Reviews For Eyes Open
Reviewer: J-Holly
Date: 04/04/13 10:55
Chapter: Eyes Open

I don't really know what to think. It was sad how Luna loved him but he loved Hermione, and I kind of hated Ron for being like that. But I liked the way Luna was drawn in this fic, that she knew Harry wasn't dead. I guess Luna would have known. The reason I'm confused is because I don't know if Ron likes her or not, but still, it's a beautiful story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! It is rather sad, but Luna knew exactly how Ron felt throughout the entire piece. I think she's far more perceptive than people give her credit for, and though she really wanted it to work, after that kiss she knew it wouldn't. For Ron, it's always Hermione, and I believe he was trying to force himself to get over her that summer, but once (even though part of him felt something for Luna) he tried, he knew it was impossible. Thank you so much for the lovely review again!


Reviewer: Maple_and_PheonixFeather
Date: 08/15/12 22:36
Chapter: Eyes Open

Hello, Ellie!
This is a very interesting piece, and I’m happy I got a chance to read it, especially because Luna/Ron is a pairing I happen to like a lot.

I really liked how you approached POV. To me, it felt very much like second person, even though it was definitely first. I think this makes the emotions feel more real. When I’m mad and confused with a person, I think as if I were talking to them. I think that having Luna talk to Ron definitely made the memories seem more alive, because we really get to see, not only what Luna was thinking, but a lot of what she perceived Ron to be thinking in a very unique way.

For the most part, I loved how you characterised Luna. There was enough of her crazy theories to remind us of who she was, but not so much that we feel overburdened and she seems too eccentric. I think it is too easy for writers to milk her different views, and make her too over the top. I don’t think you did that here. One moment I did find a little unbelievable for Luna was at the beginning, when Neville is talking to her, but she is essentially ignoring him. I always thought that Luna respected Neville immensely, both as a friend and as a leader. I really don’t think she would ignore him just to watch Ron.

I really liked how Luna described Ron. I think it really did get to the bare essentials of who Ron is “ blunt and kind of awkward. I also really enjoyed how you simply portrayed him as lonely. Because of this, I totally bought that Ron would kiss Luna. Being lonely feels terrible, and I think it would make him more emotionally vulnerable, especially with what they are talking about, making him likely to kiss her.

I have a bit of mixed feelings about the song lyrics. In some parts, I felt that they were a little forced. For instance, when Luna says she’ll feel the scars of the lesson learned, it feels like it’s just trying to match the song lyrics. But at the same time, I can definitely see why they are there. They really mirror Luna’s reoccurring idea keeping your eyes open to the world around you. In that sense, I thought that the song matched perfectly.

Just a little bit of a POV issue. In the paragraph that starts “You had asked why I was humming”, Luna begins to refer to Ron as “him” instead of “you”.

Overall, I really liked this, Ellie. It was very cute and I liked the main idea that occurred throughout it : Keep your eyes open and you’ll begin to notice the things around you.


Author's Response: YAY! I wasn't sure whether my self-pimp would work, lol ...

Thank you so much for the amazing review. :) I wasn't really sure about Ron/Luna, but a certain Ebil Queen convinced me to write this (as well as Ron/Pansy, but that's different. :D) The POV was a certain struggle; when it was in the present, I believe that I made it more in the second person, then switched to first for the many flashbacks. I'll look into it, though. :) I'm glad it made it seem real ... that was a huge struggle for me when I was trying to write this.

Luna is definitely a different character to write. Like you said, it's hard to keep her quirks and make her seem real. ;) I''m glad you think I liked it. As for Neville; she does respect him, but I think my mentality on that was she was focusing on the big picture. I guess I thought she would see how people reacted to Harry's death, his best friend in particular. I always thought Luna loved to observe people.

I definitely know what you mean with the song lyrics, though. Some of it was rather forced. I'll see if I can work on that. :D But I'm really glad you liked it, and that I succeeded in writing something cute for once, lol. :D


Reviewer: nevilleherosnape
Date: 06/30/12 0:20
Chapter: Eyes Open

Beautifully written!! I love this alot! They grew up as neighbors so this is totally possible! Brilliant job!

Author's Response: Thanks. It was a bit out of the norm for me, and I personally blame Jess for the pairing. It was going to be Neville/Luna ... anyways, thanks for the review, and I'm glad you liked it! The picture was of a country road, so I automatically thought of the Burrow, or where Luna lives. :D It was Jess who managed to combine the two via teh flist.


Author's Response: Thanks. It was a bit out of the norm for me, and I personally blame Jess for the pairing. It was going to be Neville/Luna ... anyways, thanks for the review, and I'm glad you liked it! The picture was of a country road, so I automatically thought of the Burrow, or where Luna lives. :D It was Jess who managed to combine the two via teh flist.


Reviewer: Nagini Riddle
Date: 06/28/12 17:38
Chapter: Eyes Open

How interesting. I loved the song that played throughout the piece- it was really sweet. :) I am beginning to really enjoy these Luna stories that people are writing! Her characterization was beautiful and totally like Luna. Great job! Continue to let music inspire you. :D

Author's Response: Music is usually an inspiration, but most of the time not as obvious. ;) I'm really glad you like it; Eyes Open is definitely one of my favorite songs. It keeps me going sometimes. I'm so glad I got Luna right; she's probably one of the toughest characters to write. Thanks for the review!


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