Reviewer: the opaleye
Date: 10/07/13 6:17
Chapter: Fifty Shades of Chartreuse

There’s something about this fic that makes me feel a bit fuzzy inside no matter how many times I read it. I think it’s the way the conversation at the bar flows so naturally, the vivid imagery, and Graham’s realisation at the end. He does go through somewhat of a journey, and I always enjoy that journey even though I know the twist at the end now.

It’s always nice to spot the details you leave along the way that indicate Megan is not who she seems - the way the barmaid looks at him strangely because he’s sitting there talking to no one, her cold skin, the fact that her name is on the door because it’s a plaque not because it’s still her dressing room.

I find Graham a really likeable character, and I like the way you take the one small canon detail that we know about him - being stuck in the Vanishing Cabinet - and build his personality and habits around that. Also, I think his aversion to watching his friends make out in a bar is something universally relatable! Megan on the other hand is wonderfully mysterious. She is warm and inviting, and yet even before we know what’s happened to her, we can sense the sadness within her already.

Their encounter is brief, but I like that it’s going to lead to a change in Graham, hopefully for the better.

I also really, really want to try Chartreuse now! But I haven't been able to come across it at any bar yet. I was at a French wine importers last week and had resolved myself to buy it but then I completely forgot! Too caught up in all the Alsatian pinot gris tut tut.

Reviewer: Equinox Chick
Date: 08/26/12 18:10
Chapter: Fifty Shades of Chartreuse

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. I got all goosepimply towards the end (I won;t spoil in case there are readers like you - ha ha ).

Gina, well-crafted and well written. Sorry this is a pants review, but I think you caught the theme of the challenge very well and gave Graham some depth.

VERY well done. ~Carole~

Author's Response: Thank youuuuuuu, Carole! I keep hoping it's not that bad considering what a flop it's been, lol. I'm glad you liked it. I really enjoyed writing this minor character, strangely enough. Thank you so much for coming to read it, I really appreciate the review!! ~Gina :)

Reviewer: chattyswimmer
Date: 08/21/12 21:43
Chapter: Fifty Shades of Chartreuse

hi :) I wasn't sure what to expect exactly when I started this, and I can say it surprised me how much I liked it! Very original, with a good plot and an unhurried story, Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you took a chance and read it, and I'm really glad you ended up enjoying it! It surprised me at times as I was writing it, lol. Thank you so much for the lovely review, I really appreciate it! ~Gina :)

Reviewer: xxbabewithbrainsxx
Date: 08/20/12 12:54
Chapter: Fifty Shades of Chartreuse


Gina, I planned on leaving you a SPEW review for this, but I'm so gobsmacked that it would get a terrible score, lolol.

This was fabbbbbbb! And totally unexpected, most definitely.

Okay, I shall start from the beginning. I liked how you introduced Graham, and how he seemed to have had quite a few problems and then rectified them. I definitely think he was given a fitting job, considering what happened to him in the Vanishing Cabinet, and his fear of Apparition made sense.

I loled at Adrian and Gemma, but I did think that when Megan came into the scene, I kind of skimmed over things a bit. If their conversation was written out as dialogue, I think it might have been better, as we were told a lot of things but not really shown them properly. I still think they had good chemistry, but it would've been even better if you had more of their conversation.


And then they went into the back room. I do think that was written well, and ngl, I didn't understand why Megan was so cold, either. But I'm wondering how it's possible to have sex with a ghost, lolol, considering what they're like in canon. I certainly can buy that Graham wouldn't have noticed that she was a ghost if he was drunk/it was dark/etc. That isn't a nitpick, btw -- I just want to know, as much as Graham does, about how that was even physically possible, lol.

Anyway, picks aside, I thought this was wonderful and ingenious, Gina. (You are a true Claw, hehehe) I expected it just to be a funny parody of Fifty Shades of Suck with a bit of good smut in it, but you made it so much more than that. You added some wonderful depth to Graham's character and Megan's, for that matter, even though she remains a somewhat mystery, lol. This deserves wayyyyyy more than one review, though, so *hugs*


Author's Response: Another review! Squee!! Thank you so much for daring to look at this strange little piece. Gobsmacked, eh? I figure it's not what people might expect, esp. from me. It certainly started out as quite a different idea in my mind. Poke me if you want to know my original plan for parodying 50 Shades, lol. But then it morphed into something more serious, something real. I'm glad you enjoyed it. So two things: first of all, I totally see your point about more dialogue between Graham and Megan. That probably would have built up their connection more, but you know what? I just didn't want to. LOL! I simply felt like glossing over it and getting to the important stuff, so to speak. I just wasn't interested in writing out so much talking over the course of the evening. Ah well, I think it works without it, just maybe not as much. As for the sex/ghost bit - yeah, who knows. I just wanted to leave ghostly clues - cold skin, strange glow, the haunting reference. I didn't stop to think of the mechanics of it. That's for Graham to discover in the DoM, because in my mind, Megan has not only sort of revived him a bit, but also sparked an interest in the subject. He really does try to solve the mystery. Does he? I don't know. Maybe I can write a sequel for another challenge, lol. But it was fun--hard work, but fun in the end--finding all sorts of chantreuse references and working out Graham in my mind. I'm still a bit surprised at ending up with such a decent guy, lol. I'm glad you enjoyed him, and the story, and just THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ACTUALLY REVIEWING THIS!! *hugs* ~Gina :)

Reviewer: Dad
Date: 08/09/12 9:46
Chapter: Fifty Shades of Chartreuse

Made a nice change. Well done.

Author's Response: I was thinking it was a bit different (for me, at least) as well, so I'm glad you agree. I'm glad you enjoyed it too. Thank you for the review! ~Gina :)

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