Reviewer: Seda9204
Date: 11/27/13 12:08
Chapter: Chapter 1: After the end

I really wish you had continued this story, I'm sure it would have been amazing..

Reviewer: Phoenix Song114
Date: 06/24/12 22:52
Chapter: Chapter 4

Whoa cool! Great story!

Reviewer: snivellusgirl
Date: 03/23/12 16:09
Chapter: Chapter 4

hurry up with the next one! cant wait :)

Reviewer: baby54boomer
Date: 02/14/12 23:21
Chapter: Chapter 4

I was concerned with the lengthy intro (sans dialogue) to the story in chapter 1; however, you have redeemed yourself quite nicely on the whole. The more first-person interaction, the better. Be mindful of the use of background/support paragraphs: they can become weak replacements for dynamic action. Good job! I look forward to the next installment, so please don't wait too long to post!

Reviewer: Lyra Loveless
Date: 01/30/12 15:31
Chapter: Chapter 4

I love the complete change in Draco's character it captures his fall from grace perfectly, please continue this story, I am curious to see what happens next!

Reviewer: GinnyPotter711
Date: 12/03/11 18:29
Chapter: Chapter 4

It's still kinda weird to see Draco and Hermione being so friendly with one another. I can almost see the foundation being poured, though. Something is definitely building. Good chapter!

Author's Response: Draco has completely changed and Hermione is already friendly by nature.... glad you liked the chapter... :)

Reviewer: AccioThestral
Date: 11/20/11 21:03
Chapter: Chapter 1: After the end

Look forward to the next couple of chapters.. do you plan on posting soon and finishing the story? I've had bad experiences when the writer didn't finish and it was so good :( .. I really like yours so please keep writing thanks!

Author's Response: i will definitely keep on writing. I dont however plan to finish it soon but the updates will be quicker i think... glad you liked it... :)

Reviewer: AccioThestral
Date: 11/10/11 2:04
Chapter: Chapter 3: The Decision

So good pease keep writing and post asap

Author's Response: The chapter is in que... :) thank you!

Reviewer: Kolbka
Date: 10/26/11 17:22
Chapter: Chapter 3: The Decision

Wonderful story!
I really like the fanfics in which Malfoy changes, and you made it so realistic :)
Definitely one of my favourites... Do you know if and when approximately you will submit the next chapter? :)

Author's Response: the next chapter is done... it has been betaed... it will be in que in 2-3 days... glad you liked the story... :) just like you i always wanted to read a story with changes in Malfoy explained so it gave me inspiration... also i wanted both of them to choose their fate... i dint want it forced on them by some teacher or other circumstances... hence the whole 3rd chapter... The Decision... :)

Reviewer: nevilleherosnape
Date: 10/17/11 14:02
Chapter: Chapter 3: The Decision

Very well done!! Love it! Ron was very much Ron here yikes!!

Author's Response: Thank u! Ron, though i love him, is sometimes unreasonable.. it was not much of an imagination as to how he would have reacted... :P but he is the most realistic character, i believe, J.K has created. He is with his strengths and weaknesses alike but most guys would have reacted the same way he did i think,.. thanks again! :)

Reviewer: Tiger-Lily
Date: 10/15/11 6:44
Chapter: Chapter 3: The Decision

great chapter i can't wait to read about them while they do their project i have thoughts that the whole animagi thing is linked to the title but i still can't wait to read more please update soon :)

Author's Response: thank you! you might be right... but animagus Draco may also become Draco, the flying lizard!! :D

Reviewer: IceyFyre
Date: 09/28/11 17:49
Chapter: Chapter 2: Proposal

I love where this is going! You've gotten the emotions, doubts, thoughts, and expressions of the defeated Draco, forgiving Hermione, and angry Ron down pat! I can't wait for an update and love the plot for this story! :)

Author's Response: chapter 3 in queue!! :) thank you! i love all the characters including Ron... they are what they are... as created by the great J. K. Rowling... :) Glad you love the plot... hope to keep you interested till the end...

Reviewer: LilyLunaPotter08
Date: 08/30/11 0:24
Chapter: Chapter 2: Proposal

i LOVE you're fanfic...

Author's Response: Thank you!! :)

Reviewer: snivellusgirl
Date: 08/28/11 10:14
Chapter: Chapter 2: Proposal

da internal conflict in hermione's mind is described well.. nicely done..!

Author's Response: thank you snivellusgirl. More of Hermione's internal conflict in the next chapter... ;)

Reviewer: Melina Malfoy
Date: 08/28/11 9:37
Chapter: Chapter 2: Proposal

I LOVE IT!! Come on,, Hermione, work with Malfoy!! Looking forward to your next chapter. : )

Author's Response: Thank you soo much. Her decision is not an easy one.... lets see what happens... ;)

Reviewer: amyjoe
Date: 08/28/11 8:32
Chapter: Chapter 2: Proposal

wow!!....this is great.....i'm desperately waiting for more...And i love the way you've made draco's character transform..its so believable

Author's Response: thank you... i love the character. i wanted the change in him to be slow and well reasoned... :)

Reviewer: snivellusgirl
Date: 08/23/11 9:13
Chapter: Chapter 1: After the end

nice one. cant wait for da next chapter!! put it up asap!

Author's Response: :D it will be updated soon i hope...glad you liked it

Reviewer: Athena Black
Date: 08/21/11 19:42
Chapter: Chapter 1: After the end

Write more please?

Author's Response: :) yes.

Reviewer: Athena Black
Date: 08/21/11 19:40
Chapter: Chapter 1: After the end

Write more please?

Author's Response: 2 reviews? :) yes of course... i will be updating soon..

Reviewer: vivalavita
Date: 08/17/11 10:12
Chapter: Chapter 1: After the end

I am perhaps a bit biased, but I think this is a lovely start to a lovely story =D

Author's Response: :) :D thank you! we share the credit you know !

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