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Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 08/21/15 3:04 · For: Pineapples, artichokes, sneezewort, sunflowers and daisies
I liked this story. It wasn't real funny or real sad. It had a relaxing and pleasant feeling. It showed a quiet time in the library and I think Neville and Luna gained a new respect for each other.

Name: canufeelthemagictonight (Signed) · Date: 11/09/13 13:37 · For: Pineapples, artichokes, sneezewort, sunflowers and daisies
And now, I have officially learned math on the weekend! The horror...

Math made up for, however, by the perfect Neville/Luna. I will go down with this ship!

Oh, and was the Hannah reference deliberate?

Author's Response: Lol...glad you liked it. And yes, it was...although actually, Hannah Abbott appeared (extremely briefly) in the original chocolate in the library scene.

Name: TeamCedric (Signed) · Date: 03/03/13 22:05 · For: Pineapples, artichokes, sneezewort, sunflowers and daisies
Ok, I officially love everything you've written so far; and I do not say that lightly. You have a real facility with words and descriptions and dialogue; really it's a pleasure to read. And you taught me something at the same time! I was so happy to see Neville displaying his knowledge; we spend too much time talking about how bad he is at everything (until the end of course). Will be favouriting you forthwith. :)

Author's Response: My goodness! Thank you...now I am wishing I had Luna's ability to figure out what to say to compliments! And it makes me happy to know that the math/botany was comprehensible; it was difficult to convey through words because it's all so visual. So it's great to hear that it made sense to you.

Name: J-Holly (Signed) · Date: 03/01/13 20:22 · For: Pineapples, artichokes, sneezewort, sunflowers and daisies
Jenny's last theorem:
You+WrenWinterSong=Amazing story!

I really like how you used the connection between math and biology to connect two characters, Neville and Luna. Please write more of Neville/Luna, I love how you write them.

P.S. My name is Jenny too, And I'm studying for a math contest. Interesting coincidence!

Author's Response: *yay another Harry Potter math nerd* Oh, I doubt it will be your last theorem. :) I'm glad you liked my story! I love writing Luna, or writing about her from other perspectives. I do have a Luna-centric chaptered fic growing in my head...but as I have another chaptered fic which is better-developed, I am writing that one first, so the Luna one will be a while. Sorry. Now I want to know what math contest you're studying for! Because I actually have another one this morning...and I'm kind of nervous...wish me luck, and good luck to you!

Name: Trucker (Signed) · Date: 02/03/13 23:21 · For: Pineapples, artichokes, sneezewort, sunflowers and daisies
Math? “God exists since mathematics is consistent, and the devil exists since we cannot prove the consistency.” -- Morris Kline

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing; I love the quote! :D (And thanks for reminding me that I really ought to be practicing for the AMC right now...

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