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Reviewer: The_Real_Hermione
Date: 05/30/13 6:23
Chapter: Chapter 1

This is a really sweet story, and written really well. It's not easy to tackle Luna, and particularly in this kind of interior monologue form because you really have to be inside her head, but I think you did a great job. This line pretty much capped the story perfectly for me - You’ll discover that it’s very tricky to make people think and speak logically; I still haven’t given up trying though. - how much more Luna can you get? You just articulated that perfectly.

I loved how she was constantly preoccupied with her feet, it just seemed like the kind of thing she would get caught up with and keep thinking about. I liked that she wanted to tell her twins so much about her life and the people around her too, that was really sweet.

I liked the allusions to canon characters - obviously her father, who was wonderfully crazy as always (I liked that he's taken to Welsh, that was a nice unique touch), but also the idea that Luna and Molly might disagree about child-rearing, or how she relates to Ginny versus Hermione.

I loved how you slipped Rolf's character in there, I got the impression that there would be plenty of healthy debate about magical creatures in their household, like in this section Of course, Rolf would rather talk about whether or not I could fit a Mooncalf inside me yet. It is rather more pleasing to be Snorkack-sized, I think. Rolf thinks I might be so big because of the dirigible plums, but I’m not so sure. I feel like they would both have their opinions. But also you showed how much he really cared for her, and I think after what Luna has suffered she really does deserve that.

There is also such a beautiful honesty to Luna, I think that's why she's become such a favourite character for so many people, and you really showed that here, for example with her opinions on Rolf's Great Aunt Bernice, or her opinions bout how other people ignore things like the Rotfang Conspiracy.

This was also beautifully peppered with references to some of the weird and crazy things she mentions in canon, like the Rotfang Conspiracy, the Snorkacks, the Heliopaths etc - it didn't seem like you were trying hard to show off your knowledge, it just fit in seamlessly with her characterisation. I also loved the reference to conspiracy in the newspaper article - so Quibbler!

Anyway, loved this story, you really got spot on with Luna.


Reviewer: 1000timesingoldenink
Date: 10/28/12 19:45
Chapter: Chapter 1

You write first person Luna really well. And I like the birth date!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review :) Luna is definitely good fun to write, so it's lovely to hear that other people like her too. And yeah, I though that the birth date was apt for Luna's sons. I mean, who else? Thanks again!


Reviewer: Europa27
Date: 08/20/12 16:34
Chapter: Chapter 1

typically luna.... its lovely how u have included her dreamy tone right till the end... enjoyed it..

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Trying to get Luna's voice right is always an enjoyable challenge.


Reviewer: Kreacher Feacher
Date: 08/18/12 17:03
Chapter: Chapter 1

This is amazing!! I loved it! I love Luna sooo much, and I enjoy writing her. I am actually writing a next generation fic, in Lysander's perspective. You should read it! I hasn't been verified yet, but it hopefully won't take long. Again, I loved it! You have a real talent!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm very fond of Luna too and had a lot of fun writing about her. Good luck with getting your story accepted.


Reviewer: Trucker
Date: 08/03/12 5:10
Chapter: Chapter 1

Thanks for such a sweet story about my favorite character in the HP universe.

Author's Response: Oh, you're more than welcome! I had such fun writing it, and it's really great to know that you liked it. Thank you!


Reviewer: Dad
Date: 07/31/12 10:16
Chapter: Chapter 1

Amusing and nice.

Author's Response: Thank you! That was exactly what I was aiming for.


Reviewer: PeppermintToads
Date: 07/31/12 1:51
Chapter: Chapter 1

I myself struggle while attempting to write Luna, but this was amazing! I love how they were born on a day that only comes around every other year--Xenophilius would probably see that as some kind of Dirigible Plum magic ^_^ Fantastic job, Sophie!

Author's Response: Awww, thanks Julie. Yes, I'm sure Xenophilius would be thrilled by the magical possibilities/implications of their birthdate. Luna would just take it all in her stride, I reckon. She does have a reputation of being hard to write, but once you've found her voice, I'm sure you'll be okay. And, actually, it's even better than you think. February 29th is only once every four years!


Reviewer: GinnyPotter95
Date: 07/30/12 23:59
Chapter: Chapter 1

Haha! I just love Luna and her oddity's. Who doesn't? Love your fic!

Author's Response: Thanks, Nidhi! Oddities are rather Luna's speciality, and I love her for them too.


Reviewer: Lost_Robin
Date: 07/30/12 20:21
Chapter: Chapter 1

Awwww. I love Luna. I especially loved the diatribe she had about her feet. Great story. And of course the twins were born on Leap Day.

Author's Response: Thank you, Krista! Luna is a favourite of mine, and I'm glad you like her too. Something as unlikely as having twins on February 29th could only happen to her, I guess.


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