good." And thanks again for the review, I appreciate it! ~Gina :)

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