Reviewer: Oregonian
Date: 01/31/14 21:23
Chapter: Chapter 17-Loose Ends

Wow, Ken, you stirred up a hornets’ nest with this story. Some readers appear to want to keep our favorite characters squeaky-clean and cannot believe that you would write them as handling their personal affairs so badly. You are accused of writing them Out Of Character, but I must comment on the other side of this debate.

We must remember that these characters are teenagers and early-twenty-somethings; that’s not very old. Neuroscience tells us that the frontal lobes of the brain, the location of the centers for impulse control, planning ahead, and considering the consequences of one’s actions, are not fully developed until about age 25, and even without the benefit of CT scans and MRIs, our Founding Fathers who wrote the U.S. Constitution knew, by their own observations, that people under the age of 25 had less common sense, hence the constitutional minimum age of 25 to be elected to Congress. I have seen teenagers, good kids, the offspring of my friends, do egregiously stupid things, some involving sex and some involving the police, because of three reasons: immaturity (as mentioned above), alcohol, and the stress of difficult life situations.

It is noteworthy that the worst behavior of your characters occurs in conjunction with alcohol, the Number One lubricant for sending people down the slippery slope to unintended disaster. I confess to being a little disturbed by how so many of the fanfiction stories on this site are awash in Firewhiskey”drinking to celebrate successes, deal with disappointments, provide surcease of sorrow, lift spirits, face tragedy, relax with friends, and on and on. When someone dies, someone else (often George) goes on a booze-soaked bender that lasts days, weeks, or even months. Characters who are just getting together for dinner end up tipsy or drunk with depressing regularity, and this is treated as being amusing.

Maybe this accurately reflects the usual real-life behavior at this age; I don’t know. It is easy to believe that injudicious drinking is a sign of having achieved adulthood, but the fact is that when you are in your twenties, your fervent wish is that no one will remember the dumb stuff you did in your teens, and when you are in your thirties, you hope to heaven that no one remembers the dumb stuff you did in your twenties. Wisdom comes with age and experience, not with fame and the awarding of medals.

So Ken, your story is realistic to me: teenagers thrown unprepared into situations they don’t know how to handle wisely. Stabbing Horcruxes with basilisk fangs is one thing; all this stuff is another.

Reviewer: GeekMcLeod
Date: 09/16/13 20:33
Chapter: Chapter 1-Old Friends and New Worlds

Honestly, can't express how much I loved this story. Absolutely amazing!! Just gonna be starting the sequel tonight!

Author's Response: Thanks soooo much!!!!!

Reviewer: SnapeWasRight
Date: 07/14/13 22:13
Chapter: Chapter 17-Loose Ends

I still think Harry shouldn't have gotten back with Ginny...different guy ever week!!

Author's Response: If you read the sequel she does it again and see what happens.

Reviewer: Potter8
Date: 11/15/12 21:22
Chapter: Chapter 17-Loose Ends

I would just like to say how much I loved reading this. With the ups and downs, and the twists an turns I couldn't stop reading. I have been with it since the start and have stayed the whole way. Can't wait for the sequel!

Reviewer: dawndragon2
Date: 10/25/12 15:49
Chapter: Chapter 17-Loose Ends


Author's Response: Working on a sequel.I hope to post first chapter soon. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: Dad
Date: 10/23/12 5:25
Chapter: Chapter 17-Loose Ends

I think it should be "Greengrass", not "Greenglass". Still a good read.

Reviewer: Molly Millanski
Date: 10/15/12 4:56
Chapter: Chapter 16 - Luna's Secret

I KNEW IT!!!!!!!

Reviewer: Dad
Date: 10/14/12 17:30
Chapter: Chapter 16 - Luna's Secret

Glad that ended without tears.

Reviewer: nevilleherosnape
Date: 10/14/12 0:22
Chapter: Chapter 16 - Luna's Secret


Reviewer: nevilleherosnape
Date: 09/28/12 15:14
Chapter: Chapter 15 - Some Muggle Magic

I'm crying happy tears!

Reviewer: Dad
Date: 09/28/12 9:27
Chapter: Chapter 15 - Some Muggle Magic

Good for Hermione.

Reviewer: Dad
Date: 09/24/12 17:31
Chapter: Chapter 14-A Life Together

Nice chapter.

Reviewer: nevilleherosnape
Date: 09/23/12 15:28
Chapter: Chapter 14-A Life Together


Reviewer: mollyweasly123
Date: 09/23/12 13:36
Chapter: Chapter 14-A Life Together

it was a very long story that i enjoyed

Reviewer: Dad
Date: 09/05/12 15:46
Chapter: Chapter 13- Operation Ginny

Seems some people are happy.

Reviewer: nevilleherosnape
Date: 08/30/12 23:14
Chapter: Chapter 12-A Very Weasley Wedding

Arggggggg! Cliffhanger!!

Reviewer: baby54boomer
Date: 08/30/12 19:16
Chapter: Chapter 12-A Very Weasley Wedding

Generally, this is a good "update" chapter, but perhaps not the best with all the info that seems to come at the reader without much thought. The last paragraph? Sorry...just too short. Doesn't build the kind of suspense I'm sure you were looking for.

Reviewer: Dad
Date: 08/30/12 19:04
Chapter: Chapter 12-A Very Weasley Wedding

Plenty going on in this chapter.

Reviewer: Molly Millanski
Date: 08/15/12 17:54
Chapter: Chapter 11 - Tragedy and Wedding Plans

OMG! Did Harry get Luna prregnant???????????

Author's Response: Wait and see...

Reviewer: Lady_Rayne
Date: 08/15/12 2:09
Chapter: Chapter 11 - Tragedy and Wedding Plans

Yay, update!!! I want to smack both Harry and Ginny right now! Ugh! LOL!

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