Reviews For Friends and Foes
Reviewer: MagicMirror15256
Date: 07/16/15 23:30
Chapter: City of Westminster

I'm really excited for the next chapter! I found this series yesterday and have speed-read through it. I'm really liking Bobbie and her perspective of the magic world. Keep up the great work and I hope to read more from you soon! -L

Reviewer: fi103r
Date: 06/06/15 20:43
Chapter: City of Westminster

Yaaah! Another one batted over the fence Harry has a live one here! Got a good one in there frying Kingsly's brain on Muggle police work. Snicker, no one thought about crooks getting married? swish -Streeeeike one
Keep up the good work

Reviewer: Sannah
Date: 08/14/14 0:13
Chapter: Prologue: A Surrey Start

I was thrilled to see this update and really love the way you provide the backstory for your original characters while telling the stories featuring HP characters
One thing I did not get about this chapter ways why did Harry and Hermione not provide more information about magical world since they both lived muggle and had to learn about the magical world.
I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter (of FaF or anything else you write)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.
Hermione didn’t want to say anything, Harry was simply answering Bobbie’s questions. Besides, they have both been in the magical world for ten years.

Reviewer: desertsol98
Date: 08/11/14 13:36
Chapter: Islington Evening

Yay another update! I think Bobbie is handling it all rather well.

I am happy with the fact that Harry is able call Ginny out on being a bad looser, it keeps in "real" in my mind and not many fanfic writers do that with this couple.

Author's Response:
Bobbie is doing okay. Although she has no idea what she's letting herself in for.
I'm sure that, like all sporting professionals, Ginny doesn't like to lose. It goes with the territory.

Reviewer: ABowtrucklesNiffler
Date: 08/11/14 6:37
Chapter: Islington Evening

This story just keeps getting better and better. I love seeing both Harry and Ginny and Ron and Hermione's relationships from other people's points of view. Great way to begin the week, thank you so much. Looking forward to more of your stories, hoping for some more of 'Epithalamium' soon?

Author's Response:
Thank you.
It will be some time before Bobbie sees Ginny and Hermione, but she’ll be seeing Harry sooner than she thinks.
Next may be Research and Development or Epithalamium, I’m not sure which will be finished first.

Reviewer: fi103r
Date: 08/10/14 18:53
Chapter: Islington Evening

Poor Bobbie
fell down the rabbit hole we (US readers) fell into back in 98 She gives Muggleborn a new definition. She did want answers, for some reason she doesn't seem to think much of the info she is getting.
Looks like she is holding up OK
can't wait til she sees Kreacher or better yet Luna
Excellent keep up the good work!

Author's Response:
Next: Harry and Kingsley have a chat; Bobbie gets more information, chooses sides, and gives some useful information; and, Lavender is Lavender.
No Kreacher or Luna, but the Ministry.

Reviewer: minervassister
Date: 08/10/14 12:26
Chapter: Islington Evening

Bobbie finally finds out about magic.
Poor Hermione all those broken rules!
What is Kingsley going to say in the morning?

Author's Response:
It’s taken a while (years since she first featured in one of my stories).
You’d think she’d be used to it by now.
You’ll find out soon.

Reviewer: desertsol98
Date: 07/09/14 13:53
Chapter: Chelsea Girl, Soho Gang

I really like this chapter. I really enjoyed seeing how much work Bobbie put into this and I can see why Harry wanted her for M.I.T.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. You'll be seeing a lot more of Bobbie. -N-

Reviewer: fi103r
Date: 07/06/14 11:46
Chapter: Chelsea Girl, Soho Gang

Now I see why Harry hired Bobbie, this sports fans is how you investigate stuff pull pieces together, Apply Occams razor what ever is left no matter how bizarre are the facts.
Only puzzle to me was Harry not expecting the investigation to be closed wasn't that the whole point of getting the 'crime' transferred to Auror office?
Please sir may we have some more?
Keep up the good work

Author's Response: Thank you. Bobbie's hard work has sort of paid off for her. She may not think so yet. Harry was supposed to be surprised at the speed at which the investigation was closed. I'll take another look at that bit. More soon. -N-

Reviewer: Snorkack
Date: 07/06/14 9:25
Chapter: Chelsea Girl, Soho Gang

This story is getting better and better. I didn't like the early Dursley chapters too much, but now it's getting really interesting and the last chapter was great - I'd always wondered how PC Beadle got to join the Auror Office! Please update soon!
Is there any chance of a new chapter of "Strangers" soon, by any chance?

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.
The Dursleys will return later in the story. Bobbie has been part of my future history since I wrote Grave Days. I hope to update this story every four weeks or so.
As for Strangers: now that real life has begun to return to normal, I hope to update several of my unfinished tales.

Reviewer: minervassister
Date: 07/05/14 4:02
Chapter: Chelsea Girl, Soho Gang

Oh what an ending!
Now we have to wait for Bobbie's reaction.
Another great chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.
Real life is returning to normal for me and I'm finding more time to write. So, hopefully, you won't have too long to wait.

Reviewer: fi103r
Date: 06/09/14 22:29
Chapter: Cymru

Hmmm maybe Dumbledore kept Dung around for more than comic relief
I bet the interview with Astoria will be the high point of Lavender's day < smirk> just skool daze all over again
meanwhile which jailhouse do they park Dung
Hope this leads to more info on other missing persons cases there seem to be quite a few loose ends.

Author's Response: I wonder which had more uses, dragon dung, or "Dung" Fletcher? My money's on the former.
Lavender, Susan, Pansy, Astoria: I'm going to enjoy writing that chapter.
I'll be unravelling more threads before I start to tie them up.

Reviewer: desertsol98
Date: 06/09/14 12:59
Chapter: Cymru

I'm looking forward to Lavender's meeting with Pansy, it should be good!

Author's Response: I hope so, but before that, there is the small matter of a police investigation. -N-

Reviewer: desertsol98
Date: 04/09/14 12:52
Chapter: Belgravia Mews

Yay! Finally get to see how Bobbi Beadle got involved.

Great chapter, looking forward to the next one.

Author's Response:
Thanks, you'll be seeing more of Bobbie.
More Soon.

Reviewer: minervassister
Date: 04/08/14 9:32
Chapter: Belgravia Mews

Great chapter1
Loved the interchange between the muggle police and the aurors.
Looking forward to the visit to Malfoy Manor.

Author's Response: Thanks.
Harry's team still need to practice, but they're getting better.
You will see Draco, but not for a while.

Reviewer: witch1561
Date: 04/05/14 22:33
Chapter: Belgravia Mews

So, this is our first meeting with Bobbie! Very interesting... I hope they catch Goyle and friends quickly.

Your story, as always, is fascinating and detailed. I love all the insights into police work - do you have experience there? Or is this very careful research?

Author's Response: Thanks for the review
The second meeting is coming soon, but don’t expect a rapid resolution regarding Goyle. That particular chapter is still some way away.
The police stuff was research, not experience.

Reviewer: minervassister
Date: 03/27/14 14:06
Chapter: The Burrow (Mostly)

Great to see Angelina at the Burrow on her first visit.
Like the way the story is going, please update soon.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.
It will be a while before you see Angelina again, but the next chapter will be up very soon.

Reviewer: Quidditch through the ages
Date: 03/17/14 20:27
Chapter: Prologue: A Surrey Start

I can't wait to read more! I love Daisy, and how you have kept the flower name theme for Evans/Dursley women, though JKR seems to relish them in general. (Lavender, Myrtle, Lily, Petunia, Pansy, etc.)

So, Millie-could her given name be Millicent?

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.
Daisy will be back, but not for a few chapters. Instead you’ll be meeting another OC. I look on Lavender as having a colour name, because I called her mother Carmine, and her daughter violet, except that’s a flower too, isn’t it? As for Millie…

Reviewer: Cinderella Angelina
Date: 03/10/14 15:24
Chapter: The Burrow (Mostly)

I really loved the George and Angelina parts. Just went back and read April Fool and Angelina again before rereading this chapter, just to remember how the story was progressing.

I also really, really like what you suggest of Percy and Audrey's relationship. I've surmised a lot from the little you say, and it amuses me greatly.

Looking forward to whatever comes next!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.
This chapter is set two weeks after April Fool, and a week after Angelina (which I really must edit).
I know how, when, and where Percy and Audrey got together, but that’s another story, and it’s one I won’t start for a long time.

Reviewer: sejackson91
Date: 03/09/14 21:56
Chapter: To the North

Hmm... Millie Flynn huh? Sure that's not Millie Flint? I think I know where this is at some point going. Well done as usual.

Author's Response: Certain! Anyway, who is Millie Flint? :-D -N-

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