Reviews For For the Best
Reviewer: Ginnypotter2699
Date: 01/27/12 3:12
Chapter: Chapter 1

Is the baby Charlie's?

Reviewer: Gmariam
Date: 12/11/11 18:49
Chapter: Chapter 1

I have to say, I always enjoy reading your stories. They are always so raw and angsty that I am in awe of your writing. This is no exception. I don't often like fics with infidelity, but I really felt for Charlie here because you wrote so much more into it. The idea that he was often getting things after Bill and felt bitter, coupled with the fact that Bill was still so accepting of him getting some things over him (Quidditch, sex, etc.) really deepened his character. Add to that that he really did love Fleur, and it does become rather tragic--especially after the baby announcement. I'd love to ask whose it is, but I won't. I think that might spoil the bittersweet ending.
I will ask, however, why his family was so quick to assume George's offhand comment might be true. That was yet another thing that made me feel for Charlie, that his family seemed so quick to judge. He's right that they probably would disown him if they really knew. Sending him to New Zealand seems so far and so sad, but also the only answer for something like this. Poor guy.
Strangely, I don't really feel the same for Fleur, but I think that's just because this is from Charlie's point of view so we get to know him so much better. That she ran out at the end could be a sign of anything, but again--I'm not going to ask. :)
Great fic, Hannah!
~Gina :)

Reviewer: lucca4
Date: 12/11/11 5:40
Chapter: Chapter 1

Hannah, this story was absolutely amazing. I love how Charlie is penitent about what he has with Fleur only not really because he loves her…I love Bill and Fleur together but in this story I almost disliked Bill - especially after that wonderful line of yours: It was Bill's bedroom first, before Charlie. Gryffindor was Bill's House first, before Charlie. Firstly I think it really exemplifies how it is between first and second born children, but secondly I thought it was a great way to show (in so few words) how…non-possessive Charlie was, in comparison to bill, and how Fleur was the only woman he wanted but he couldn't have her because once again Bill got there first.

The smut was ahhh! So hot :D. It had that extra forbidden edge to it, where I wasn't quite sure I wanted Charlie and Fleur together but I had to keep reading because of the almost tangible chemistry between them. You wrote that very well, so great job! And you also managed to convince me that Bill should leave Fleur immediately and let Charlie have her, at least in this scenario.

The ending was fabulous but tragic and also beautiful in a way. We can see that Fleur really does care about Charlie when she flees from the room, which makes this all the more tragic. But it's realistic - obviously Bill isn't going to let his younger brother have his wife - and that's what makes it so perfect. I love the twist about the baby, I have a feeling it's Charlie's :).

Anyway, Great job with this story! I absolutely loved it. You are an incredibly talented writer.

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