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Hey so, my bio... I'm a Gryffindor :D

I love Tom Riddle, Theodore Nott, Sirius Black (yeah right, like who doesn't?), James Potter Sr, Remus Lupin, Ted Tonks, Oliver Wood, Draco Malfoy, and...uh...BUCKBEAK!

I have finally got my first story up! *Throws party!* Please be so kind to read and review. Some feedback would be nice. :)

I'm a Beta-reader and I have Beta'ed some fabulous stories such as:
Hiding In The Attic -Celtic_Jewel.
More Than A Game -Hypatia.

Moving onto non-Harry Potter stuff (yes, there is such a world). I love X-Men, Spiderman (!!), and...hold on...uhh...stuff...like...scary movies?

So yeah...
Check out my stories, S'il vous plaÓt et merci!
Gen. :)

{{UPDATE 10-14-10}}
My new story Boy Oh Boy is up and running!
Keep your eyes opened for the sequel coming soon!

If You Change Your Mind is on hold until further notice.

{{UPDATE 10-16-10}}
The second story in my Andromeda/Ted series (Stay With Me) is with the beta right now. It will hopefully be up sometime next week. I'm working on the third now.

{{UPDATE 11-3-10}}
Stay With Me is now up and Promise Me is in the queue.

{{UPDATE 11-8-10}}
Promise Me is now up! I've been working on If You Change Your Mind. I have up to chapter six done, but I'm still in the editing process of things. I'll try to have the next chapter up by the end of this month. Sorry for the wait!

UPDATE {{12-12-10}}
I lied and I'm sorry. I didn't update anything. I will however have a new story up soon. It is for the Gryffindor Tower Christmas Swap. I'm just sending it to my beta now. My Christmas break starts soon, so I might try to write something. Sorry for the long wait guys!

{{UPDATE 12-28-10}}
Merry *late* Christmas! I have a new story up, Warming a Cold Heart, it is for Becca for the Gryffindor Christmas Craziness Swap.I have added a new chapter to If You Change Your Mind, it is in the queue now.

{{UPDATE 07-25-11}}
Oh, wow. I really suck at this. Itís been half a year and I havenít updated ANYTHING! I feel like a failure. But fear not! I have a new story. Itís a story about Remus, when he is younger and does not have a title yet. Iím searching for a Beta now, so hopefully it will be up soon! Um, about If You Change Your Mind. You see, I am lazy Ė plain and simple. I have six chapters done, but only two up. Iím sorry. Iím going to try my hand at a Tom Riddle story, because I just love him SO much. He might be evil, but he is VERY swoon worthy. ;)

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Daddy by blondebouncingferret

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: Post Hogwarts: Ron and Harry are sent to America for Auror training. Ron spends his last night in England with Hermione, and after returning two years later, he finds Hermione with a fifteen-month-old baby ...
Reviewer: Sagen Signed
Date: 03/14/08 Title: Chapter 2: As the Months Pass

Oh my gosh! I have to say this is one of my most favourite stories every. It's just so sweet. I absolutly love it. Your a great writer.

It's Witchcraft by Nicole_Riddle

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: When Draco Malfoy finds himself falling for the Gryffindor know-it-all, he convinces himself that it’s merely witchcraft. But when they both finally come to terms with the truth, nothing can stop them from being together. This is a tale of forbidden love and dangerous passion weaved into the Half-Blood Prince, where circumstances beyond their control might tear Draco and Hermione apart forever… Check out the long awaited sequal Fatum Amoris...The Fate of Love about Medea Malfoy and Patrick Potter now appearing in the other pairings section.

Reviewer: Sagen Signed
Date: 01/08/09 Title: Chapter 1: With One Look

I absolutly LOVE your story, it totally got me hooked on DM/HG. But now I can't find anything as good as this ;).

Author's Response: Thank You!! And I'm sorry you can't find anything else you like! I found it difficult to find them too...so I wrote that I liked lol. Now I'm over the moon that everyone else likes it too!! Thanks again.

Untold Tales From the Songbook of Priscilla Love by TheVanishingAct

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Priscilla Love, a sixth year at Hogwarts during Harry Potter's final year, is a hormonal, profanity-loving, teenage girl who has the hots for Seamus Finnigan and the hates for Lavender Brown. Her best friend Valerie is a shawl-wearing binge-emotionalist who could name a thousand uses for toadstools at a moment’s notice. Phoebe and Selene Rowle are notorious for their father’s crimes as a Death Eater, but not for any wrongs they committed (unless it’s for being the most mysterious set of twins Hogwarts has ever seen). So what, exactly, do these four have in common?

An attack on Dean Thomas leaves him severely injured and left in the care of St. Mungo's, where he learns that he can no longer communicate normally. He has secrets of where the Dark Lord's Horcruxes are, but without being able to talk or write, the only way he can communicate is through his art.

It's up to Harry, Ron, Hermione, and a dispatch of Ministry Officials to find these Horcruxes. It's up to Priscilla Love to tell her point of view of these events as she works with her peers to understand what the bloody hell is going on. Oh, and she must win Seamus' heart (and unoccupied side of the bed).

It’s a matter of life and death – for everyone involved.
Reviewer: Sagen Signed
Date: 03/24/08 Title: Chapter 1: Faster Than Me and My Lacy Bras Could Run

Oh, I really liked it, (and not only because I

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

More Than A Game by Hypatia

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: “Lord Voldemort has never had a friend, nor do I believe that he has ever wanted one.” -Dumbledore, HBP, ch. 13

Dumbledore was rarely wrong, only once did Lord Voldemort desire a friend. It started out as only a game…

First place winner in the Color of Love Challenge.

Nominated for Best Romance Between Other Characters in the 2008 QSQs!
Reviewer: Sagen Signed
Date: 03/24/08 Title: Chapter 1: More Than A Game

Hey H-J!!!
Oh my Godric! I loved it. Your a fabulous writer! (Hehe and it says my name!)
-Gen, xo

I Never... by Russia Snow

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: It was only a kiss, how did it end up like this? It was only a kiss… It was only a kiss…

Draco Malfoy has been released from Azkaban. He is free to start a fresh. The only problem is, he doesn’t want a new start, he still wants one thing from his old life. He wants that one thing more than anything in the entire world. But she does not want him back. And he cannot accept that.

Nominated for 2009 QSQ's in " Best Dark/Angst"

Songfic: Mr Brightside by The Killers

Dedicated to an amazing beta, and awesome friend, Gabby. BeautyInTheBreakdown. Thankyou so much :)
Reviewer: Sagen Signed
Date: 07/26/09 Title: Chapter 1: I Never...

I am reviewing just like I said. :)

Okay, I don't know where to start. I have never read a fic that was kinda like Draco/Ginny before. This was the first time. And you know what? I LOVED IT!

You are a brilliant author and I cannot wait for your other stories. Get writing girl!

The song with the story is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!


Author's Response: Aww Gen thankyou! I am glad you enjoyed it! Have I entised you into my OTP?? lol And thankyou, I should have a first chapter of a fic called "Torn" up soon :D look out for it! I am glad yopu liked the song, i was just listening to it one day and I'm like "INSPIRATION!" i love it when that happens >.< Thankyou! Russia xxxx

Torn by Russia Snow

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Jenna Lloyd is a normal Muggle; she has a normal name, and lives a normal life. Who would have thought that a shower of rain, a mysterious antique shop and a beautiful locket, would change her life forever?
Reviewer: Sagen Signed
Date: 08/06/09 Title: Chapter 1: The Locket

Ohh! Russia! I love it! You are a totally amazing author and I love your work. :)

I can't wait to read the rest of it! You better have the other chapters up soon or I'll scream! ;)

Love ya,
Gen :D

*Who is soo happy your story is up*

Author's Response: Awww Gen! Thankyou so much! I am soo happy you like it! I will ahve more chapters uo soon, I promise! Russia xxxxx

Perfect Percy by Nitwit Blubber Oddment Tweak x

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Percy Weasley started out like any other young boy - eager and determined as he frequently decided what he wanted to be when he grew up. Sometimes it was an Auror, sometimes it was the Headmaster of Hogwarts and sometimes it was even the Minister for Magic! What changed? What made Percy go from being a merely ambitious child to the pompous and self-righteous character we knew in the series?
Reviewer: Sagen Signed
Date: 08/08/09 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Hey Emma.
I erally love this story so far.
I think it's cool how it's about Percy and how he turned from a eager little kid to a serious man. I never read anything like it I love it.
Percy is one of my favourite characters (along with Charlie). :)

Author's Response: Hey Gen, Thanks a lot! I just figured that Percy doesn't get a lot of credit for who he really is (or, maybe, who I suspect he really is). He's not the most lovable character out there, but he's interesting. And as you said, he's not the most popular character to write about - and I love writing about those kind of characters :]

Not Like This by Russia Snow

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Someone has been murdered. The blame is being spread across the MLE squad and the prime suspect is one of their most prized officers. But who was really the culprit?

This is Russia Snow of Gryffindor submitting for “Breakfast at Stefania’s” Bookbasilisk Summer challenge.

Reviewer: Sagen Signed
Date: 09/02/09 Title: Chapter 1: Breakfast at Stefania's

I loved that story! You are a great writer! I loved how much detail you used in it. I loved how ou wrote the killer in first person for most of it. It mad me feel like I was the killer. lol. I loved how you switched between third-erson to first-person and bakc to third-person. It was wonderful. I feel bad for George though. Poor George.
Haha, it was awesome!
-Gen, xoxo. :)

Author's Response: Gen! Thankyou so much! I smiled so much when I saw this :-D It was really hard to make sure you didn't know who the killer was right up until the end, I re-wrote parts of it three times or more, I just couldnt decide. I know.. poor George, but at lesst he wasnt convicted of it, or at least he wasnt in the sequel in my head ;-) Thanks again Gen! Russia xxxxx

Innocence by Evora

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: If Remus hadn't been born, the lives of the people he had entered would be different, correct? He wouldn't have caused them pain, disappointment... and grief. Most of all, he wouldn't have been the cause of why his parents' happiness was suddenly gone.

Of course, it was all just wishful thinking. He was still a werewolf, no matter what he did.
Reviewer: Sagen Signed
Date: 08/09/10 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Eep! Dinny! I'm so proud of you! This is awesome. :) I'm so glad that your story got up. As I said 1000+ times before, it truly is an amazing story.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, Gen! I am so glad that you enjoyed it! :) By the way, thanks for beta'ing it :D

Not Broken by lucca4

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •

It’s Christmas 1998, but Susan Bones doesn’t feel like celebrating. The loss of both her best friend and her favorite aunt have created wounds that might never heal. But with the help from a most unlikely person, she may be able mend what has broken, and gain a little Christmas spirit as well.

This story is for Gen/Sagen for the Gryffindor Christmas Craziness Secret Swap! Have a wonderful Christmas, Gen!
Reviewer: Sagen Signed
Date: 12/21/10 Title: Chapter 1: Not Broken

Oh my gosh, thank you so much! It was completely lovely. I love this pairing so much! You truely are an amazing author. It really seemed canon. I love your Theo, he was wonderful! Thank you again.

Merry Christmas!

Author's Response: Gen, I'm so glad you liked this! Thank you for leaving such an wonderful review :). I am happy that you enjoyed the pairing and how it was written. Merry Christmas to you, too! xx Ariana