Reviewer: SoGranola
Date: 03/24/13 18:36
Chapter: one shot

I'm not sure I have anything constructive to say about this piece, because all I want to do is gush about it. I love, love, love the imagery in this. I'm especially crazy for the "question mark in her chest". In a short one-shot, you managed to cover Hannah's childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood with specific anecdotes (the baking, the sorting, her mother's death, etc) and make it flow BEAUTIFULLY. Well done, x 1000, WeasleyMom, and thank you.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much. I think you must like Hannah. :) So do I. The only other Hannah-fic I have (that you haven't read/reviewed) is Ordinary Magic, though it is really Ernie's show. It's only got one chapter though--I've been slow in continuing it though it isn't dead.

Thanks so much for the kind words about this. I'm thrilled you enjoyed it and thought it worked even though its rather short. There aren't many folks around here anymore who take the time to review, and you've left me TWO! So thanks... I really appreciate it! ~ Lori

Reviewer: Equinox Chick
Date: 03/16/13 11:09
Chapter: one shot

Of course, I recommended this story for SBBC and then never left a review. Allow me to rectify that :)

Lori, this is utterly beautiful and fits so well with the image I have of Hannah. I loved the way you subverted the yellow theme turning it from sunshine and happiness to sallow death. The line about black being kind was so well thought out and my heart wrenched a little at that. (so true, so true)

I'm trying to think if I have any crit, but I don;t, except I want to read more. But this sits so delightfully into your Neville/Hannah canon and has now slipped into mine. Beautifully written, Lori.


Author's Response: Crolllllll! Thanks so much for recommending this for SBBC. Even though it wasn't chosen, a few people read because of it and left reviews. :)

I'm glad you thought this worked. I love writing Hannah, and think I must identify more with her than any of the other Potter characters. I had intended to expand this, as I think it is bordering on too short, but when I look at it, I'm not sure where I should go to expand. So for now, it is what it is. Thanks as always, for the lovely review! <3 ~Lori

Reviewer: hestiajones
Date: 02/23/13 9:30
Chapter: one shot

Lori, I have no idea yet if this fic will be chosen for discussion or not, but let me say that it is one of the most beautifully written stories I've read. It's just very evocative. I'll confess I teared up in the middle, but finished with a smile. Great work!

Author's Response: Aw, Natalie, that means so much coming from you. I always enjoy writing Hannah -- something about it gets very close to home with me. I think its some of the most personal writing I do. I'm glad you were able to connect with the piece enough to tear up. Thanks for the review! *hugs*

Reviewer: the opaleye
Date: 02/22/13 20:02
Chapter: one shot

Lori, how did I miss this beautiful, beautiful fic? In so few words you've built up an entire character. I feel like I know Hannah. You expose her with every new word - she unfolds with each new paragraph until we have this whole human being who feels so very familiar and yet new at the same time. I love the way you developed the Hannah/Neville relationship, too. Again, in so few words you made their story fully formed and... beautiful. I can't think of any other way to describe it.

Julia x

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Julia. I honestly thought it would be longer, and in the end, it wasn't even long enough to be considered for the challenge that prompted it. But even though its more like an extended drabble, the length felt right to me. I'm so glad you were able to enjoy/appreciate it. Thanks, as always for the review, friend. :)

Reviewer: Gmariam
Date: 08/12/12 0:27
Chapter: one shot

Nice job, Lori! I thought the connection you made with yellow and death - white being tainted, death not hiding in blackness - was really amazing. And yet, even as Hannah connected that color with death, still she accepted it as part of life. Nice. The little scene with Neville - the subtle change in the lift - was sweet and lovely. In a very few paragraphs I understood Neville/Hannah a little bit better. The story was short and I could see expanding it if you had time, but I think you did a nice job and did right by finishing it and posting it! ~Gina :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Gina. I thought that bit with yellow being the color of death was kind of morbid, but at the same time, it bore the ring of truth when I was writing. I'm glad you enjoyed this, even though it was short.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Gina. I thought that bit with yellow being the color of death was kind of morbid, but at the same time, it bore the ring of truth when I was writing. I'm glad you enjoyed this, even though it was short.

Reviewer: baby54boomer
Date: 08/11/12 20:42
Chapter: one shot

Very lovely, the way you intertwined the yellows throughout Hannah's life. Good job.

Author's Response: Thanks so much.

Reviewer: ginevra715
Date: 08/11/12 15:38
Chapter: one shot

This is really beautiful! Poetic, but without losing the thread of the story. Every time you jumped a few years forward I wanted to know what was going to happen in the past scene, but you made the transition so subtly that I immediately accepted and moved forward with the story.

Author's Response: I'm glad you thought it worked. It's really almost a drabble in terms of length, but it just seemed right to handle in this way... almost just a little glimpse of each time. Thanks again -- I appreciate you taking the time to read and leave a review!

Reviewer: Dad
Date: 08/11/12 9:09
Chapter: one shot

A nice read.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. :)

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