Reviewer: SoGranola
Date: 03/20/13 17:48
Chapter: Motive and Opportunity

‘The girls who believe in tragically romantic vampire nonsense are the worst.’ Indeed. ;)

Author's Response: What can I say. I'm a bloke, I'm in the wrong demographic. Dracula, now there's a good vampire novel... -N-

Reviewer: Ruchira_M
Date: 07/08/12 16:29
Chapter: The Key to the Problem

you should write your own original stories, you know. You are awesome!

Author's Response: Thanks.
And leave all this lot unfinished? I do't think so. :-D

Reviewer: Nagini Riddle
Date: 05/28/12 5:59
Chapter: The Curse of the Green Pearl

Ooh!!!!!! I love a good mystery! What an awesome story! You sounded like you knew a lot about police work! I'm very impressed with this. I don't know what else to say, really, except that I am never going near cursed objects again!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I’m glad you liked it.
My knowledge of police work is a combination of research and cop-shows.
Again!? When did you last go near a cursed item? :-D

Reviewer: Luna432
Date: 05/24/12 18:43
Chapter: The Haunted Tower

Hey! This is a great story but I'm a little confused about Bobbie. Is she a muggle working with the aurors? do you have any other stories that describe her in more detail? Other wise a great story! thanks~Sarah :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Detective Inspector Robert E Beadle is indeed a Muggle, and one day I'll tell the story of how, and why sge ended up working with the Auror Office. She also appears in MIT: Muggle Interface Team, and in 9the unfinished, sorry) MLT. -N-

Reviewer: ckwright51
Date: 05/18/12 12:12
Chapter: The Curse of the Green Pearl

Very well done, so is Susan going to meet up with tech guy in the future?

Author's Response: Thanks. I have no plans for Susan and Simon, not yet, anyway. -N-

Reviewer: ckwright51
Date: 05/18/12 2:40
Chapter: Motive and Opportunity

Nice poke at the Twilight series, which annoys me a lot. Also nice to see Lavender with some depth not just a silly girl from book 6, but growing up and making a life for herself. Great job

Author's Response: Thanks. The poke was at sexy vampires in general. I've read Dracula, and the Count is a monster. Lavender had grown up by the battle, and I've forced more growing iup on her in some of my other stories. -N-

Reviewer: ckwright51
Date: 05/18/12 1:50
Chapter: The Haunted Tower

And the plot thickens, i like mysteries and I didn't think I would. I also like how you have developed Susan Bones.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Writing this gave me a huge anount of respect for mystery writers. It isn't easy (at least I don't find it easy). I'm rather foond of "my" Susan, thank you. -N-

Reviewer: ckwright51
Date: 05/18/12 0:56
Chapter: Prologue: Break in Transmission

Well Archie did warn them, good start looking forward to seeing how the MLT or MIT I handle things.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Of course, Archie was simply making stuff up. -N-

Reviewer: silverlining95
Date: 03/30/12 16:39
Chapter: Prologue: Break in Transmission

I love this! I love the dynamic you've established between Bobbie, Lavender and Susan, and I'm 99.9% certain I know who the killer is (smug smile!).

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I've been establishing the Busan/Lavender relationship for a while, and it helps that I know how, when and why Bobbie meets the magical world. I'll submit the final chapter the moment one of the two stories I have in the queue is approved. -N-

Reviewer: juniper
Date: 03/22/12 15:23
Chapter: The Key to the Problem

OK the suspense is very well done. Keep on writing!

Author's Response: Thanks, I hope to submit the final chapter very soon. -N-

Reviewer: Youss
Date: 03/21/12 19:11
Chapter: Prologue: Break in Transmission

I thought this story was already finished. Are you rewriting it? I already know who the killer is because I've read it before. ^^

Author's Response: You do.It was three hastily written chapters with a number of typos (and a plot hole). It will be 5 chapters when it's re-written, and no, I'm not changing the identity of the killer. -N-

Reviewer: golden_trio
Date: 03/21/12 2:41
Chapter: The Key to the Problem

Damn. Cliffhanger. I have no idea who the killer is. Maybe I'm just not paying close enough attention; perhaps I should go re-read. :)
- Katie

Author's Response: There will only be one more chapter to this rewritten and expanded story. You won’t have long to wait to find out the killer’s identity. I think I’ve given you enough clues. -N-

Reviewer: hpgploversforever
Date: 06/27/11 15:54
Chapter: Motive and Opportunity

That was a great chapter. A great ending too. To bad their couldn't have been one more chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Challenge deadlines and a holiday (Im back, obviously) forced me to wrap this up much more quickly than Id originally intended. Once the competition is judge this story will be expanded. -N-

Reviewer: minervassister
Date: 06/27/11 9:13
Chapter: Motive and Opportunity

Most ingenious!
Well done you kept me guessing right to the end.

Author's Response: Thanks. -N-

Reviewer: Luah
Date: 06/26/11 14:18
Chapter: Motive and Opportunity

Wow! I think I've just managed to get my head round it and can safely say I had no idea who it was :) Also I LOVED Lavenders reference to tragically romantic vampires (ergh) !
Brilliant story :D Well Done !

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Ive discovered a new respect for mystery writers. Getting the of course its obvious it was X reaction is not easy.
I must write that vampire story.

Reviewer: minervassister
Date: 06/23/11 23:58
Chapter: The Haunted Tower

Great chapter,
Lavender is so useful with her witch brain and her werewolf nose.
Love the interplay between Lavender and Susan.

Author's Response: Thanks. I love writing the interplay between Lavender and Susan. so there will be more MIT stories. -N-

Reviewer: Betamax
Date: 06/21/11 18:44
Chapter: The Haunted Tower

Its been a couple weeks since I checked your work but this story is definitely up to par. I don't yet know 'whodunnit' but I will be looking for clues. Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks, I hope Ive scatter enough information in the next chapter to allow you to make a decent guess before the end. -N-

Reviewer: hpgploversforever
Date: 06/21/11 13:00
Chapter: The Haunted Tower

What a wonderful chapter. Lavender is ? I guess theirs no other word I can find to describe her other than 'always turned on'. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.

Author's Response: Thank for the review. The next chapter will be the last due to the time constraints of the challenge. Theres lots more Lavender, but the Muggles solve the mystery. -N-

Reviewer: minervassister
Date: 06/15/11 23:15
Chapter: Prologue: Break in Transmission

Great start!
Looking forward to following the clues.
What a horrid bunch of characters, just like the real thing probably!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Time is pressing, the next chapter is submitted. Which of the crew committed the crime? Is this simply a police matter? Why would the Auror Office get involved? -N-

Reviewer: mistyquest
Date: 06/13/11 20:53
Chapter: Prologue: Break in Transmission

Oooooh a riveting beginning!! Can't wait for more:)
The ending reminds me so much of Quirrell yelling, "TROLL! TROLL IN THE DUNGEONS! Thought you ought to know."

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, your first for my stuff :-D This prologue introduces the suspects. Do you have any idea whodunit? -N-

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